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Meet Mr Happy Review

Meet Mr Happy
Meet Mr Happy

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Happy today. He was delivered to my door all the way from the USA, California to be precise. And I must say I have taken great delight in fingering him. 😉

OK, enough of the tease I know you are all dieing to know who he is. It’s a wonderfully creative book of cock imagery. Not just you average “cock shot” but Mr Happy is featured tastefully wearing various items and in settings to create a scene.

The images are both creative and fun with just enough text to bring about a smile. 😉 This book is designed to be picked up whilst having a cup of coffee for a bit of titillation. It’s the kind of book I would love to leave out on my coffee table but it may be a little too risqué for that.

Meet Mr Happy doesn’t sexualise the cock in any way, it celebrates its form and presents it in different settings where the shape of that particular piece of the male anatomy can be observed by itself. The settings and image styles are varied and therefore not monotonous though a slightly longer book with a couple of strong threads running through it in terms of photographic style or thematic narrative might have made the whole publication more cohesive.

That said I have never seen anything like it before so its uniqueness as a light and whimsical take on the male member has to be applauded.

I’m also pleased to say that it comes in “hard” back so it will endure many hours of browsing and fingering. Lol If you desire a book which will take you on a phallic fantasy this is the one.

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