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The Cult From Harmony Films

The Cult
The Cult

Gazzman brings us an atmospheric tale of submission and domination in this offering from the Harmony stable. Featuring more kink than some might be used to this is essentially a high quality fuck fest that most will find irresistible. It is a quality outing for the assembled cast of hot and horny harlots brought together for the DVD. Megan Coxxx, Linet Slag, Skin Diamond, Valentina and Yaiza Del Mar are dressed and undressed in hot underwear and beg to be satisfied in a darkly themed title which promises deviant fun from the opening shot.

Kicking off with a three girl scene Skin Diamond, Megan Coxx and Valentina enjoy each other and a whole bunch of toys in a whole host of holes. There’s strap-on action, and all orifices are filled with tongues and sex toys. This is a tour de force in what three girls can get up to with imagination, some toys and no guys around.

Throughout the DVD the girls seem to have the upper hand, even when Linet Slag is being double-teamed by a pair of large cocks she is the one calling the shots, demanding satisfaction and getting it.

The guys take second place, being teased and toyed with then used as sex objects for the gratification of the insatiable girls. It’s a really nice take on the idea of submission, emphasising the quest for pleasure in a ruthless yet playful way that a pure BDSM title you might see from a “specialist” producer of S & M titles would be unable to create.

Each of the female performers is excellent in this title in their own way. Megan Coxx’s distinctive accent is natural and commanding when she’s instructing her bitches in the best way to satisfy her wanton needs. Skin Diamond sparkles out as a naturally capricious dominant, petite, exotic and so very demanding. Linet Slag makes sure she gets the hard banging she needs. Valentina’s solo section is particularly horny with some genuine feeling and indeed acting thrown in. Finally Yaiza Del Mar in her sexy red underwear just makes you sit up and pay attention, or should that be stand to attention 😉

The direction, photography and sound in this DVD is great pretty much throughout. The final scene (Yaiza Del Mar) seems to have a slightly lower quality feel to the video and seems a bit shorter than the rest, which is a pity because she’s hot and very naughty, biting away at her guy, or should it be victim’s cock.

Incidental music is rather good too, sometimes inappropriate and often jarring on cheaper productions The Cult’s choice of music was excellent. The story telling, though of course restricted to the scene setting and inter-scene titles does attempt to create an atmosphere. Now while I wouldn’t call the scenes as deeply atmospheric as the previous occult-themed title from Gazman “Satan’s Whore” the inference is there.

Don’t expect “Satan’s Whore 2” in terms of atmosphere but do enjoy some gorgeous horny girls getting their sexual gratification in any way they want. And don’t dare say no to them!



Twisted From Tanya Hyde

Twisted Tanya Hyde
Twisted Tanya Hyde

I’m slightly intrigued and excited at what this helping of kink may serve up for me as I study the front cover of the Twisted DVD a Harmony Films production from the Tanya Hyde stable.  Aside from the lovely latex clad beauties on the front there is one wearing what appears to be a horse’s head mask with a horse tail butt plug streaming from her asshole.

Kinky enough for ya?

And the rear cover of the DVD promises even more kink with an image of a guy wearing a skull mask, I know it’s a guy because he has a rather nice erection going on.  😉

The other images depict acts of penetration which leave nothing to the imagination with a smattering of fetish wear including collars, leggings and peephole clothing.  I’m looking forward to watching this already!

Twisted has a runtime of 2 hours and 31 minutes which comprises of 5 scenes, Photo Gallery and Cum Shot Recap.

Let the fun begin…

I find the best days to get the most out of porn DVD’s are the ones which are dark and damp (ooh errr) when I can pull the curtains, slip out of my clothes and snuggle under the duvet toy in hand.

Yes, I did say toy in hand.  Most times I review I multi task and take a toy to bed with me and write up the copy later.  It’s also great to be able to use your sexual excitement positively, watching all this porn makes me as randy as fuck.

So on this particular Friday afternoon I was nicely snuggled warming my vibe between my legs as the DVD span up in the drive.  Rain was lashing against the window pane and I felt quite smug at being able to watch porn and wank as part of my day job.  😉

Latex Lezzas opens with Rebecca More sat prostate in a medical chair wearing metallic blue leggings and a peephole top.  Sounds pretty normal up to now doesn’t it?

She is also wearing a gas mask and a heavy duty pair of nipple clamps with chain which playmate Jasmine Webb enjoys tugging.  Rebecca gets a good workout with a wand massager, a big black dildo and a metal butt plug before things move on a little.

A guy in a latex suit and gasmask enjoys the ministrations of both girls before being given a solo performance by Rebecca as Jasmine fucks her ass with a sturdy strap-on.  They all switch and she has a good anal rogering from latex guy before donning the strap on and giving Jasmine a good anal pounding.

Mr latex then steps up to the mark and fucks her ass before shooting his load over both of their expectant faces.

Black Santo commences in a cyber dungeon with Paige Turnah laying in a doctor’s chair dressed in black leather cupless bustier which shows off her ample breasts and a pair of fetish heels.  Does it for me.  😉

In walks a masked guy with heavily striped clown type trousers and if I’m not mistaken it looks like Omar, I recognised his cock.  Lol

He soon gets to work warming Paige up with his tongue a steel dildo and a massager which are all put to good use, much to her approval.

She repays him by giving a thorough deep throating before being fucked reverse cowgirl, doggy and finally taking his spunk all over her awaiting face.

The Cell begins with Jay Snake suspended from the bars of his cell with and eager Seb Cam looking on from outside.  Then Liza Del Sierra turns up complete with crop and hat and it’s obvious who is in charge as she rubs Jay’s crotch.

Soon Liza is having her ass tongued by Seb and then she moves on to a little face sitting on Mr Snake.

If you are into anal this MFM scene is for you as Liza takes it hard up the arse in reverse cowgirl, doggy style and spitroast positions.  Couldn’t make my mind up if I should watch Jay’s cock or her ample bosom topped with delicious large brown nipples bouncing around.  😉

Mr Snake finally looses his control whilst pile driving her pussy, shooting spunk between her legs which drips down her upended body.

And Seb Cam goes for a more conventional bukkake finish.

Chaos takes place in a dungeon with both Lexi Ward & Havana Sins caged and masturbating to each other before the guys appear.

Kai Taylor, or a least I thing it’s him sticks his cock through the cage and enjoys the oral skills of Lexi whilst Havana looks on frigging herself like crazy.  Then enters mystery guy number two and he promptly sticks his cock inside Lexi, she is now enjoying a caged spitroast.

The scene then moves on to Lexi lapping at Havana’s wet pussy as she sits in a chair before the guys appear once more to get to work on those tits and holes.  After a little double finger fucking we see the four of them line up for a bit of simultaneous cowgirl fuckery.  It has to be said I’m not a fan of synchronised sex.

A fuck-fest ensues with lots of fingering, tonguing assess and cunts and of course fucking all with some well light close-ups so you don’t miss out on any of the action.  And if you love tatts you will be in seventh heaven.

After all that ass and pussy pounding we get the familiar facial finish…sigh.

Fuck The Pony has the most bizarre opening with Michelle Moist sporting a horses head mask and a rather classy tail butt plug.  Karlie works Michelle’s pussy and clit as a figure with a skull mask and black cape watches from the corner.

I should point out at this point that the girls, both blonde, look great in their red and black basques with heels to match and when Karlie plants a kiss on Michelle’s butt cheek it stands out beautifully on her pale flesh.  Simply stunning visuals.

Karlie becons over the guy in the mask who is wearing a black Lycra all in one with his cock sticking out…how convenient as she aids his penetration of Michelle’s glistening pussy.  After warming up inside Michelle, Skeletor as I will refer to him moves on to fuck Karlie doggy style.

After slamming her cunt hard he pulls out and creams over her ass cheeks which made me salivate as I watched it drip down her ass crack.

Great care and an artistic eye has been given to the angles, lighting, content and outfits to make this a wonderful piece of BDSM kink with art house tones.

Featuring:  Rebecca More, Jasmine Webb, Lize Del Sierra, Paige Turnah, Karlie Simon, Michelle Moist, Lexi Ward & Hana Sins

Preaching To The Perverted Review

Preaching to The Perverted
Preaching to The Perverted

Oooh, another Tanya Hyde production just dropped through my door for review.  As ever the cover promises lots of kink and my juices were running quite freely when I read that it features my favourite male porn star, Jay Snake.

As I have come to expect kink with Tanya Hyde productions as they usually involve fetish wear, lots of heels, latex, rubber and BDMS equipment.  All of which work for me along with the quality of production you come to expect from a Tanya Hyde DVD.

In The Cage Liza Del Sierra looks every part the Domme as she enters the dungeon to pay attention to her two caged subs.  Loving her leather, strappy corset and heels.

Hmmm. ..anyway. She soon brings her two subs to their knees as they are treated to her oral ministrations before being led off to service her on a leather swing.

Each takes their turn using her mouth, pussy and ass to pleasure her.  There is lots of ATM and CTM action in the MFM scene as all three of them engage on top of tables. Suspended reverse cowgirl and good old doggy style action.

Liza delights in milking her sub’s dry over her face and ass cheeks in this very dark and moody fetish scene.

Queening Time opens with Jay Snake laying in wait under a queening chair as Michelle Moist and Suzie Best enter the room.  Suzie sits astride the chair and gets a good licking and probing by the very astute Mr Snake whilst Michelle gives him a bit of good head.

Not satisfied yet the girls have Jay wearing a black hood and chin dildo to service Katie aided by Michelle’s hand easing that black dick in and out of her friends wet and hungry hole.

The girls get in on next in Chesterfield leather chair head to toe or should I say pussy to mouth before Jay lines them up back to back, ass in the air, fucking each one in turn.

Look out for the golden showers in this scene, very naughty.

Both Jasmine Webb & Stacey Lacey feature in the 60’s retro scene Rock Chicks, alongside Danny D.   They both share his cock and giving him a double blow job before both girls disappears off to play with toys.

Jasmine gets a good fucking with a bright pink striped butt plug.  Perhaps it would have been better using a dildo but never mind.  Lol

Then things move on and we see Jasmine getting a good seeing to by Danny in the love swing before he pommels her in to surrender on the pommel horse whilst  Stacey is pounding her pussy with a curved glass dildo and loving every minute of it.

All of the fun ends with a double bukkake finish and Danny’s wonderful projectile ejaculating.  😉

Strap On Bitch featuring Karina Currie and Paige Ashley for me didn’t work as a scene.   There was far to much gesticulating and gurning with very little oral contact between the girls although the clothing and filming was excellent it just didn’t have that familiarity to work.

Additionally the strap on part was a mere vignette in quite a lengthy scene with an exhaustively boring cock sucking session which just seemed way too long.

The girls played with dongs and beads and in the end got a jolly good fucking from Seb Cam who was wearing a fetish PVC playsuit.

The Tank Room starts off with promise as we see Cathy Heaven  studying her suspended sub, crop in hand and wearing a Lycra leopard print catsuit.

But the tables are soon turned and she’s being fucked on her swing by Seb Cam and his friend.  And let me tell you this lady love her anal.

In fact she loves it so much she gives herself a good anal pounding bouncing around on her suitors cock whilst holding on to the suspension bar.

She is anally fucked doggy style and pile driver before Seb covers her face in cum.

This wasn’t one of Tanya’s best productions, some of the scenes didn’t have clarity and were lacking in close up’s which isn’t something I ever envisaged saying about a TH production but this was certainly the weakest I have seen.

That said if you like variety and fetish it may just float your boat, unfortunately for me mine went down like the Titanic.

Starring: Michelle Moist, Liza Del Sierra, Cathy Heaven, Suzie Best, Paige Ashley, Karina Currie, Stacey Lacey, Jasmine Webb, Demitri XXX, Jamie Barry, Seb Cam, Jay Snake, Danny D

You can buy this movie here.

Foot Fever 4 Review

Foot Fever 4
Foot Fever 4

When I spotted this DVD I wondered if it would be a little too specialist for the mainstream porn viewer.  But despite its foot fetish undertones they do not prevail over the production itself but add a further kinky element to what is over all a refreshingly different type of porn.

I’m keeping my eye on this production house because they do have some fresh ideas that are executed well.  However, where they do need to improve is in camera usage, it feels like there is only one in use and the lighting and overall crispness of the production could be improved.

Some shots don’t have the clarity of the more well known studios out there and there is a distinct lack of close-ups.  I want to see pussies in all their resplendent glory and breasts so close you could take the nipple between your lips, it’s all part of the ambience of a porn film.

That said, the overall quality is good and the sets, porn stars and themes are very good so I’m hoping to see these guys getting up their with the best of them.

Now on with the review.

Scene 1 there is a little bit of a health and safety issue going on here as the cute brunette, Ferrera Gomez stands on  a chair to close the skylight and her suitor starts to suck her toes.  Not advisable but it looks hot.

There is plenty of foot foreplay before we see them getting down to the real action as she gets fucked on the sideboard missionary, doggy style and then gets a creamy undersole finish.

Scene 2 sees Morgan Moon indulge in a series of athletic sexual positions whilst having her toes lavished with licks, kisses and sucks.  She even manages a little anal cowgirl before having her feet wanked over with lots of sticky cum.

I wish during the scene she’d taken off her top so we could enjoy those beautiful round breasts topped with rose pink nipples.  Hmmm…where was I?

Scene 3, I found myself captivated by Roxy’s boobs throughout this scene as they jiggled and bounced over her top during the multi positional fucking interspersed with toe worship.

This was the only scenes where the guy actually wanked himself off between her feet rather than with his hands, over them.  It worked for me, had wet panties by this point.

Scene 4 see Simone Style demonstrating her talent, this girl can actually use her feet to wank her partner and does it expertly.  She also has an unusual technique when being fucked cowgirl.  She can use her feet to massage her partners tight ball sack whilst he is fucking her.

Pitty that he didn’t let her feet bring him to a hot and sticky finish, opting instead to wank on her pedicure.

Scene 5 although not very inspired has the best cum shot scene.  We have the deliciously well stacked Welly lying on the tiled bathroom floor with her suitors cock running in and out of her feet.  The vision of her ample breasts bouncing around and his big hard purple head moving between her feet makes for a great shot.

Then the finale, he comes all down her ankles.  Delicious even to the non foot fetish girl.

I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD because it’s a complete world away from everything else out there at the moment and I think it would appeal to most f your reading this review.  It has a run time of 109 minutes with no extras, just all good feet fucking fun.  😉

Starring:  Welly, Morgan Moon, Roxy, Ferrera Gomez and Simone Style

Foot Fever 4 is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

And you can buy this movie online here.

Tanya Hyde’s Girls Behaving Badly

Girls Behaving Badly
Girls Behaving Badly

At last this long awaited production had dropped through my door and I couldn’t wait to take a look.  The rather aptly entitled DVD is full of promise featuring the gorgeous Shay Hendrix.

You may remember that this DVD holds a certain sentimentality for Alex and myself as we travelled down to London to be on set with Tanya Hyde for Shay and Omar’s scene.

We were in the same house as they filmed The Kings Speech featuring Colin Firth.  Shortly after the filming Alex and I went to the cinema to watch the film and were smiling through quite a lot of the scenes when recalling what happened in those rooms.  Lol

The DVD has a run time of 2 hours and 59 minutes, I’m sure they could have stretched it to 3 hours.  Lol  It features 5 naughty scenes and the usual Cumshot Recap and Photo Galleries for you to savour.

When you think of Tanya the first word that comes to mind is “fetish” and if that is your thing then you are in for a treat with Girls Behaving Badly as it’s got lashings of face masks, straight jackets and very nasty toys.  A perfect combination and all held together with wonderful photography, lighting and closeup shots of all the action.

Scene 1 starts of with Seb Cam being enslaved by Rebecca More.  She eventually turns up in a very nice red latex dress which leaves nothing to the imagination.

After making Seb earn his fuck Rebecca spreads her legs for a vigorous pussy fucking followed by enjoying taking a large glass dildo up her ass.  At this point it becomes apparent that Rebecca is not stranger to anal and she looks as if she is gagging for it.

Seb soon gets to work fucking Rebecca’s ass like a mad man, if you are in to anal you will enjoy this scene.

Still un-sated with the ass fucking she got from Seb, Rebecca then spreads her ass cheeks for the fucking machine to ram it to her good and hard whilst she gives Seb a gob job to finish him off..

Scene 2 opens with Angel Long tethered to a St Andrews cross, she doesn’t have to wait long before her capture, Omar arrives on the scene.

Angel is tongued in to submission by Omar who gives her ass and pussy a good licking out before he penetrates her ass with a glass baton.

The scene then hots up as a hooded guy arrives with a huge erection and they both take turns at fucking Angels hot pussy.

This lady really enjoys having hard cock in her ass as they both jump onboard for some sizzling DP action.  The action culminating in a wankathon finish which sees the hooded guy come in Olympic proportions as he shoots his load clear over Angels back and head to land on the floor in front of her.

I wish I knew who he was because he deserves a medal for that performance.  😉

Scene 3 sees Paige Turnah, the daughter of Strap On Jane being cheuffered driven in her kinky leather strappy outfit to her den of iniquity.

She is then pussy tortured with an Hitachi Magic Wand style vibrator which incidentally I have reviewed.  You can read my review of it here.  Paige is then fucked with a long double ended steel dildo and finally when she is soaking wet she is fucked by Ian Tate who then ejaculates over her ample breasts.

Scene 4 features Shay Hendrix and is the scene Alex and I watched being filmed on our trip to London which you can read about on our site.  So this scene holds fond memories of a great day out on set with Tanya Hyde, Shay Hendrix, Omar and Seb Cam.  Oh and lets not forget that this DVD was filmed in the same house as The Kings Speech.

This is one of the weirdest I have seen.  It opens with Seb Cam strapped to a St Andrews cross wearing an Elvis mask and heels.  I kid you not.  Lol

Shay Hendrix appears, like a Spanish hussy wearing a fedora and with crop in hand and gives Seb a little blow job action before moving on to Omar who is prostrate on a bench wearing white leggings and boots.  Don’t ask me.

Omar gets a great blow job before Shay is fucked upside down in a chair.  That will be the one I was sat in only minutes before.  😉

Both guys get to stick it in her pussy for a good round of swapsies before Seb comes on Shay’s round ass and Omar gives her a good facial. Shay looks incredibly hot throughout in a serious waspie corsette that I know Alex enjoyed on set.

Scene 5 involves a male slave and a queening chair which Karlie Simon spreads her pussy on for her eager hooded slave to lick out.  He then adorns a chin dildo and proceeds to fuck her wet pussy with it whilst Karlie vocalises her appreciation.  This girl is a moaner so you may want to watch the volume if you have neighbours.  Lol

They engage in some full on anal action before the finale, a bukkake finish.

If you are in to BDSM, kink or fetish you will love this DVD, it has all the props and costumes to make your wet dream come true.  The lighting is excellent as I have come to expect with Tanya’s productions and there are plenty of closeup shots to savour and of course with the Cumshot Recap, Gallery and Trailers.

This production will hold a special place in my heart for years to cum because I was there on set for a day and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Featuring: Angel Long, Shay Hendrix, Rebecca More, Karlie Simom, Paige Turnah, Seb Cam, Ian Tate, Omar and Danny D who is infamous for his large dong.

You can buy this movie here.

Reality Junkies, Mom’s Cuckold Review

Moms Cuckold
Moms Cuckold

Here’s a change in tempo with the latest release from Canadian producers Reality Junkies who brought you Office Perverts.  It’s my first cuckold DVD and is hot topic at the moment, there are so many people talking about being a part of the scene or wanting to get in to it.  So this one is going to appeal to them.

One thing I didn’t get is the apparent misunderstanding (or was it) that RJ had about Cuckolding.  Each scene features a white couple and a black third.  Perhaps it was intentional I don’t know.

I did find that after watching all five scenes I was a little jaded from the formulaic format of positions and venues.  Each of the scenes took place in the living room on the sofa with the same positions being worked through.  Had they thrown in a bedroom one or even a bathroom one that would have given the production a little more variety.

That said I did like the scenarios and despite the fact that porn stars aren’t renowned for their acting skills they did pull off each one very well.

Christa Moore scoures the Internet to find a guy to sauce up her marriage and invites him over to fuck her in front of hubby, who didn’t take very much convincing to participate, or should I say watch.   An enjoyable scenario of husband watching another guy fuck his wife Christa’s a right moaner so make sure you keep the volume down if your neighbours are at home.  Lol

I particularly liked seeing the coloured guys cock foaming up with come as he pumped in and out of her.  The scene finishes with an eager Tori waiting to get a creamy facial.

Ami Emerson fulfils her and her husband’s fantasy when one of his clients pops in for a trim and offers to fuck Ami.  The guy gets more than a trim as he fucks Ami on the barbers chair legs akimbo.

Hubby quietly sits chewing gum in the background as the guys screws her to the chair and then lathers up Ami’s face to finish.

Claudia Valentine plays a very good vengeful wife in the next scene.  She tells her husband that she knows he has fucked her best friend and that the next guy who passes the restaurant is going to fuck her.

They take him home and hubby gets to watch as she puts him through his paces, again on the sofa.  And yes, she gets a bukkake finish.

Persia Pele is one half of a couple who manage to negotiate a huge drop in the asking price by agreeing to let the agent fuck the Mrs.  After a few moments of consideration the hubby agrees and sits sniffing his wife panties whilst she gets a jolly good fucking right next to him.

Despite the obvious attempt at a bukkake finish Persia bends her head so far back that there’s no way any of his spunk is being spilt of her face.

It was rather distracting watching this scene featuring Tori Black because it took place in a house I’ve seen featured so many times in Zero Tolerance productions.

Boss brings home employee to sate her appetite for some black cock and all parties are up for it.  The start of the action was rather impeded by the whiting out of the shot, someone hadn’t done a lighting check before the action commenced but they soon caught on and toned it down.

Tori was then fucked every which way by the eager employee who was considerate to the end, wiping his cum off her right eyelid.  Yes, you guessed it, another bukkake finish.  Lol

With not many close-up or gynae shots this production would make for couples viewing or maybe a newbie to porn would enjoy it but to a seasoned viewer like myself I found it all too repetitive.  Maybe I’ve watched too much.  Lol

Featuring: Tori Black, Ami Emerson, Christa Moore, Claudia Valentine and Persia Pele and some unnamed black performers.

Mum’s Cuckold  is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

You can buy online here.

1st Time Bisexual Experience

First Time Bisexual Experience
First Time Bisexual Experience

By Depraved Creations

This DVD turns the MFM scenario on its head.  It’s not all about the girl getting 2 x cocks, it’s about the guys getting it on and the girl participating.  And I for one found it a refreshing twist and it made me feel totally horny, yes I know I’m a dirty bitch but this was different the mainstream porn.

I’ll also add that I didn’t think the production values were particularly high but it felt like a voyeur/small time porn production, a little rough round the edges.  The first scene is a good example, you get to see the camera man in one shot, in another the lighting brolly and this is enhanced by a total white out at one stage.

Add to all this the fact they have added lengthy dialog, no, more like commentary in to most of the scenes it really appears not to take itself too seriously.  And I like that, it adds to the overall quirkiness of the film.

The runtime of this DVD is 119 minutes with no extras but when you’ve watched it you won’t feel the need for them.  😉

Most of the scenes feature condoms but the final scene doesn’t, I’m assuming the county of origin doesn’t insist on its porn stars wearing them.

In Scene 1 a pair of newlyweds have a visitor knock on the door who is invited in and then asked to perform a cringe worthy dance before watching the happily married couple fuck.  Eventually they remember he is there and the groom fucks his ass while his bride watches.  Lots of cock worship and ass busting ensues.

She then produces a strap-on and the visitor gets a good hard seeing to and it all kicks off.  Watching men lick up the cum is such a twisted turn on.

Scene 2 sees wife wanting hubby to get some cock up his ass and her gay friend obliges.  Nice to watch a guy sucking a guy whilst the girl rolls his ball around in her mouth.  We see guy licking cunt whilst having his cock blown, you getting the picture?

Nice shots of guy being fucked whilst wanking, seems to be a hot favourite of mine.  😉  Come shot over male visitor, different.

Scene 3 sees her getting her kit off to show her tan lines and being joined by a couple of horny males.  Soon they are sucking, licking and fucking while we watch her glorious tan lined tits bounce.  Like the point in the scene where one of them is getting it in the arse and she starts going down on the recipient.  Ooh, so naughty.

The girl in Scene 4 wants to enliven her sex life with her partner and she invites a friend round for a bit of fun.  This girl has tits to die for, natural, large and bouncy.  Just thought I would mention that.  😉  She receives a good fucking from her guy and then the knock on the door and the dynamic changes.  She ends up fucking him and, well you will just have to watch to see the rest.

I found Scene 5 the most interesting in terms of the positions and participants in the scene.  I’ve thought about it many times and even written about it.  A guy being fucked whilst fucking you (girl), in this scene you get to see the action, a real spectacle.

All of this action bare back and whilst chewing gum.  A first for me watching fellatio, cunnilingus and kissing all whilst chewing gum, that’s a skill.

Well, I did say this was different and it was.

Featuring: Desire Moore, Angel D’Angelo, Francine Ferrari, Destiny Summers, Brad Slater, Steven Richards and a few nameless people


1st Time Bisexual Experience is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

You can buy this online here.

Busty Office MILFs Review

Busty Office MILFs
Busty Office MILFs

As they say on the front cover of this DVD “sex is hotter at work” and as a fellow participant myself I couldn’t agree more.  Ask me sometime just what I got up to with Alex at the office where we first met.  😉

You may have gathered that all the scenes are set in an office environment and very convincing they are too, I think real offices have been used for most if not all of the scenes.   Perhaps there may be a follow up DVD to this entitled what the cleaner saw.  Lol

If you like your babes stacked, suited and ready to fuck on every available worksurface, then you will love this one.  All the scenes are well lit and capture each position well but I sometimes found myself wanting to see more of the action in a close up shot.

Busty Office Milfs has a runtime of 145 minutes and comprises of 5 scenes of MF action with no bonus features, just straight workplace fucking action.

The first scene features the delectable Rayleen who has no problems in communicating with the phone guy who she summons to repair her telephone.  It’s not long before she’s slipping out of that tight skirt suit to reveal some sexy violet underwear and grappling for his tool.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching her ample breasts bounce as the phone guy fucked her on the desk in all manner of positions.  The pearl necklace she was wearing was a prelude to the bukkake finish to the scene.

The scene with Maxxie Maddron has an unusual setting, the warehouse but one which could quite easily happen.  She takes advantage of her office junior so he can get a raise and she gets to enjoy one from him.

She makes no secret of the fact that he is adequately packing her as she vocalises her enjoyment.  I assume the rest of the staff were on a lunchbreak.  😉

A nice touch with the stocking being used as a gag I thought.

Another bukkake finish and back to work.

Diamond Foxxx has a problem with her figures but not with the tight little pinstripe suit holding back her cleavage, although I did expect a button to come flying off towards the camera any minute.  She calls up her work colleague to come over to her desk and check out her figures and it’s not long before he’s giving them a good going over and fucking the hell out of Diamond.

This scene features some good ball licking and cunnilingus which culminate in the guy being ball deep inside this busty blonde.  I particularly enjoyed the rather unusual use of the desk in this scene and the guy creaming over her pussy as opposed to the face which most of the scenes feature.

Sienna West needs a little help from the IT guy.  Perhaps she needs shoe horning her immense titties in to her jacket.  😉  The poor guy tries his best to remedy the situation whilst being persuaded by the horny Sienna and her cleavage.  Wow!  Is that single button on her jacket under stress?

He makes all the right male to female connections and has her moaning like a whore as he takes her in every position with the addition of the occasional cheeky spank.  Between fuckings I must say Miss West gives incredible head, made me wish I was a guy.  😉

The final scene sees Victoria Valentina teasing Mark Wood, the dirty cow.  It’s not long before she’s unbuttoning her blouse and revealing her large boobs with proportionately sized brown nipples and areolas.  Mark cannot resist any longer and gets to work on her.

At this point I became distracted with the thought of Mark Woods socks.  I know that sounds a little weird, it’s not a fetish of mine.  It goes back to the early days of our porn viewing.  We used to watch a lot of Zero Tolerance films and Mark was in their stable of “reliables”.

Back then he always shot in his white socks, never took them off and it used to make me laugh.  Now some years later I was eager to see if he still wore white and if he still left them on.  Lol

It only took a few minutes to discover the answer.  Yes, he does still keep them on but the colour has now been updated to black.  J  Once I had satisfied myself with the answer I could watch the scene in earnest and I must say Victoria is a real cock hound.

She really did make Mark get his socks dirty and Miss Valentina’s face.

Overall a good production but I did miss the odd anal scene but then again that’s just me.

Featuring: Rayleen,  Maxxie Maddron, Diamond Foxxx,  Sienna West, Victoria Valentina and now for the guys who I can’t attribute to any scenes as they aren’t billed on them, Mr Pete, James Deen, Seth Gamble and Mark Wood

 Busty Office Milfs is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

You can also buy online here.

Anastasia Pierce – Strap On Sluts 2 Review

Strap On Sluts 2
Strap On Sluts 2

If you like your porn with lots of kink and a smattering of BDSM then Anastasia Pierce productions are the ones for you.  She manages to combine glamour and fetish, wrapping it all up in BDSM.

Anastasia has just been awarded the AVN 2011 Best BDSM Release for Bondage Wonderland.  She’s not just kinky, she’s filthy and gorgeous.

A little background there as Strap On Sluts 2 is both produced and directed by Anastasia via her production company.  Her site features 40 DVD releases from 2005 to present day.

Now on to the review.

The DVD comprises 4 scenes, all girl on girl action and if you are in to latex you will salivate over the wonderful costumes in this production.  I’m a big fan of latex costumes and there are some wonderful ones in this production.  All manner of BDSM paraphernalia is featured, gags, clover clamps, bondage rope, crops and paddles.  It’s a spankos delight.  😉

This first scene sees Victoria Red caged in Anastasia’s room, she is to be her sex slave and she is going to use her for her own entertainment.  Victoria is teased with a crop and spanked till her cheeks glow before Anastasia fucks her in to submission.

Scene two is very inventive and sees the horny Anastasia window dresser taking advantage of her mannequin with the aid of a strap on.  I found this to be a very arousing solo scene because it’s so different to other porn I’ve watched.  Needless to say she sates her sexual appetite.

For me the third scenes is the most extreme with the use of water bondage, Madison Young is repeatedly dunked as she gets a good fucking by you know who.  All of this laced with a good serving of nipple clamps, gags and bondage rope.

Darling is waiting in the dungeon astride a bench in some killer red heels in the fourth and final scene.  She is teased and squeezed, spanked and gagged before receiving Anastasias swaying black strap on.  And the final tease, Anastasia wants her bitch to clean her cock with her tongue but because her unusual gag won’t allow her she has to make do with a frustrated attempt to tongue it clean.

The film quality could have been better, it was slightly grainy, I’m not sure if this is as a result of transferring US format in to European but I it could have been crisper.  But overall I found Strap On Sluts to be a refreshing change from the standard porn out there and very enjoyable watch given that the Mistress is so hot.  😉

Featuring: Anastasia Pierce, Victoria Red, Madison Young and Darling.

Strap On Sluts 2 is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

You can also buy online here.

Ladyboys Fantasy 2 Review

Ladyboys Fantasy 2
Ladyboys Fantasy 2

This is another production brought to you courtesy of Swedish company Sexsense, I reviewed another of their DVD’s a few days ago.

Ladyboys Fantasy 2 is filmed in a rather voyeuristic fashion using a hand held camera which occasionally produces strange angles and shakiness, which adds to the feeling that you are taking part in an opportune peek at some rather naughty sex acts.  😉  The runtime is a modest 93 minutes.

The DVD comprises a collection of 4 scenes, three of which are LB to M and the final one LB, M & F which makes for some interesting viewing which I will go in to more detail about later in this review.

The production team have attempted to make the scenes varied and have supplied plenty of action.  There are plenty of blow jobs and deep throating which I found a bit of a turn on.  All of this is followed up with lots of wanking, licking, sucking and of course fucking.

You see the guys going through all the standard hetro positions, with reverse cowgirl being one of my favourites because you get the added bonus of the odd wank going on whist they are being fucked or maybe just a bouncing erection which is so naughty.

There’splenty of mutual masturbation a practice I enjoyed watching, sixty nining and one scene features an interesting application of a condom.  Yes, they do practice safe sex in this production with the guys wearing condoms.

Now to the third scene.  This one starts with the LB and M in the tub engaging in a soapy wank and suck scene when a female enters the bathroom.   She starts to rub one out as the guys carry on with their pleasuring of each other.  The scene then moves to the bedroom where everyone gets all their holes filled with cock.  It makes for a varied and enjoyable scene.

Overall I found this a pretty good DVD but it does have a limited audience, in that you have to be comfortable with watching two guys get it on obviously.  If it doesn’t bother you or if chicks with dicks are your thing then you will enjoy the viewing.

Featuring: Laura Ferraz, Pierre D J, Luciana, Luca Borromeo, Carolina, Max Scag, Renata Davila, Sheila Stone, Raoul Montana

Ladyboys Fantasy 2 is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.