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Young Harlots Slutty Delinquents

Young Harlots Slutty Delinquents
Young Harlots Slutty Delinquents

The latest in a long line of “Young Harlots” movies is “Slutty Delinquents”. Set unsurprisingly in a finishing school where the 18+ students are anything but shy and retiring the staff which consists of three teachers and a secretary all enjoy sex and without the slightest hint of a lesson in sight.

OFSTED would be appalled.

In fact without the “schoolgirl” uniforms, gowns and mortarboards you’d be hard pushed to make the connection between a debauched college and a rather nice house in what might be the French countryside filled with sex hungry men and women. Yes there’s the allusions to “School Rules” and wotnot but seemingly less than in previous Young Harlots films I’ve seen. There’s a script there and the performers do a reasonable job of acting it, the camera work is of the usual high standard as is the lighting, makeup and editing. There’s even some non-intrusive incidental music too.

Jay Snakes, Yanick Shaft, Ryan Ryder take great pleasure in indulging in the fill-on suck and fuck fest you would expect from a Gazzman film with the girls – Lexi Lowe, Lola, Samantha Bentley, Tiffany Doll, Charlize Tinkerbell and Georgie Lyall.

Not the most sophisticated of plots, I mean we’ve seen it all before, but competently executed and watchable as you would expect from Gazzman/Harmony Films.

Young Harlots School Reunion

Young Harlots School Reunion
Young Harlots School Reunion

Young Harlots School Reunion provides three times the action of your usual Young Harlots title because in this particular DVD Harmony have package three of their most popular titles into one standard DVD case.

Dirty Secrets, In Detention and School Trip which you can read reviewed here give you the opportunity to take in the filthy antics of the depraved Masters of Gazzman’s Young Harlots academies as they tutor the all too willing students in every form of sex.

Depending on how your local video outlet prices these triple packs it may be forth buying one even if you already own or have seen one of the titles, and of course if you have never seen them before then you’re likely to get these at  knock down price and will have over 8 hours of hardcore action to enjoy.

Most Young Harlot films follow pretty familiar plots so if you are in to young ladies at finishing school being fucked hard by the staff and each other then this will be bliss.

You’ll see all the old regulars as tutors and a bevy of new and familiar talent getting down and dirty in school uniform.

According to Harmony “Harmony Films brings you 3 of the best Young Harlots movies in one tantalizing box set! The most slutty, downright filthy teens learn how to become good little whores at the Academy for girls. These grade A students acquire extra circular lessons on ass fucking, pussy munching and cock gobbling.”

The Cult From Harmony Films

The Cult
The Cult

Gazzman brings us an atmospheric tale of submission and domination in this offering from the Harmony stable. Featuring more kink than some might be used to this is essentially a high quality fuck fest that most will find irresistible. It is a quality outing for the assembled cast of hot and horny harlots brought together for the DVD. Megan Coxxx, Linet Slag, Skin Diamond, Valentina and Yaiza Del Mar are dressed and undressed in hot underwear and beg to be satisfied in a darkly themed title which promises deviant fun from the opening shot.

Kicking off with a three girl scene Skin Diamond, Megan Coxx and Valentina enjoy each other and a whole bunch of toys in a whole host of holes. There’s strap-on action, and all orifices are filled with tongues and sex toys. This is a tour de force in what three girls can get up to with imagination, some toys and no guys around.

Throughout the DVD the girls seem to have the upper hand, even when Linet Slag is being double-teamed by a pair of large cocks she is the one calling the shots, demanding satisfaction and getting it.

The guys take second place, being teased and toyed with then used as sex objects for the gratification of the insatiable girls. It’s a really nice take on the idea of submission, emphasising the quest for pleasure in a ruthless yet playful way that a pure BDSM title you might see from a “specialist” producer of S & M titles would be unable to create.

Each of the female performers is excellent in this title in their own way. Megan Coxx’s distinctive accent is natural and commanding when she’s instructing her bitches in the best way to satisfy her wanton needs. Skin Diamond sparkles out as a naturally capricious dominant, petite, exotic and so very demanding. Linet Slag makes sure she gets the hard banging she needs. Valentina’s solo section is particularly horny with some genuine feeling and indeed acting thrown in. Finally Yaiza Del Mar in her sexy red underwear just makes you sit up and pay attention, or should that be stand to attention 😉

The direction, photography and sound in this DVD is great pretty much throughout. The final scene (Yaiza Del Mar) seems to have a slightly lower quality feel to the video and seems a bit shorter than the rest, which is a pity because she’s hot and very naughty, biting away at her guy, or should it be victim’s cock.

Incidental music is rather good too, sometimes inappropriate and often jarring on cheaper productions The Cult’s choice of music was excellent. The story telling, though of course restricted to the scene setting and inter-scene titles does attempt to create an atmosphere. Now while I wouldn’t call the scenes as deeply atmospheric as the previous occult-themed title from Gazman “Satan’s Whore” the inference is there.

Don’t expect “Satan’s Whore 2” in terms of atmosphere but do enjoy some gorgeous horny girls getting their sexual gratification in any way they want. And don’t dare say no to them!



Young Harlots, Naughty Tutorials

Young Harlots Naughty Tutorials
Young Harlots Naughty Tutorials

Who said porn doesn’t have a story anymore? Whoever it was didn’t know what they were talking about because this DVD most definitely does!

Danny D is a sex toy salesman under pressure to sell more sex toys because his firm isn’t doing too well. His car breaks down just outside the gates of the school for Young Harlot’s. Through a slightly contrived case of mistaken identity he’s invited inside by the schools filthy, eye patch wearing nurse Shay Hendrix so she can use his “visual aids” for her new style sex-ed class. Nurse Hendrix’s technique includes encouraging the girls to deep throat dildos and then fucking them both vigorously with a strap-on. While not being rogered hard the girls indulge themselves with each other and the toys Danny left lying around. One of the most intense sections of the scene is Brooklyn Lee being anally fucked by Shay while Ruth Medina frigs her clit with a Hitachi Magic Wand.

When Danny D happens across one of the other students (Victoria Blaze) having a crafty smoke he soon engages in conversation about the contents of his bulging sample case and … you can guess what happens next. Two dildos are applied and the naturally talented eastern European “student” is vigorously “educated”. The girl is not entirely innocent; We know this because she carries her own lube around with her!

Soon the student has a dildo in her pussy, a butt plug in her ass and a big black rubber cock in her mouth. Danny however has something far more useful than a piece of plastic, his legendary cock. Danny takes her doggy with the butt plug still inside her. Soon he’s pushing that prodigious cock up her ass, a big ask for a small woman. Then it’s on to ATM and a good deal of ball sucking before reverse cowgirl then back to anal.

Danny’s pop-shot is a never ending shower of cum, covering her from pussy to the top of her head.

When the school’s headmaster (George Uhl) finds student Linet Slag – yes that is her name – bathing he shoves a butt plug up her ass without any form of pre-amble and gets her to suck his hard cock. Doggy action in the bath follows, getting more vigorous when the butt plug is removed. They slip into the leather chair next to the tub and Linet is fucked reverse cowgirl, vaginally and anally by George.

Linet proceeds to rim George and after some more cowgirl and a precarious anal pounding on the edge of the bath, then again in the chair receives George’s cum on her belly and tits.

When Victoria Blaze and Kristina Crystalis start to play with the sex toys that our favourite sex toy salesman has left lying around Headmaster George really gets stuck in to both of them – you know what I’m saying 😉 George Uhl, how many different ways are there to fuck a pair of women dressed as sixth formers?

The final scene on the DVD sees Danny D’s sex toy salesman cornered by the school’s headmaster and told in no uncertain terms that he has only one way to escape the wrath of the assembled masters – A show and tell demonstration of his sex toys on Kristina Crystalis.

A couple of fingers, some lube and a huge butt plug later the teachers all take turns in filling the willing young pupils holes, allowing the sex toy salesman to make his escape.

Having been on set when this DVD was made I have to admit to having a soft spot for the production. The movie does have a plot, though don’t expect any crazy twists as the action’s pretty linear. This is porn after all. But it is nice to see the effort that’s gone into the construction of a quality porn DVD.

Personal highlights for me include Shay Hendrix’s naughty nurse and Brooklyn Lee’s filthy schoolgirl. I got picture of both of them on set and perhaps my favourite was Brooklyn Lee playing with her Skittles. No that’s not a euphemism 🙂

A great addition to the Young Harlot’s series of films distinguished by its plot, some great acting from Danny D (who is an utter professional on set) and the hottest costume in a Young Harlots movie to date Shay’s eye patch wearing school nurse.

Buy Young Harlots Naughty Tutorials Here.

Featuring: Victoria Blaze, Linet Slag, Brooklyn Lee, Shay Hendrix, Ruth Medina, Kristina Crystalis, Danny D, George Uhl, Kai Taylor, Seth Strong


Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac

Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac
Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac

From the very beginning this DVD had a lot to live up to. The nymphomaniac series is one of Gazzman’s strongest and has featured some incredibly sexy models. How does it compare with its predecessors? Read on to find out 😉

To create a great porn DVD you need to bring together all the right elements – concept, location, direction, camera, lighting, production and the performers.

The concept has been proven by earlier titles from Harmony Films in this series. The location is incredibly eclectic yet forms an atmospheric backdrop to the hard core action without being distracting. The direction? Well this is a Gazzman film and as we’ve said in previous reviews his output seems to improve with every DVD which hits our doormat as his creative flair is given more and more freedom. I wonder if he knows I’m a sucker for pulling focus and Dutch angles?

Camera work is by the “G” man himself, the lighting, sound and post production by his very capable team.

All this is starting to sound like a huge suck-up isn’t it? Well it’s only a suck-up if it isn’t true. Having watched this movie from beginning to end I’m struggling to hold back the superlatives.

Now on to the star performer and her make-up/hair. I’ve met Brooklyn Lee in person and she’s hot, but in this movie you need a fire extinguisher to hand. It’s something about what happens to her when you point a camera at her. The combination of script her sparkling personality, dark hair and darker makeup that ticked all the boxes for me.

To give you a taste of what you’ll find in Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac I can tell you that the scenes are titled:

  1. I Just Love To Take Control
  2. Real Whores Love Being Dirty
  3. Sex With A Woman Is Great But …
  4. Stretch Her Pussy Big Dick
  5. I Love Anal Sex Because

You’ll see boy-girl, 3-girl, two guys on one girl, DP, spit-roast … I could go on but use your imagination because there’s something for everyone. Including a double cum shot from the amazing Mr Danny D. The quality ranges from very good to utterly captivating and all of them are packed with hot sex. (Including sex toys and hot wax at one point!)

Yes, there are flaws of course. The incidental music sometimes seemed like it was stock audio, then again not many porn movies have custom scores. This really doesn’t detract from your enjoyment because when you’re watching the action the audio isn’t what you tend to pay attention to.

Often I’ll go into detail about the scenes, I didn’t for a good reason. You need to see this movie for yourself as it’s the best one I’ve reviewed this year so far.

Featuring Brooklyn Lee, Lou Lou, Linet Slag, Samantha Bently, Ruth Medina, Jess West, Danny D, George Uhl, Dirty Dog

You can buy Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac here soon.

Wasted By Gazzman Review

Gazzman Wasted
Gazzman Wasted

I started watching Wasted by British director Gazzman and couldn’t decide what category it fell into. Was it a mocumentary? Was it a spoof? Was it trying to be reality TV, but about porn and porn production?

I came to the conclusion that it’s what TV producers have taken to calling “Constructed Reality”. That is telling a story by carefully crafting a series of directed scenes, sometimes improvised, to tell a story as if it were happening for real. The director and the viewer form an unspoken agreement not to question this deceit. Through that metaphorical nod and wink we get to enjoy a rather extreme, R18 rated soap opera about some pretty out of control porn stars trying to make a movie despite them being depicted as having deep character flaws and mercurial behaviours.

We watch Brooklyn Lee, Angelina Valentine, Kelly Klass, Aiden Starr, Breanne Benson, James Deen, Nacho Vidal, Nick Manning, Danny Mountain and Tony De Sergio fight their respective daemons while they fuck for the camera.

James Deen is depicted as an alcoholic, steeling booze from sleeping vagrants and pissing on the windshield of an SUV while standing on the hood (it’s in the states OK, if he was in the UK it would be a windscreen and a bonnet :p)

Angelina Valentine is billed as a psychopath, and is pretty good at acting like a psycho diva for the purposes of the movie.

Nacho Vidal is apparently “Angry”, soooo he shouts a lot, throws a lot of things, breaks one camera of a journalist who wants to interview him and then fucks his co-star.

Nick Manning, “Pretty Boy Of Porn” doesn’t do humility, and he doesn’t get on with Nacho Vidal for the purposes of the DVD. He is only tamed when Aiden Starr has him gagged and strapped to a table. Apparently this scene isn’t for public release – oh dear, Gazzman seems to have forgotten and put it on the DVD.

In “Porn Couples” some nice use of gym equipment is used as we watch a porn couple row about a scene he did “behind her back” and then make up by fucking hard.

The end of the movie has Nacho Vidal scream into an underground parking lot at the studios, storm into the office and rant at the management. All very amusing.

If you know Gazzman’s work you know what the porn content of the movie will be like. Every position, every hole and lots of cum for you to enjoy. The settings are industrial and the fucking is vigorous and raw. Personally I liked Aiden Starr and Nick Manning’s scene best because it was different, a little kinky and playful in its execution. There’s more variety in this movie than in some of Gazzman’s output and the movie is better for it. The sex scenes are good, but it’s the movie as a whole that makes me tempted to say this is his best title yet.

The premise of this DVD is not entirely new but I’ve never seen it executed so well and to such good effect. There have been “reality” porn movies before but this one has a vitality and humour that means that I, a hater of soaps and constructed reality really enjoyed. This isn’t for everyone but you need to watch it to see that porn movies don’t have to have the budget of an epic to be different and entertaining.

Nice one Gazzman.
You can buy this movie here.


Featuring: Brooklyn Lee, Angelina Valentine, Kelly Klass, Aiden Starr, Breanne Benson, James Deen, Nacho Vidal, Nick Manning, Danny Mountain , Tony De Sergio

Dirty Little Club Sluts From Harmony Films

Dirty Little Club Sluts
Dirty Little Club Sluts

As I selected this DVD from the backlog sitting waiting for review on my desk I had mixed feelings.  It’s by Gazzman who in the past I haven’t particularly been a fan off though more recently his style had changed and I’ve enjoyed watching his productions.  A complete turn around, I think he may have matured slightly over the years or maybe he has read some of my scathing reviews and took my points on board.

Who knows, all I will say is that I am about to watch this production with an open mind and wet panties as I look at Megan Coxxx sat legs spread wide playing with her pussy.  😉

From the images on the cover I can see that there looks like there could be some filthy girl girl action as well as the usual generous portions of cock.  There are a couple of names I haven’t come across before in the credits so I’m quite excited to find out what these guys perform like.

Pull those curtains, come sit on the bed and make yourself comfortable.  My jeans and panties are already on the floor, makes access so much easier.  😉

As the video plays it becomes apparent that Dirty Little Club Sluts as been filmed in the style of a “fuck-u-mentary” with Megan starting the ball rolling so to speak.

In Scene 1 we follow her to her bedroom after she has a naughty half dressed cigarette on her balcony.  Moments later she is retrieving a rabbit vibe from her bedside draw and playing with it.  Then out comes the graduated glass balls dildo.  And yes I do know who makes that. I also couldn’t resist joining in with my own toy repository.  lol

After a little self pleasure she slips in to her little party dress and catches a cab where her partner James Deen is waiting.  They enter the club and the fun really begins.  I’ll leave the rest of the scene for you to discover for yourself.

That Megan Coxxx is pure filth…gotta love her!

Scene 2 finds us discovering why Megan’s friends Avril, Jess West and Nicole Sweet were late turning up for the club.  All three of them are semi naked and getting it on atop a four poster bead.

The girls finger fuck, suck, kiss and caress each other and then move on to some more serious play involving a double ender and a silicon dildo.

Each girl gets a turn with the toys and one another before a mass orgasm which leaves all the girls sated.  All I can say is let me at them (especially the one with the ample bossoms and I’ll show them how to use a double dong.  😉

For Scene 3 we return to the club where one of Megan’s friends is providing a bit of a floor show on the bar whilst debauchery takes place all around her.  Would love to know where this club is.  Lol

She attracts plenty of attention from the guys who stand around her wanking whilst she continues to play with her pussy on the bar aided with the occasional lick and flick from the guys.

Then in walks Lou Chamelle who embraces her and kisses her deep and hard before disappearing in to another room with James in toe.  They are soon joined by Danny D and the action steps up a notch and they pull out their manhood and Lou takes turn sucking, licking and deep throating them.

Bet you can’t guess what happens next.  Lol  Yes, she ends up being double teamed by James and Danny who give her an unmerciful ramming in both holes before giving her a kneeling facial.  Would have preferred a different finish as this is the second time.

Kit takes us in to Scene 3 as she makes her way to the toilet, followed close behind by Tony De Sergio who she’s been looking at all night.

I don’t recall many items of clothing being shed before they were stood in the toilet cubicle stark bullock naked.  Well Tony was.  Lol

He gives Kit a good ramming in the doorway of the cubicle with her let placed high up on the wall so we get to see all the penetrative action and the up pussy shot.  He then leads her to the toilet where he takes a seat and she bounces up and down on his thick hard cock reverse cowgirl style.

All this comes to an end with yet another…yawn…bukkake scene.  Please Gazzman come up with something else for the final scene.

Megan gives us a little background information for Scene 3.  It seems that Tony had his girlfriend at the club the previous evening when he disappeared to fuck Kit and tonight he had brought his girlfriend back to wine and dine and…her.

Scene 5 with Tony De Sergio and Karlie Simon is the shortest.  In an empty club, they end up fucking on the table in one of the booths and guess what kind of finish we are treated to.  Lol  Not a very inspired scene but interesting surroundings.

This DVD is a good all rounder and is interestingly shot in a nightclub with good lighting and camera angles.  You could show it to your girlfriend if she doesn’t mind watching anal and would not find anything offensive about the production.

Could possible a good one for a first timer because the footage isn’t quite as intense being interspersed with Megan’s dialogue.  The whole concept works as a light hearted fuck fest party which will not intimidate a first timer to porn.

Dirty Little Club Sluts has a runtime of 1 hour 56 minutes and features a Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery and trailers.

Starring: Megan Coxxx, Avril, Jess west. Nicole Sweet, Lou Charmelle, Kit, Karlie Simon, Kai., Danny D. tony De Sergio and James Deen

You can buy this movie here.

Gazzman’s My Teenage Blog Review

My Teenage Blog Review
My Teenage Blog Review

Being an adult blogger for the past 6 years now I was intrigued with the title of this production from the Gazzman stable.  I’m guessing the girls won’t be writing about their holidays in this DVD.  Lol

I’m guessing this will be more of an online webcam kind of DVD with some dirty chat thrown in by lets give it a go and see.  😉

Scene1 has an original start with Zoe Voss having a wet dream and being woken by her roomie who then precedes to grope her with explorative hands.  She wakes to be offered the girls boyfriend to finish her off and is given a good workout with The Super Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator I reviewed here.

Girl goes for shower and is joined by the girls “real” boyfriend who in my opinion is a little too old for her but hey if you get off on the older guy younger girl thing this will be right up your street.

Needless to say he fucks her relentlessly in an unimaginative shower scene with wank off finish.


Scene 2 hits the spot for me.  Visualise a guy stood wanking off wearing only a shirt in front a wide screen television which appears to be showing a Young Harlots DVD of with an MMF scene taking place.  This guy now calls girlfriend who is en route to his place in the back of a car sans panties.

You guys can fill in the rest with your imaginations but by the tine she gets there they are both ready for it.  After a little foreplay including toe sucking for the guy (kinky!) they get down to some serious anal action which starts with Jynx Maze taking a large pink dildo up her ass and leads on to a deep and dirty power driver session.

And all this is just for starters because Jynx Maze is an anal fiend and can’t get enough stuffed up her ass and creamed over her pouting anus.  This will delight all you anal fiends out there.

However there is one slight trade off for all this anal debaucher, the girl never shuts her bloody mouth all the way through the scene and I found myself lowering the volume, you may find this helpful too unless you are in to repetitive narration.

Scene 3 is set in the bathroom and sees Alyssa Branch making a little homemade porn with her guy.  They both work their way through a succession of hard-surface sexual positions which at times look both uncomfortable and occasionally precarious but is easy to clean up afterwards.

Or is that just my practical mind?  Lol

I’m afraid this is another rather predictable and uninspired scene with a bukkake finish and I’m still waiting to find out where the “Blog” part of this comes in.  I’m starting to think that it has just been used to make it attractive to a certain type of viewer but we’ll see.

Scene 4 promises to be interesting as far as scenario’s go.  Three girls are having a night in and during the evening one of them confesses to having been with the other girl’s guy.  As a form of punishment for the estranged boyfriend the other two girls decide to strip her naked and watch her masturbate.

Sounds good so far but hardly punishment.

Anyway they eventually step up the action offering her a butt plug to fuck herself with.  Somebody really ought to advise on toy usage on these shoots.  Lol  The other two girls engage in a bit of mutual masturbation and munching with another butt plug deployed as a dildo.

Meanwhile the other girl has now found herself a candy pink dildo to play with and they all bring each other off.

Hmmm, where was the punishment?  It did make for a reasonable girl on girl scene though.

Scene 5 sees Lily La Beau become the unsuspecting focus of a homemade porn shoot.  Under the pretence of offering Lily a shoulder to cry on her male counterpart sets up a camera to video his attempt at bedding her and successful.

After a little reassurance it’s not long before he is fucking her on top of the bed and the unsuspecting Lily is given a good screwing by her deceptive male counterpart.

All scenes on the DVD are well produced, the lighting and film quality is excellent and even some of the scenarios are original and good it’s just a shame that more thought wasn’t given to some of them.  Overall this does make a good couples film if you don’t mind the now required finger sucking, chin grabbing and pussy slapping, which I incidentally dislike.

The DVD is set over 5 scenes and offers the usual Galleries, Cumshot Recap and Trailers as Additional Features.

I still have to find out what this DVD has to do with blogging because apart from the brief appearance of a laptop the Internet played no part in the story at all.

Featuring: Alyssa Branch, Jynx Maze, Zoe Voss, Lily La Beau, Chole, Sarah Jaymes, Hayden Winter, James Deen, Marco Banderas and Tony De Sergio.  As usual the guys don’t get a mention against each scene so I can’t tell you which ones they were in but the guy in Scene 2 is cute.  😉

You can buy this movie here.


Anal Debauchery 2

Anal Debauchery 2
Anal Debauchery 2

The first Anal Debauchery was reviewed by Alex and it comprised of 10 scenes over two disks.  This time round there is just one disk and 5 scenes.  But there is one distinct and very welcome change this time round.

Gazzman seems to have changed direction and become everything I ever wanted him to be.  This shocked me as I’m used to his slightly misogynistic style and this DVD breaks the mould.  I have to say that in the DVD he has produced possibly the best work I have seen him create to date and totally blown me away.

These five scenes are filmed with moody black and white overtones, he plays with light to induce intimacy and disorientation to give a further dimension to his scenes.  A total transformation from the usual cut and thrust, grope and fuck style of Gazzman.

The scenes are all well thought through and imaginative, and the girls very attractive natural beauties the perfect combination for a good porn DVD.  😉   One thing which did puzzle me is that the named scenes are all under the header of “True Love Is” which makes me think this production could have been re-titled for impact.


I loved the Heathcliffe style start to this scene.  Hot guy in jodhpurs making his way across the windy hills to be with his girl.  There goes me sounding like an old romantic.  Lol

His Kathy or should I say Morgan Moon is a delight on the eye and as with all the girls on this DVD she has a natural pair of boobs.  I just wish Tony had spent more time playing with them.

There is nice use of a shots glass in this scene and you will have to watch it to find out what that is, I’ll not spoil your viewing by telling you all the dirty details.

I will add that the squeaky table added a touch of reality to the opportunistic scene.

Another Woman

This scene is based on a guy cheating on his partner and slipping out of the house to meet her.  The guy pulls up outside a rather nicely light glass house where his other woman is waiting for him on a bench.

The lighting in this scene makes it look like the moonlight is cascading down on them through the glass.  It’s very intimately shot and Melanie enjoys being put through her paces, complete with lovely jiggly boobs and an unusually hairy pussy.


This had to be my favourite scene because of it’s unusual opening scene.  Two girls are lezzing it up and videoing themselves for the girls boyfriend.  It’s a wonderful revenge theme with a twist, I’ll say no more but excellently executed.

Honey Damon has her ass fucked good and proper with the odd dip in to her pussy, this is a good anal scene for you ass worshippers out there.


Blindfolded Leona Queen is led by a leash in to a room with two guys waiting to use and abuse her.  As expected she gets double teamed by the guys, with lots of ass to pussy and double penetrative action.  All finished off with a creamy topping all over her ass cheeks.

This is probably the least creative scene, we’ve seen the slut does both guys too much for this to stand out.

Anal Debauchery

This scene begins Ian Scott taking a shower and having a  quick wank whilst his partner is applying makeup in the adjoining bedroom.  She then ventures in to the bathroom where he is already out of the shower.  She steps in to the bath, she’ll mess up that freshly applied makeup.

Ian then inserts a lube applicator up her ass as she rests on the bath side.  It looks as if it is going to go everywhere and I’m thinking there is about to be a health and safety issue in this scene.  Bathroom floor plus water and lube…not a good mix.  There could be a cock up later.  🙂

Once fully lubed up he proceeds to fuck anally and vaginally all over the bathroom fixtures and fittings, finally coming all over her pussy.  Guess she’ll need that bath now.

This was a great DVD for variety and content, certainly a must if you like your anal but not one to watch with you partner if they haven’t seen porn before.

Featuring: Norgan Moon, Melanie, Leona Queen, Tiffany Doll, Honey Damon, John Strong, Ian Scott and Tony De Sergio

You can buy this movie here.

Gazzman’s Whorehouse Review

Gazzman's Whorehouse
Gazzman's Whorehouse

Gazzman’s Whorehouse is exactly what it says on the cover, the story of the goings on in a very special type of whorehouse. The whorehouse is a very nice place, a 20th century  country house with a pool.

The first scene opens with a husband calling the whorehouse to arrange for his wife’s unfulfilled sexual desires to be satisfied. As the whorehouse madam puts it “to release her inner whore”. Quque the pouting, walking shakily on dangerously high heels and rubbing of naughty bits by Kristy Lust. Then four cocks in suits appear.

No matter how hard she tries the plucky Kristy Lust cannot get all of them in her mouth at once and so begins the round robin of sucking and wanking that four guys on one girl inevitable entails. And still she hasn’t taken of her naughty, translucent PVC raincoat. The guys line up to spit roast Kristy and begin to run out of holes to penetrate. Perched on the coffee table, coat now removed Kristy is fucked in the ass, DP’d and offered a series of phalluses to worship with her mouth. Four money shots leave Kristy’s mouth swimming in cum.

The cut scene between scenes 1 and 2 has the whorehouse madam explaining that the function of the establishment was to fulfil the rapacious and “often complex” sexual needs of women. Heartened by this and happy to accept that four cocks is some women’s idea of heaven I carried on to scene two.

In scene two Carla Cox dances for the viewer beside the pool in a tiny pink coat and underwear that is so brief as to be inconsequential. Cut inside where George Uhl teases her with a riding crop. In a surprisingly sensual start to the scene. What follows is a well lit, well filmed and rather satisfying scene of vaginal , anal and oral sex. Maybe George could have been a little more orally attentive but that’s a small criticism as the fucking is fast without being frantic and enjoyable to watch. The cum shot on Carla’s pussy winds the scene up nicely.

Scene 3 and a lawyer, Breanne Benson wants to be dominated. Good introduction to the action by Breanne, a little titty fucking and some no nonsense hard screwing. A cornucopia of positions where Breanne is pulled and twisted into all sorts of shapes including a pile driving that the wannabe sub would have relished. There’s little ass spanking, a little tit slapping and a few light slaps to the face, all part of the dominance. The money shot is across Breanne’s pussy and up her tummy, not on the face? This is a refreshingly different DVD.

Adrianna Rossi’s black and White dress does little to disguise her libido or ass in the next scene. Our narrator explains that “The Whorehouse [gives some women] the chance to express their needs, to release their sexual energy”.  While explaining that Adrianna is here to explore women, the narrator quickly adjusts this to “bi-sexual” which after a few seconds of a promisingly voyeuristic opening in the kitchen jumps to a quick sequence of cock sucking then girl-girl kissing and a little ass fondling, slapping and kissing from the guy.

Sat on the breakfast stools the girls get an equal portion of cock from behind before things get more precarious and uncomfortable as they are fucked around the kitchen. Alexa Andreas and Adrianna Rossi entertain and are entertained for the rest of this competent f-m-f scene before swapping cum for the camera. Then rubbing spit and cum over Alexa’s tits.

The final scene sees a second appearance by Breanne Benson – a regular apparently. A five minute solo ends when she is joined by two guys. Satisfying her previously stated need to be dominated she’s fucked hard and we are all rewarded with a facial finish which Breanne gratefully receives.

The girls are consistently attractive throughout, though occasionally over-directed to the “whore” style of porn acting. There’s a line between sexually empowered dirty girl and impersonal whore that gets crossed occasionally.

DVD extras comprise the usual cum shot recap, photo gallery and trailers. No surprises there but the stills are good quality for connoisseurs of the static image.

Gazzman can produce good porn, he proved that with Young Harlots Bad Behaviour which you can read about here. Apart from the first scene, which didn’t work for me and the last which was just OK, he has on the whole succeeded again.

Features: Breanne Benson, Kristy Lust, Carla Cox, Adrianna Rossi, Alexa Andreas, Peter Oh Tool, Ben Kelly, John Strong, JJ and George Uhl

You can buy this movie here.