Ultimate Curves Review

Ultimate Curves
Ultimate Curves

Ultimate Curves is as its name suggests a collection of short stories whose theme is women of a fuller figure. I was looking forward to reading it because quite honestly I get sick of seeing stick-thin women in the press and reading about how such and such a “celebrity” has put on a couple of pounds.

I was not disappointed by Ultimate Curves.

All of the stories have one thing in common an appreciation of the pleasures to be enjoyed with a fuller figured woman. The stories are packed with descriptions of the beautiful curves that come with a larger frame, shapely hips, a round ass and of course a fuller chest.

And all of this is described in a detail that is often missing from other erotica. I know from writing erotica myself that it’s often best when writing to only hint at certain aspects of a character’s appearance to allow the reader’s mind to fill in the blanks and adapt the narrative to include characters that work best for them. But in a book specifically aimed to please a lover of larger ladies Ultimate Curves revels in descriptions of these voluptuous sexy women.

In fact I’d say that the level and quality of description in the narrative is generally much higher than in other erotic fiction I have read. And in case you are worried, the descriptions of the sex are pretty hot too, with vanilla, bondage, threesomes and a little light BDSM thrown in.

Of course there is a variation in the quality of the writing and some stories will not suit everyone. There were a couple of stories that I didn’t get along with due to the scenario, or style of writing, but that is a matter of personal taste and an exception to the majority of the book which I thoroughly enjoyed. The beauty of a collection of short stories like this is of course that you are bound to find something that you like.

Ultimate Curves is a refreshing departure from your run of the mill beautiful people style erotic book. It dares to be different in daring … it wins.

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