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Inside Liandra Dahl

Liandra Dahl
Liandra Dahl

I first became acquainted with Liandra on my social networking site, she struck me as being a very open and honest…kinkster…yes that’s exactly what she is and therefore explains my attraction to her.  I’m rarely intrigued by every day people, they just don’t have that spark to ignite my fire.

After learning that she was starting up her own site I just couldn’t resist asking her if she would like me to review it.  My reasons weren’t totally altruistic, I knew she had put up some naughty images of herself that for obvious reasons she couldn’t post on the social networking site.  😉

Little did I know I would get so much more…

I’ve never been a member of an adult site before so I really didn’t know what to expect.  Yes, I knew that it would be naughty but I just wasn’t sure how naughty.

I logged on to the site and was surprised with the comic strip format which was fresh and inspired.  There in the middle of the screen sits a stylised image of Liandra open-legged inviting you to log in.

The site is still under construction so I’m unable to give the site a full review, perhaps Liandra will invite me back when all the sections are up and running.  But as the site stands at the moment it’s very impressive, taking you in to the naughty and kinky world of Liandra Dahl. There are areas that have yet to go live but I get the feeling this will be a work in progress over the coming months as the creative juices flow. I also found the navigation a little inconsistent on a couple of occasions, again possibly due to it being a work in progress.

Once logged in you can access a gallery of images of Liandra and a video gallery too. The videos play in a pop-up window and are of great quality. The themes of these videos are notable by their variety and just how different they are from other sites. They include readings from erotic literature, masturbation, girl-on-girl and pegging (one of my particular favourites).

Liandra’s blog is filled with personal entries and not just the trite blogging that you see on so many sites, there are observation and of course news about up and coming features on the site.  Of particular interest was the mention of her shooting some clips for the site featuring male bisexuals, I’ll be keeping my eye out for that. Yes, this is a real blog that holds your interest by being filled with real content.

The current version of Liandra’s website contains the first edition of a comic strip featuring the gorgeous Miss Dahl as the super hero.  Someone has really put some time and effort in to conceiving and creating this online world and it shows.

To give a personal and intensely intimate touch Liandra also has a Camshow every Thursday between 11am and 5pm for you to get close up and personal.

When finished the site will have a forum for you to hold discussions with like minded visitors to Liandra’s world. The possibilities of this section will of course increase exponentially as the number of members and contributors increases.

I also spotted a VIP area which isn’t up and running yet but intrigues me.

Overall  I found myself feeling really excited about this site, it has the makings of a new and inspirational place for like minded individuals to hang out and enjoy the delights on offer. It’s totally unlike the huge number of carbon copy adult pay sites that seem to think purveying countless images of naked young girls is all that visitors want. Liandra wants to offer more, a rounded site that treats its visitors as mature sexual creatures.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

You can judge for yourself here at


Foreplay Magazine Review

Foreplay Magazine Cover
Foreplay Magazine Cover
Foreplay Magazine is a new kind of adult publication and for that let me say a quiet Hallelujah!

That may sound a bit odd but before I explain how different it is let me explain my thoughts on other adult periodicals. Some are specialist and therefore do not have a wide audience. They are great for what you could generally call special interest groups but not something that the wider porn loving public would generally buy. Then there are the decreasing number of more general pornographic magazines. These are struggling because there is little to differentiate them from each other but more importantly the Internet is providing most of what they can provide – for free.

So is there a space in the market for a new pornographic periodical?

The people behind Foreplay magazine like to think so. With an editorial staff that could best be described as eclectic and fun loving they cover a diverse range of topics around sex, sexuality,  relationships and kink in their publication.

Foreplay Magazine is probably very different from anything you’ve seen before. First of all it’s in a small format, easy to hold, easy to read and easy to slip quietly away when you aren’t reading it. Of its 200 pages, just under one third is ads. However they do not intrude as they occupy the back section of the magazine. Their collection of chat lines, stores, kinky getaways and personal services are there if you want them, not in your face.

What is also not in your face is page after page of models with their legs open and pouty poses. If you are looking for acres of naked flesh on display Foreplay isn’t the mag for you.

Foreplay does however offer something that has become all but absent from adult magazines in the last ten years or so – fun. You may disagree but I find a lot of the editorial in other adult mags to be joyless and formulaic, not something that Foreplay could be accused of. Its style is frank, open and honest. It’s about sexuality, not just about jacking off. But if you do want to jack off then there’s some very nice erotic fiction for you to read, in my opinion a far more fulfilling way to become aroused than airbrushed pictures.

Some of the sections in Foreplay are what you’d expect, the aforementioned erotic fiction, letters page and reviews of DVDs, toys and clubs. What will come as a refreshing change to anyone used to “traditional” porn mags is features like the one about a CFNM fetish party, a report from Torture Garden in Italy and an honest and therefore enlightening piece by Jane Fae about being a transvestite and the attitudes of others towards TV men.

I can thoroughly recommend Foreplay Magazine to anyone wanting something a little different from their adult mags. As Suze put it, Foreplay is like the adult version of readers Digest, and they won’t try and get you to enter into a prize draw!

The Candy Box Review

The Candy Box
The Candy Box

The Candy Box is a work of erotic writing by Kojo Black. It comprises two books that recount in explicit and luxurious details a number of intense sexual encounters at two locations familiar to the author from their earlier life.

The first is the titular Candy Box, a house of decadent pleasures so named because of its décor. A series of conventional and unconventional couplings are described with an eloquence and fluidity that the reader is drawn in to a world that I found to be permanently sun-kissed in my imagination and full of possibilities. The atmosphere is enhanced by the first pictures I’ve seen in a novel (aside from graphic novels) since I was a kid. Illustrated throughout with a judicious use of explicit yet artistic, relevant and captivating pictures by Lara Addams this book sets itself apart from the mass of others out there.

How accurately The Candy Box describes the events which happened there is not made clear and is to be frank completely irrelevant. The story telling ensures that you care about only one thing, the next page and how each encounter will unfold.

The second part “The Harward Girls” is a  work of fiction, inspired by a vaguely similar establishment, not they hasten to point out called The Harward Girls Academy! The author describes a place where music seems to take a second place to sexual exploration, amongst the girls and by the inclusion of others.

Such a scenario could have been a simple and predictable exploration of male fantasies and yet with skill and ease uncommon in erotic authors Kojo Black creates a world appealing and exciting to both sexes and a range of sexualities.

Whatever your taste in couplings, male-female, female-female, threesomes, foursomes you will find them between the covers of The Candy Box.

If the unique features of this book were not enough already to set it apart, each novella is followed by a directors commentary on the scenes – and I use the word scenes here advisedly because each has been made into an adult movie. This novel feature gives a little insight into the making of such erotica and adds another layer to the book.

Neither of these two novellas is what you would call hurried and yet the reader is drawn along a pace that gives this a true status as a page turner. It is a testament to the skilful writing that the descriptive elements of the narrative do not impede the flow of the story and the arousal of the reader but reinforce it and make the experience of enjoying the book’s series of scenes even more intense. You have to set time aside to read this book, but not too much, and the draw of what you find in it will make you want to spend that time in the rich and decadent erotic world that is The Candy Box.

The Candy box is available from Sweet Meats Press. The adult movies “The Candy Box” and “The Harward Girls” are both available in certificate 18 and R18 versions.

Seriously Sexy Stocking Fillers Review

Seriously Sexy Stocking Fillers
Seriously Sexy Stocking Fillers

Xcite books publish erotic anthologies and novels that are available online and on the high street. If you are a regular reader of Erotic Buzz you will have seen some of their output reviewed here before. On the whole their books are at least good and often very arousing, but I have to say I approached their Christmas 2009 offering “Seriously Sexy, Stocking Fillers” with some trepidation. Themed anthologies can be a bit variable in quality and if the stories don’t flow and feel  like just another sex story with jingle bells attached it does jar and negate the sexual elements.

I dug in to the twenty stories by 19 different authors and this is a taste of what I found …

Some of the stories seem just too short, I don’t know if they have been heavily edited but as an example I’ll use Emily Dubberley’s “The Perfect Meal”. A well written piece, but only 7 pages long it describes the anticipation and foreplay so well, then less than half a page from the end of the story we see two paragraphs of actual sex and that’s that. I wanted the story to carry on and the climax to do justice to the build-up, but it didn’t.

Some of the scenarios are quite different. Elizabeth Coldwell’s “Filling her stockings” is one of the longer stories at 9 pages and tells a story of cross-dressing and sissification while maintaining the masculine and feminine roles in the man and woman respectively. It’s fun and so well done that I can see a few surprised boyfriends being cajoled into stockings this Christmas.

“The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come” reworks the classic Dickensian Christmas story into a modern office setting. At twelve or so pages it is one of the longer stories, but as with much of this book I found myself wanting to read more of the voyeuristic Zara’s visions.

The final story “Candy Cane Thrills” was a bit of a low point, not least for a piece of dialogue that made me roll my eyes.

“You like that, you little cock-sucking Santa slut.”

“Oh, yea baby! Shove that candy cane deep in my pussy!”

Yes, this is erotic fiction but that simply doesn’t sound real to me and that lack of plausibility kills the story.

Seriously Sexy was a better read than I feared. OK some of the stories were a little short, indeed a little short on erotic content, but there are a few gems in there. The final piece “Candy Cane Thrills” was not for me at all and the lines I quoted above were particularly clichéd but that is my personal taste and I’m sure there will be readers who adore the Über-slut talk. Seriously sexy has something for everyone and most people will get along with most of the stories. There are some nice scenarios, just a pity about the ones that simply didn’t work.

The book could be improved by fewer, slightly longer stories, or by selecting themes that work better in shorter stories.

You can buy “Seriosuly Sexy, Stocking Fillers” from Xcite Books.

Meet Mr Happy Review

Meet Mr Happy
Meet Mr Happy

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Happy today. He was delivered to my door all the way from the USA, California to be precise. And I must say I have taken great delight in fingering him. 😉

OK, enough of the tease I know you are all dieing to know who he is. It’s a wonderfully creative book of cock imagery. Not just you average “cock shot” but Mr Happy is featured tastefully wearing various items and in settings to create a scene.

The images are both creative and fun with just enough text to bring about a smile. 😉 This book is designed to be picked up whilst having a cup of coffee for a bit of titillation. It’s the kind of book I would love to leave out on my coffee table but it may be a little too risqué for that.

Meet Mr Happy doesn’t sexualise the cock in any way, it celebrates its form and presents it in different settings where the shape of that particular piece of the male anatomy can be observed by itself. The settings and image styles are varied and therefore not monotonous though a slightly longer book with a couple of strong threads running through it in terms of photographic style or thematic narrative might have made the whole publication more cohesive.

That said I have never seen anything like it before so its uniqueness as a light and whimsical take on the male member has to be applauded.

I’m also pleased to say that it comes in “hard” back so it will endure many hours of browsing and fingering. Lol If you desire a book which will take you on a phallic fantasy this is the one.

“Meet Mr. Happy” is available from

Ultimate Curves Review

Ultimate Curves
Ultimate Curves

Ultimate Curves is as its name suggests a collection of short stories whose theme is women of a fuller figure. I was looking forward to reading it because quite honestly I get sick of seeing stick-thin women in the press and reading about how such and such a “celebrity” has put on a couple of pounds.

I was not disappointed by Ultimate Curves.

All of the stories have one thing in common an appreciation of the pleasures to be enjoyed with a fuller figured woman. The stories are packed with descriptions of the beautiful curves that come with a larger frame, shapely hips, a round ass and of course a fuller chest.

And all of this is described in a detail that is often missing from other erotica. I know from writing erotica myself that it’s often best when writing to only hint at certain aspects of a character’s appearance to allow the reader’s mind to fill in the blanks and adapt the narrative to include characters that work best for them. But in a book specifically aimed to please a lover of larger ladies Ultimate Curves revels in descriptions of these voluptuous sexy women.

In fact I’d say that the level and quality of description in the narrative is generally much higher than in other erotic fiction I have read. And in case you are worried, the descriptions of the sex are pretty hot too, with vanilla, bondage, threesomes and a little light BDSM thrown in.

Of course there is a variation in the quality of the writing and some stories will not suit everyone. There were a couple of stories that I didn’t get along with due to the scenario, or style of writing, but that is a matter of personal taste and an exception to the majority of the book which I thoroughly enjoyed. The beauty of a collection of short stories like this is of course that you are bound to find something that you like.

Ultimate Curves is a refreshing departure from your run of the mill beautiful people style erotic book. It dares to be different in daring … it wins.

Naughty Spanking 3

Naughty Spanking 3
Naughty Spanking 3

From Xcite Books and edited by Miranda Forbes Naughty Spanking 3 is a compilation of short stories that will appeal to anyone with an interest in erotic literature, especially if they have a leaning towards the application of a well placed palm to a bare backside.

The stories range in length from 4 to 20 pages, so from what you could term flash fiction to short stories. There’s a little something for everyone, often written with a tongue pressed firmly into one cheek and revelling in the salacious naughtiness of red bottoms exposed to the gaze of others.

If you’ve never read any erotica containing spanking before this book is an excellent place to start. There are stories of varying hues, most of which climax in a sexual conclusion, some which don’t see either of the participants actually orgasm. Reading them we are sure you will find something that stirs in you the urge to try a little spanking yourself.

Nothing in the stories gets too heavy because although there are of course authoritarian and BDSM style references we see this as describing fun spankings. The sort of naughty play that, if it were on film, would have one or other of the participants turn to the camera and wink at some point.

The stories are not too heavy on plot, it would be difficult to accomplish much character development in 20 pages and get down to any sort of sexual play. Look on them as scenes for your own pleasure, to be sampled and savoured when you and maybe your partner are in the mood for literary foreplay.

It’s difficult to single out a specific story as a favourite as they are varied and will suit different tastes but we quite like the thoroughly contrived and exceeding devilishness of the characters and scenario in “Hard Times at The Nymphomaniac Rehabilitation Facility”.

If you like a little bit of spanking, not too much, or you want to sample spanking literature then this is a great place to start. You never know you might end up with a red bottom just for being naughty enough to read it.

Slave To The Machine

Slave To The Machine
Slave To The Machine

Slave To The Machine is a novel by Aishling Morgan aimed squarely at the male market, and young males at that. It’s full of all the things that make your trousers stir, page after page of it.

It quickly becomes apparent that it is set in a virtual world where nothing is quite what it seems and the individuals that the book’s central character “Melody” encounters are there as part of a machiavellian plan formulated by an unseen puppet master.

Because the scenario is both fantasy and not even bound by the laws of the real world the author, Aishling Morgan, is able to take liberties with the behaviour, morals and physical appearance of all the characters. Luckily, apart from the obscenely single minded “Teddy”, that doesn’t get in the way of a series of utterly filthy scenarios that follow each other thick and fast as the book progresses.

As each chapter goes by, Melody is submerged deeper into the world she has been forced to inhabit. Her virginity juxtaposed against her artificially increased sexual desire is used throughout the book to ensure that vaginal sex is not an option and masturbation, oral sex and anal sex are all employed as Melody preserves her hymen against all odds.

The variety of scenarios is good, only limited by the progression of the story and the scenarios that are introduced through the book’s 250 pages. There is an overtone of BDSM with a repeated use of spanking scenarios which become more intense as Melody’s vaginal virginity faces increasing risk of being taken away from her.

The story overall is a great vehicle for a novel and one that has been used pretty well. Although fantastic in nature this facilitates the story, making it possible to construct the very naughty situations that Melody is put in by her invisible captor, rather than jarring with the reader. The resolution owes much to Vanilla Skies and Phillip K Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” (Made into the 1990 film Total Recall) but it is not unsatisfying and I felt myself envying Melody’s final fate.

As for the book’s ability to arouse, apart from “Teddy” it presses all the right buttons. You can read Slave To The Machine a few pages at a time for swift gratification, or in longer sessions and, let your mind imagine what filthy scenario Melody will encounter next.

A very good horny read.

The Education Of Victoria – School Of Pleasure

The Education Of Victoria
The Education Of Victoria

I must admit when I read the title for this book I experienced a certain amount of trepidation pre-empting its storyline. But I like to have an open mind when starting a new book, no preconceptions, prepared to embark upon a literary journey.

Most of my reading takes place at lunchtime in my car. It gives me a head break from work and at the same time is also my “other” job, because I know I will be reviewing it for you later. That said I do enjoy both the erotic reading and giving you the low down.

This book The Education of Victoria had a promising start. Young lady being brought up in the absence of her mother sent off to school in Europe. But this school isn’t the kind that the rich and well heeled would normally attend and the “finishing” part of it isn’t quite what you would think.

She is sent to a school which deals with the art of pleasuring the male. At this point I started to become a little uneasy with the book and wondered if it was perhaps written by a male using a pseudonym of Angela Meadows.

Still I reserved judgement and continued to read. I found the writing to be descriptive in terms of the acts from a visual point of view but to have no real depth. Especially if you are a woman. Who else but a woman can describe with perfect and intricate accuracy her emotions, feelings and sensations during acts of intimacy.

At this point I stared to read the book more to look for holes, transparencies which revealed the author to be a male and began to read with an increasing amount of scepticism. Porn may have us believe that every woman is a “cock obsessed whore” but this isn’t the case. Yes, I love to excite men by felating them but not to that degree.

I was also uncomfortable with the thought that the very people you should be able to trust to look after minors around the age of 16 were actually preying upon them.

The final straw for me was when they all went home for Winter vacation and one of the girls told of her visit to her uncle. Her visit involved her posing for the camera semi naked and finally almost nude. A difficult enough an image for me already, but when she then said she felated him it crossed that moral barrier.

You would enjoy this book if you could treat it as a text of pure fantasy with total detachment to reality but I’m afraid that despite having an incredibly dirty mind I am too grounded to even continue beyond page 89.

The Education of Victoria is available from Xcite books, price £7.99