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Illicit Affairs, Desire Takes Over

Illicit Affairs, Desire Takes Over
Illicit Affairs, Desire Takes Over

This title is billed as an anal free zone which is often exactly what you want if you are a couple exploring pornography, especially early in a relationship when anal can be a big no-no. From a company that calls itself Playgirl Movies you would expect a softer approach to porn and that’s exactly what you get.

In the 158 minutes of DVD you get the usual format of separate scenes with different couplings in a variety of scenarios.

The first is called “Live Sex Show” where a couple cavort on what looks like a stage with disco style lighting and accompanying sound track. The live sex show that follows is overlaid with a number of video effects and the occasional interjection from a female voice that you have to presume is “talking dirty” to the viewer. Sadly I found it quite risible with phrases like “My titties” love you and “Your cock loves me too” making me laugh rather than driving me mad with lust. The sex is pretty pedestrian too with the performers, performing and not really injecting any vitality into the scene.

“Blindfold” follows which as you will guess involves a blindfold. A husband comes home and without a word blindfolds his wife then ravishes her. The wife narrates the action in this lengthy scene that isn’t objectionable but doesn’t press many buttons. Though her underwear is nice. It’s all been done before and I’m afraid it’s been done better.

“Love Letter” narrates the passion between another married couple. Initially her words describe how she feels about him before they move to the bedroom and express their love physically and vigorously.

In “Sweep Dreams” the janitor is seduced by a member of staff for some sex between strangers. During vaginal sex the guy uses a condom, unusual in US made porn but a good safe sex message as the couple are supposed to be “strangers”.

Ever had sex in a makeup store? Well the next couple did in “Makeup Sex”.

A lusty minded female photographer takes the lead in “Dirty Pictures” and persuades her male model to get naked and fuck her on the couch.

“The Massage” has a muscular masseur asked to perform more than a standard massage on his female “Patient.

Finally live sex show returns to the stage with another couple and a lot of clichéd dialogue delivered straight to camera by an apparently sex starved blonde.

The special features contain a nice female fantasy sequence “Sex on a Train” and some unexpected male solo action – one an erotic dance and the other a guy masturbating

I don’t think you can describe these “affairs” as illicit because several are portrayed as being between married couples who enjoy having sex with one another. The rest are best termed erotic encounters. There’s no anal, not obsession with cumming on the female performer’s faces and the girls get plenty of attention from the guys.

I find myself being picky about this DVD and when I thought about it I realised why – I kept thinking “This could have been so much better”. Not because the idea was a bad one but because the sum of the parts, performers, stories etc didn’t amount to anything that really lit my fire even though there’s nothing particularly wrong with any part of it.

In a word – Meh!

Never having seen a DVD from this company I thought I’d check out their website but found that the site doesn’t exist. Whether this is a recent development (has the company folded?) or they are still setting up I simply don’t know.

Double Dip From Harmony Vision

Double Dip
Double Dip

As the name may suggest, Double Dip is a collection of 10 hot chicks being fucked by two dicks.  As it is know in the trade double penetration or double dipping.

And I bet those holes will be dripping…

…enough of that.  Lol

Because the scenes are all produced by the Harmony stable we can be assured the quality of this double disked set is going to be high.  And there are over 5 hours of action for you to enjoy complete with Cumshot Recap and Photo Gallery.

Yes, I did say double DVD, there are 10 dirty scenes for you to indulge in.  Someone and something for everyone.  😉  But because this is a compilation DVD you may find that you are already familiar with some of the scenes.

Jessica Moore’s Scene opens with a nice touch of ice play which brings those XXXnipples to attention on her bountiful boobs.  This gorgeous babe is skull fucked by a pair of guys before they let loose on her pussy and ass.

Plenty of ATM & PTM action between the pounding she takes, all culminating in an anal piledriver finish complete with facial.

Tatiana Kush’s Scene opens with her wearing pretty pink undies on her bed, she is soon joined by a couple of guys fresh from the shower with fucking in mind.  A few caresses and sucks later the fucking begins.

They move through boy-girl positions, alternating between them before working through the  usual DP positions with an added bonus, Tatiania is suspended between them and double teamed before having her bush (yes she has one which is neatly trimmed) and face creamed over.

Dora Venter’s Scene takes place poolside as she fucks her ass with her fingers in POV scene.  She demands that we fuck her ass and just like busses 4 cocks turn up at once.

What follows is an anal & cunt fuckfest as Dora endeavours to keep these 4 guys happy.  Payment is in kind as all four spunk over her face.

Jenna Haze’s Scene opens with her dressed rather provocatively in a cream lace up basque and matching stockings.   She is soon joined by two suited suitors who don’t take long to get down to some anal pounding contorting Jenna in to all manner of positions.

If you are a fan of gaping there is plenty to satisfy in this scene.  I do however wish that when there cock wasn’t in her torso they shoved it in her mouth.  Her incessant dirty talk is annoying and I would certainly advise you have the volume on low.

Harmony Rose’s Scene takes place in the dessert amongst the Joshua trees at an abandoned trailer and park where Miss Rose plays the perfect trailer trash.

She calls out for more as she gets fucked in all her holes by a couple of naked guys out there in the sun amongst the bones of an old camp.

Eager to please she is exceptionally appreciative of her two cocks and very vocal.  All the dessert fun ends in yet another facial.

Dunia Montenegro’s Scene opens with her laying on a table cuffed and blindfold whilst the gorgeous Bobbis Starr teases her with her tongue and a crop.

Then two guys enter the room and start to lick suck and tease her ready for some double cock fun.  They work their way through numerous positions switching holes as they go. There is plenty of DP action in this scene Dunia is obviously an anal whore.

The guys even get to “tear n share” her ass at one point in the piledriver position and all this fun sees the guys come on her pussy and face (just for a change lol).

Here is just a taster of what you will see on this nasty 10 scene DVD and I haven’t even told you about what Poppy Morgan gets up to.  😉

This DVD is a must for all anal fiends, it offers plenty of great girls and lots of filthy action but as I mentioned before some of them may be familiar as this is a compilation DVD.

I wouldn’t recommend this for watching with your wife or girlfriend unless they like their porn hard, this is not for the faint hearted which is probably why I enjoyed it.  Lol

Featuring:  Jessica Moore, Tatiana Kush, Dora Venter, Jenna Haze, Harmony Rose, Dunia Montenegro, Aletta Ocean, Poppy Morgan, Claire Robbins & Charlotte Vale also a plethora of unnamed cock.

Ben Dover’s Cherry Poppers From Adult Channel Uncut

Ben Dover's Cherry Poppers
Ben Dover’s Cherry Poppers

I have a confession to make.  In all the years I have been watching and reviewing porn I haven’t yet seen anything with good old Ben in it.

The DVD from Adult Channel uncut intrigues me and makes me slightly curious to see if the old geezer can still get it up.  Lol  Judging from the front read cover he does and quite successfully.  😉

As you would expect he isn’t teamed up with any girls his own age in this production.

Instead he is featuring a bevy of beauties the first of which is the gorgeous Lou Lou who I had the pleasure of meeting on a recent porn shoot trip with Gazzman.

I’ve no preconceived ideas having never seen either Mr Dover perform or any of Adult Channels productions before.  The DVD features 4 scenes over 112 minutes and in is filmed here in Blighty, so you can wave your flag to British performers and production.

And Ben will be getting out more than his cock…

He uses his camcorder too…oooh errr!

I put the DVD in the drive, pulled my bedroom curtains too and lay back on the bed, remote in hand.  Then remembered I hadn’t pulled the windows too, don’t want the neighbours hearing all the oohs and aahs do we.  😉

Once composed on the bed I pressed the play button.

Scene 1 began with Ben driving his little red mini over to Lou Lou’s apartment.  Apparently she had been writing to Ben asking if she could try his “old man’s cock”.  And Ben being an obliging kind of guy he was now on his way to her place, camcorder in hand.

Lou Lou and Ben soon disposed with the formalities as she slipped out of her Summer dress and Ben his jeans.  He is very good shape for his age, he obviously looks after himself.

He does possess a very nice love length to say he has been in and out of hundreds of women in his lifetime, I was very impressed.

It wasn’t long before Ben was going down on Lou Lou and preparing her with his tongue and fingers.  Then came the cock as he banged away at her on the sofa in missionary, cowgirl and doggy style.  He has some stamina for an older guy and gives her a good seeing to.

The scene is cut at several points and is interspersed with the coverage that Ben is taking on his camcorder which gives you a kind of POV overtone to the scene.

Ben finishes over Lou Lou’s face and chest with a considerably voluminous spurt which she delights in rolling around her mouth.

Scene 2 sees Ben arriving at another young lady wanting to sample some of that old man’s cock.  Miss Sindy Strutt has invited Ben over to give her a jolly good rogering.

Miss Strutt is a buxom 20 year old from Barnsley and boy was it nice to see her large natural melons as Ben removed her bra.  Needless to say he paid them lots of attention with his mouth and hands.

He then moves on to Sindy’s pussy and ass, giving her a good rimming.  He then flips her over and mounts her doggy style and pushes his finger in her ass.  Legs are then up round his ears as he continues to bang away.

If you like your anal action you will love this scene.  Ben comes over her ass and then continues to fuck Sindy reverse cowgirl with plenty of closeups so you get to see all the penetrative action.

He gives Sindy’s ass a good workout before pulling out and sliding his hard cock in and out of her delicious full breasts, a personal fave of mine, tit wanking.

It doesn’t take long before he is shooting hot come straight in to Sindy’s waiting mouth.  😉

Scene 3 and Ben is on the road again, this time he is driving over to Caprice Love’s place, another girl wanting to sample some granddad cock.

Caprice is a cute looking petite blonde aged 23 with size 3 feet.  Yes, she is small.

Ben the commensurate pro continues to film her whilst asking the audience just how long did they think they would be able to last with her.  Lol  I’m thinking not long as she sheds her tiny denim shorts and white lacey bra to reveal a very nice pair of boobs.  You can’t tell I’m a tit girl can you?  🙂

She takes him in her mouth and gives him a good blow job before assuming the position on all fours on the sofa.  Ben screws her like this before taking her straight cowgirl and he doesn’t go long before cum is running down his cock out of her pussy.

The old pro he continues to fuck her and only manages a wee shot next tine as he admits to being totally fucked.  This DVD has a great reality feel about it as Ben interacts honestly with the camera.

Scene 4 Ben gets a surprise when he knocks on Lissa Loves door…she’s not alone her friend Jordan Price is with her.  And boy does Ben’s face light up at the prospect of two girls wanting to sample some old cock.

The girls are lined up on the sofa and given a good tonguing and rimming by Ben before they get to share his cock in their mouths.  Jordan gets to jump on his cock for a while before Lissa enjoys some doggy style fuckery.

Both girls take turns being fucked and face sitting Ben until they assemble at his feet to be spunked on.

I love the light hearted feel to this “knock a door shag” DVD and Ben not taking himself too seriously makes it not only filthy watching but amusing.

This DVD could be watched by anyone because it is relatively inoffensive but you do have to like Ben as he is the only guy in the production.

Featuring:  LouLou, Sindy Stratt, Caprice Love, Lissa Love, Jordan Price and Ben Dover

Ben Dover’s Cherry Poppers is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

American Tranny From Reality Junkies

American Tranny From Reality Junkies
American Tranny From Reality Junkies

I never really know quite what to expect when I watch a tranny DVD, with mainstream porn you usually have a good idea what you will be viewing.  So I suppose in a way pressing the play button on the DVD player takes me in to a whole new world of adventure where nothing is predictable or even cliché.

Reality Junkies are a Canadian production company who have been around for a while and I’ve reviewed several of their productions each with a different fetish to tickle your kink, from office porn to cuckolding.

This DVD contains 5 scenes and has a runtime of 176 minutes so let’s get cracking.  Follow me to my boudoir and make yourself comfortable, I’ll just retrieve that vibe which is charging whilst you load the DVD.

Scene 1 opens with one leggy and hot brunette called Vanity who appears to have broken down at the side of the road.

It’s not long before a guy (would love to tell you his name but the guys don’t get credits on the scenes) is pulling up and offering her help.

To cut a long story short she is on her way to an audition and ends up going home with the guy on the pretence of calling for assistance with the car.  Needless to say they forget all about that when they pull up outside the guys house.

A few formalities over and the brunette is revealing a pair of quite lovely boobs and he doesn’t take long to feast on them.  They kiss and suck each others cock in turn before the brunette kneels doggy style on the sofa, balls swinging below as he starts to fuck her ass.

They eventually switch and Vanity gives it to the alleged anal virgin straight up the pooper and he loves it.  After a few minutes running ball deep in to his ass he flips over so he can wank whilst she continues the onslaught on his ass.

A few grunts and expletives later he is coming all over his abdomen and she is getting right in to it.  She pulls out of his ass and points her hard cock straight at his open mouth.

Fuck!  This is the first tranny bukkake scene I have watched and it was good, she let that come spatter his face as he gulped down the thick white issue.

Wet your appetite eh!

Scene 2 takes place in a gym, Morgan Bailey is looking for her Tai Kwando class and takes on the challenge of boxing the guy who is there.  After a rather unconvincing round of lightweight punches (I know I do it) she decides that having won she owes the guy a sexual favour.  Yeh..ok!  lol

His shorts are soon down and his cock in her mouth giving him a great gob job, then it’s in to his ass with her cock as he kneels on all fours amongst the gym equipment.  There’s a little more enjoyment in this scene for those in to tattoos and perineum piercing.

The guy’s legs are in the air and she is pounding his ass whilst wanking his cock and we can see all the action.  The guy takes over creaming all over his stomach, seeing this Morgan Bailey is compelled to withdraw from his ass and wank too.

Good job that gym doesn’t have many members.  😉

Scene 3 Madison Montag complete with cheerleader outfit pops over to Stacey her friends house to find just her brother at home.  She offers to show him her cheerleader dance and falls during the performance, which was crap BTW and ends up rubbing her leg.

Then brother ends up rubbing her leg which leads to…

Despite brother’s surprise at finding Madison Montag has a cock it doesn’t take long for him to start to blow her.  They then switch to 69ing before he sticks his tongue in her ass quickly followed by his hardon.

He then gives Madison another licking before flipping her over and taking her doggy style on the sofa.  Madison then reverses the roles and mounts him, at this point I found myself slightly distracted by the huge spot on his left butt cheek.  Lol

Madison Montag comes inside his ass and he reciprocates by wanking over her hole.

Scene 4 features 4 guys holding a batchelor party for their friend and giving him a surprise send off…

Queue Aliana Starr XXX.  The leggy brunette walks in the room wearing just a black bra and panties and the guy is blown over.  At this point the other 2 guys leave them both to it.

She performs a little dance before going down on him, he decides to return the favour only to find she has a cock.  Undeterred (familiar theme, lol) he makes the best of gobbling her off before she sticks it in his ass.

They do it doggy style and cowgirl flipping until the wanking finish which sees Aliana XXX wanking over her stomach and the guy laps up her come.  It’s then his turn to come and he spews his seed all over her boobs.

Scene 5 takes place at a house viewing.  The guy turns up at the door for it to be answered by Jesse, a tall busty blonde.  She shows him around the house as far as the bedroom and then things take a naughty turn.

The lady of the house ends up sucking him off before she has her cock sucked, her ass eaten out, fingered and fucked.  Oh and let’s not forget the wank as he penetrates her asshole.  😉

Places change and she alternates between fucking his ass and having her cock sucked in this ATM part of the scene.  Finally she pulls out of his ass and wanks over his tongue, coating it in thick gloopy cum before sticking it back in his ass as he frantically masturbates himself over the edge.

Featuring:  Jesse, Vanity, Morgan Bailey, Aliana Starr XXX, Madison Montag, sorry guys I can’t credit you as you aren’t named on the DVD.

You can buy American Tranny here, or from your local Simply Pleasure store.

Psycho Sex From Tanya Hyde

Psycho Sex Tanya Hyde
Psycho Sex Tanya Hyde

I only had to read the first two porn stars featured in this production from Tanya Hyde for Harmony Films to feel a little excited…Megan Coxxx and Syren Sexton and that’s just for starters.

And the rest of the naughty line up don’t disappoint either but more of that later.  The front cover depicting a sex crazed Paige Turnah in an open cupped latex leotard wets more than my appetite for kink.  The DVD features 5 scenes each with “Fuck” in the title and the runtime is 3 hours 57 mnutes including Cumshot Recap and Photo Gallery.

Over on the reverse there are masks, nipple tassels, latex outfits and lots of cock worship.  As usual I don’t think Tanya will disappoint.

So it’s off to the bedroom for me, are you coming?

You pull the curtains too and be careful not to let the neighbours catch site of you whilst I load the DVD player.  Thing I’ll grab myself a nice toy too.

Factory Fuck is set in a very atmospheric engineer’s workshop.  Danny D is grinding more than metal in this scene as Scarlett March inspects his tooling with her mouth.

They are being watched my Rebecca More who seems to be enjoying the voyeuristic display before being grabbed from behind by Jay Snakes.  Rebecca then has her titties worshipped by Jay, nice to see in porn these days, before being taken off to the workbench.

She is then subject to a good spitroasting, double cock sucking and fucked in every hole.  Scarlett joins in providing a little pussy licking before being deployed as a cocksucker between fucks for Jay.

Rebecca is then fucked by Jay in a love swing before being anally power drived (driven??? LOL) and sprayed with come.  Danny D finishes the scene wanking over Scarlett who remembered to wear her safety glasses, good job because as usual Danny spunked everywhere.

F-Club Fuck is very surreal, we see Alice yes as in Wonderland wandering around a fetish club and being groped through holes in the wall.  And that’s not all, she’s being groped by a latex clown and a Rabbit.  I know, tell me about it.  😉

Alice or should I say Michelle Moist wanders off and finds herself a fucking stool with a  large black dildo mounted on it. She then delights in eating out Jasmine Webb’s before she is pinned to a wheel, spun around with several finger fuck intermissions delivered by Jasmine.

Omar then appears dressed as a ring master appears and fucks each of the girls cunts good and hard before wanking over both their faces.

Fetish Fuck sees the gorgeous Syren Sexton fully dommed up with teal latex body suit with appropriate openings and a whip enter a dungeon.  And there suspended blindfolded in a body bag is Demetri XXX.

After a quick tease with her crop Syren is reaching for his cock and I’m watching her lovely pert and sizeable boobs bob up and down from below.  Great angle there Tanya.

We are then taken to a room where Sebcam is laying prostrate on the floor tethered and wearing only a pair of black snake skin patterned tights.  Once again I know.  Lol  Syren gives him a good gob job and then climbs on board before being joined by Demetri wearing the same leggings.

The MFM scene works through many positions including cowgirl, doggy and reverse cowgirl and climaxes or should I say Sebcam does all over Syrens pouting pussy and Dimitri sprays her face with copious amounts of cum.  Wow!  He must’ve needed a drink after that.  😉

Rubber Fuck will satisfy any medical fetishists reading.  Paige Turnah is sat in a medical chair with her legs in stirrups.  She is wearing a gas mask, latex top with open access to her ample cleavage, stocking and a pair of fetish points.

In come Jay snake wearing a gas mask and latex chaps.  He starts by massaging her breasts with oil (sooo jealous) then brings out the nipple cups.  And as if that wasn’t enough he finishes off with the violet wand which he expertly teases her breasts, nipples and eventually her clit with.

Paige is then subject to an opening pussy pile driver, followed by reverse cowgirl and doggy style before being jazzed on as she kneels at Jay’s feet.

A great scene for anyone in to fetish and who like watching a nice pair of boobs bouncing around.  😉

Hog Fuck begins with Megan Coxxx walking in to a bar where 2 guys are playing cards wearing full headed pig masks.  She approaches the bar tender and is directed through a set of doors.

She reappears after devouring a couple of cocks at the gloryhole and returns to the bar followed by the “pigs”.  It doesn’t take long for her to drop to her knees and give them an oral workout which sees them rock hard.

Megan gets a good workout from the guys, moving through spitroast, reverse cowgirl, doggy style and she seems to love every minute of it.

All the porking finishes off with a double bukkake finale where Meagan’s face is covered in endless streams of thick cum.

The themes, production and lighting make this an interesting film with a dominant streak of fetish running through it.  Multiple angles and closeups ensure that you get to see all the action.  Psycho Sex may not be for everyone so may not make a good first time viewing unless you already have a fetish element in your personality.

However if you are adventurous I suggest you give it a watch.

Featuring:  Megan Coxxx, Syren Sexton, Paige Turnah, Rebecca More, Scarlett March, Jasmine Webb, Michelle Moist, Ian Tate, Sebcam, Demetri XXX, Jay Snakes, Danny D and Omar

You can buy this movie here.

Fallen Angelz From Tanya Hyde

Fallen Angelz Tanya Hyde
Fallen Angelz Tanya Hyde

I’ve been extremely busy lately and fallen behind on my DVD viewing and reviewing.  What geed me up in to taking up my role as Jonathon Ross was the delivery yesterday was a box of 22 DVD’s to add to the ever growing pile.

So in an attempt to pull my finger out.  Oooh err, I thought I better crack on.  And Fallen Angelz a Tanya Hyde productions stood, especially as I noted Jay Snakes listed in the credits at the bottom of the front cover.  😉

It looks from the front cover as if in true Tanya style there is going to be plenty of kink as I spot Jay Snake being a pony boy and also wearing a hood.

Load up the DVD whilst I pull the curtains, I don’t think this is a DVD to share with the neighbours.  Lol

The dvd contains 5 scenes with a runtime of 3 hours and 17 minutes including Comeshot Recap and Galleries.

Man On A Chain

We see sizzling Syren Sexton descending some stairs and making her way to her slave who happens to be Jay Snakes.  Syren looks bewitching in an open fronted gown stockings and heels whilst Jay looks vulnerable chained by his collar to the wall and the slightly whited out visuals fit in with this fetish scene.

Syren takes up a seat and enjoys teasing him sat on a chair, fingering her pussy and then using a large bent glass dildo.  Meanwhile he is tugging at his chains to reach her.

Eventually Jay is freed and his Mistress bridles him and rides him around the room, finally chaining him to the wall once more.  Very naughty.  She gives him a very indepth throating, almost taking in his full length, which is quite some feat.  😉

She is then given a jolly good licking, finger fucking and expertly rimmed by Jay before the fucking begins and Syren raises to her knees and climbs on board for a bit of reverse cowgirl action.  They work through the usual fuck positions before Jay wanks over Syren’s open mouth.

No anal in this scene guys but Syren is a great fuck.

Painted Lady

Sophia Valentine climbs the stairs wearing only a pair of leopard spotted heels, a pair of nipple clamps and a collar.  Good start so far.  She then finds Ian Tate rather handily on the stair, unzips him and gives him one hell of a blowjob, how did you get it in to the hilt?

Up on the landing she is greeted  by Tony De Sergio, dressed just like Ian in a smart suit and trilby, very CMNF.  😉  Some great close ups of Sophia looking up doe eyed with her mouth full.

She gets a very good eating out whilst trying to swallow Mr Tate, then she flips over to received Tony’s cock in her pussy.  He fucks her for a while before inserting a metal butt plug inside her in preparation for her anal fuck.

We then see Sophia on her back legs shackled and in the air as Iain fucks her cunt then her ass with some great camera angles thrown in.  The scene wraps with Tony spurting thick ribbons of come onto Sophia’s chin which hand down like a beard.  Then finally Iain squirts copious amounts of jiz all over her, some even going in her eye, that’s going to sting.

I Spit On Your Cock

Rebecca More & Scarlett March are dressed very nicely in leather bustiers and thigh high boots for this scene which sees Rebecca teasing scarlet with a rabbit vibrator as she sits on a fetish bench.

The action then moves to the queening chair where Rebecca gets to eat her out and rim her ass and Rebecca is determined to get the most out of it as bounces up and down on the chair.

Rebecca then makes her way downstairs to the gimp or should we say Omar tied to a St Davids cross complete with rubber hood.  She soon gets to work on his hard cock sucking it like a bitch, then her friend Scarlet joins in the action.

Rebeccas ass takes a pounding as she reverse cowgirls him, then the spreader bar comes out and she is being given some deep anal wearing a spreader bar on her ankles.

Then Omar pluges Scarlett’s cunt before finishing himself off once again in Rebecca’s ass and pulling out to give them both a sticky facial.

Women Beat Their Men

Cathy Heaven wearing a very nice backless and bottom less strapy number in latex has Jay Snakes shackles and supended from the ceiling.  She proceeds to flog him and this was a proper flogging, you should see his back.  Lol

She then unleashes the beast and starts to devour it inch by inch and amazingly manages to take all of him in as her nose presses against his pubis.  Next she subjects him to having his penis sucked in a vaccum pump.  Dirty girl.

Not content with that, she uses a violet wand on his cock between sucks this then leads in to new latex outfits and a chin dildo mask, collar and chains.  Kinky enough for you yet?  😉

Jay then gets her is a spreader bar and various other pieces of BDSM equipment fucking her pussy and ass until coming down her left cheek in several spirts.

Stir Crazy

Tony and Iain have Coco Charnelle imprisoned and are keeping a watchful eye over her as she sits open legged in knee high boots and a leather bustier fingering herself.  She then sets about fucking herself with a very naughty large cocked latex bear.  Don’t ask.  Lol

They attend her cell and after a good wank and a suck the guys get to fuck her both ends with their truncheons.  Well Iain has a black one but Tony uses his cock.  They take turns being fucked and sucked as they spitroast Coco.  Keep an eye out for the metal hook.

And once again we have a bukkake finish, not my favourite and a bit repetitive, would have preferred a little variety but a good production if you are in to your kinks and one which some porn newbies may like.

Typical of a Tanya Hyde production the scenes are imaginatively light, the camera work excellent and plenty of close ups for dirty cows like me.

Featuring: Sofia Valentine, Syren Sexton, Cathy Heaven, Coco Charnelle, Rebecca More, Sxarlett March, Ian Tate, Jay Snakes, Omar and Tony De Sergio
You can buy this movie here.


Charlie’s Porn Family Review

Charlies Porn Family
Charlies Porn Family

It’s a while since I reviewed a production from this Canadian based house and it’s certainly unusual for porn to come out of Canada when we usually associate it with the States.

The DVD features top porn stars in real life scenarios and looking at the cover there are 5 scenes to wet your appetite ranging through a broad range of naughty topics and an additional bonus scene featuring world renowned porn star Ginger Lynn.  😉

With a runtime of just short of 2 hours there is lots of action for you to view and the girls on the cover look well worth one.

So without further ado follow me in to the bedroom where I have a toy waiting ready to join in with the on screen action.  Nothing like a bit of multi tasking on a cold, damp, miserable Winter’s morning.  I’ll pull the curtains and you can lay there at the side of me and take in all the action.  😉

Rather unusually for a porn DVD it opens with an interview with Ginger Lynn, who talks about her how she met Charlie Sheen and  began a 5 year relations hip with him following her 3 years of working as a porn actress.  Then we move on…

…The first scene opens with Tony De Sergio opening the door to Bree Olson who is dropping off some mail.  She is invited in when she confesses to Tony that her sisters are all getting some and she isn’t.

After offering to suck his cock Tony puts up little resistance and they end up semi naked on the sofa in the living room.  Bree is quite expert at giving head and so enthusiastic she ends up being skull fucked.

They then assume reverse cowgirl and Tony slides his more than adequate erection deep inside Bree’s hairy pussy.  Unusually she is neatly trimmed but sporting a brunette bush which matches her blonde locks perfectly.  Lol

The pair of them work through cowgirl, doggie and sideways action before the pop shot all over Bree’s face.  A good scene, the only cristicism I have is Bree’s voice, it has a squeaky tone and can be quite irritating especially as she likes to offer instruction and encouragement throughout the scene.  Perhaps best viewed on mute.  😉

In the Second Scene Caprice returns home with her friend Marie McCray from shopping and they go up to her room.  Marie confesses to not being able to keep boyfriends and that it must be the way she kisses or something.

Queue Caprice.

They kiss deeply and passionately before Marie goes down on Caprice and gives her a good licking, moistening her for a good two fingered fuck.

There’s lots of kissing, licking and finger fucking in this scene and even a little scissor sisters midway.  Both girls ensure they bring each other off in a scene which works and is quite tenderly produced.

Kacey Jordan is charged with house sitting for a couple of days and finds herself getting a little bored in Scene 3.  She starts to play with a finger vibe and is discovered by the returning couple played by Darryl Hanah & Randy Spears.

They both make their way in to the house and it’s not long before they are all getting to know each other intimately.  Kacey doesn’t need much encouragement to go down on Randy as his onscreen wife watches.  It’s a very horny scene.  😉

Wifey licks Kacey’s lips before she lowers herself reverse cowgirl down on to Randy’s hardon.  Wifey then gets stuck-in rimming her from behind.  Kacey then gets a serious fucking from all directions whilst Wifey Darryl licks, caresses and sucks just to help out.

Randy fucks Darryl doggy style to finish and comes all over her ass and Kacey’s face.

In Scene 4 Alec Knight advertises for a third for him and his wife under the guise of someone to tutor but he really wants them  to play with and she is due round in about an hour.  😉

The doorbell rings and in walks the gorgeous Kaylynn who is soon being tutored in how to kiss Melanie Rios the naughty wife.  The lesson progressed through breast worship and pussy licking.

They both get to suck on Alec’s hard cock before he takes both of them over the table and on a chair in a variety of positions before shooting his wad over Kaylynn’s tummy with wifey watching and joining in the action.

I think I may need tutoring…

Scene 5 features Ginger Lynn who has just finished her forth long term relationship and confesses to her friend Elixis Monroe that she feels that she may have been pursuing the wrong kind of relationships knowing that she is a lesbian.

And a very passionate and intimate scene unfolds with lots of kissing and caressing.  Ginger and Elixs take turns at sucking, licking and frigging each other until they are both hot and breathless.

Then out comes the vibrator…

Kasey calls around on Chris to give him a massage and guess what…it’s her first.  😉  She starts work on his back briefly before he asks her to work on his quadriceps on his legs, flipping over and removing his towel.  He’s naked!

And he’s a very well endowed fella which doesn’t escape her notice.  Lol  Needless to say the rubbing turns in to cock sucking as she mounts the bed and gobbles his cock expertly as he slips off her bra revealing her pert little titties.

They assume a 69 and he tugs on her pussy lips with his mouth then gives her a brief rimming before she jumps on top and they get down to the fuck therapy.

Both of them work through the positions as he massages her g-spot and eventually coming all over the cute little blondes face.

If you are in to anal this isn’t going to hit the spot for you but there are a variety of interesting scenes which will tickle your fancy.  It would certainly be a good watch for any porn newbies out there wishing to watch something which isn’t extreme or too hardcore.

Featuring:  Ginger Lynn, Bree Olson. Capri Anderson, Kacey Jordan, Melanie Rios, Randy Spears and a selection of un-named guys.
You can buy this movie here.


Hookers With Hooters 2, Starr Productions

Hookers With Hooters
Hookers With Hooters

I’ve been reviewing porn DVD’s for some years now and as you can see we work with several production houses which brings variety to the site.

And now I’m proud to add Tommy Gunn’s to the mix via Starr Productions.  It’s quite by chance that I got my hands on some of his  work.  I happened across his profile on a social network site, we got chatting and one thing lead to another.  And now I have 4 of his latest productions on my desk awaiting review.

Being a lover of big boobs I thought I would start with this one which from the cover looks very interesting and I noted features Ron Jeremy so there should be a little tongue in cheek stuff on the DVD.  Hahaha, just noticed the reference to rimming there.

In Scene 1 Ron Jeremy is sitting in a small towel searching for porn on the hotel’s Internet.  Having found nothing worthy of viewing he calls up an escort agency and asks for a busty hooker in the name of Bob.

The buxom blonde Summer Sinn turns up in his room where he’s nodded off waiting.  The scene is filmed tongue in cheek and has some fun elements.

Ron despite being larger than the figure he was does manage to sport a reasonable sized cock and sorts out Summer missionary intersected by a good titty fuck before spunking up on her large hooters.  There is very little else to say about this scene as Ron does his best and manages the money shot so who can ask for more.  😉

Tommy Gunn knows what he wants in Scene 2, he calls reception and asks them to send up a busty hooker and that’s exactly what he gets.

Karrlie Dawn walks in to the room wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and a halter top which shows her assists off well.  It doesn’t  take long for Tommy to be sucking on her pert nipples and eating her pussy before she gobbles his cock.

She gets a good missionary fucking before switching to reverse cowgirl where we get  to see her more than ample boobs bouncing and a few nice close-ups of penetration.

Tommy flips her over and engages in some good homestyle missionary fucking before pulling out and enjoying running his cock between those big titties.  He gives himself a hand job and paints each of Karrlie’s boobs with his come before thanking her.

Scene 3 sees Dino Bravo ordering out, he asks for a red headed hooker with large tits.  Moments later Brandy Dean is knocking on his hotel room door with a pair of the largest knockers you have seen.

Dino appears to be in his element as he tries to devour each of her ample boobs in turn and giving her a good licking out.  They then manoeuvre for a doggy style fuck on the bed with her melons swinging below her which is a visual dream for big boob lovers.

Unfortunately the camera work doesn’t permit us to see where the now sheathed Tommy is sticking it but he gives her a good rogering before she rolls over for a missionary attack.  All of this action accompanied by some mesmerising titty swaying.

Finally Dino sticks his cock between Brandy’s tits for a tit wank and a wank finish which sees him ice her left breast with a sticky topping of thick creamy jiz.

Rod Fontanna orders over a take away hooker and after taking all his cash she then tells him that he can have everything if she can swipe his card for the rest.  Lol

Following a little sucking, licking and nibbling they get down to business taking in most positions enroute.  But to be honest by now the scenario had become a little tiresome and the ending too so I quickly flicked through the rest of the scene just to see if there was anything unusual in there to catch my eye but sadly not.

This production has a few rough edges and is slightly amateur, the camera work is sometimes lacking in both framing and clarity and the lighting could benefit from being improved.  But this adds to the homemade feel of the production which makes it less austere than some overly produced porn so has it’s strength in feeling accessible rather than you just being an onlooker.

You feel like saying now pull up a chair we won’t be long.  The four scene featured on the DVD aren’t long and drawn out having a run time of just 85 minutes. The DVD also includes Galleries and Behind The Scenes features.

Hookers With Hooters 2 is an inoffensive porn DVD which can be watched by anyone because it’s tame by porn standards and doesn’t even feature anal sex so you can show it to your wife or girlfriend knowing nothing is going to shock.

Starrring: Summer Sinn, Karrlie Dawn, Michelle McLaren, Brandy Dean, Tommy Gunn, Ron Jermey, Dino Bravo and Rod Fontana

Dirty Little Club Sluts From Harmony Films

Dirty Little Club Sluts
Dirty Little Club Sluts

As I selected this DVD from the backlog sitting waiting for review on my desk I had mixed feelings.  It’s by Gazzman who in the past I haven’t particularly been a fan off though more recently his style had changed and I’ve enjoyed watching his productions.  A complete turn around, I think he may have matured slightly over the years or maybe he has read some of my scathing reviews and took my points on board.

Who knows, all I will say is that I am about to watch this production with an open mind and wet panties as I look at Megan Coxxx sat legs spread wide playing with her pussy.  😉

From the images on the cover I can see that there looks like there could be some filthy girl girl action as well as the usual generous portions of cock.  There are a couple of names I haven’t come across before in the credits so I’m quite excited to find out what these guys perform like.

Pull those curtains, come sit on the bed and make yourself comfortable.  My jeans and panties are already on the floor, makes access so much easier.  😉

As the video plays it becomes apparent that Dirty Little Club Sluts as been filmed in the style of a “fuck-u-mentary” with Megan starting the ball rolling so to speak.

In Scene 1 we follow her to her bedroom after she has a naughty half dressed cigarette on her balcony.  Moments later she is retrieving a rabbit vibe from her bedside draw and playing with it.  Then out comes the graduated glass balls dildo.  And yes I do know who makes that. I also couldn’t resist joining in with my own toy repository.  lol

After a little self pleasure she slips in to her little party dress and catches a cab where her partner James Deen is waiting.  They enter the club and the fun really begins.  I’ll leave the rest of the scene for you to discover for yourself.

That Megan Coxxx is pure filth…gotta love her!

Scene 2 finds us discovering why Megan’s friends Avril, Jess West and Nicole Sweet were late turning up for the club.  All three of them are semi naked and getting it on atop a four poster bead.

The girls finger fuck, suck, kiss and caress each other and then move on to some more serious play involving a double ender and a silicon dildo.

Each girl gets a turn with the toys and one another before a mass orgasm which leaves all the girls sated.  All I can say is let me at them (especially the one with the ample bossoms and I’ll show them how to use a double dong.  😉

For Scene 3 we return to the club where one of Megan’s friends is providing a bit of a floor show on the bar whilst debauchery takes place all around her.  Would love to know where this club is.  Lol

She attracts plenty of attention from the guys who stand around her wanking whilst she continues to play with her pussy on the bar aided with the occasional lick and flick from the guys.

Then in walks Lou Chamelle who embraces her and kisses her deep and hard before disappearing in to another room with James in toe.  They are soon joined by Danny D and the action steps up a notch and they pull out their manhood and Lou takes turn sucking, licking and deep throating them.

Bet you can’t guess what happens next.  Lol  Yes, she ends up being double teamed by James and Danny who give her an unmerciful ramming in both holes before giving her a kneeling facial.  Would have preferred a different finish as this is the second time.

Kit takes us in to Scene 3 as she makes her way to the toilet, followed close behind by Tony De Sergio who she’s been looking at all night.

I don’t recall many items of clothing being shed before they were stood in the toilet cubicle stark bullock naked.  Well Tony was.  Lol

He gives Kit a good ramming in the doorway of the cubicle with her let placed high up on the wall so we get to see all the penetrative action and the up pussy shot.  He then leads her to the toilet where he takes a seat and she bounces up and down on his thick hard cock reverse cowgirl style.

All this comes to an end with yet another…yawn…bukkake scene.  Please Gazzman come up with something else for the final scene.

Megan gives us a little background information for Scene 3.  It seems that Tony had his girlfriend at the club the previous evening when he disappeared to fuck Kit and tonight he had brought his girlfriend back to wine and dine and…her.

Scene 5 with Tony De Sergio and Karlie Simon is the shortest.  In an empty club, they end up fucking on the table in one of the booths and guess what kind of finish we are treated to.  Lol  Not a very inspired scene but interesting surroundings.

This DVD is a good all rounder and is interestingly shot in a nightclub with good lighting and camera angles.  You could show it to your girlfriend if she doesn’t mind watching anal and would not find anything offensive about the production.

Could possible a good one for a first timer because the footage isn’t quite as intense being interspersed with Megan’s dialogue.  The whole concept works as a light hearted fuck fest party which will not intimidate a first timer to porn.

Dirty Little Club Sluts has a runtime of 1 hour 56 minutes and features a Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery and trailers.

Starring: Megan Coxxx, Avril, Jess west. Nicole Sweet, Lou Charmelle, Kit, Karlie Simon, Kai., Danny D. tony De Sergio and James Deen

You can buy this movie here.

Anal Pleasure, Viv Thomas Review

Anal Pleasure
Anal Pleasure

What a deliciously naughty combination this DVD is, gorgeous girls taking it in the ass.  I love Viv’s productions but they don’t tend to contain many anal scenes so this is going to be a delight to review and a complete departure from my normal Viv reviews.

This production as always with Viv’s work benefits from the golden continental lighting and great camera work with plenty of closeups so you don’t miss the action.

Anal Pleasure has a runtime of 95 minutes including the trailers.

As always the cover is adorned with a collection of beautiful blondes and brunettes taking up the bum and I can’t wait to slip this DVD in to the drive so come along and enjoy the moment with me…

Teena Dolly and James Brossman kiss and caress each other as she enjoys dry humping him as he sucks and licks at her nipples.  One thing leads to another and he is unzipping his fly and fucking her whilst both of them are still dressed.  A big turn on for me, getting fucked whilst still being dressed.

Teena enjoys a good pussy fucking missionary and cowgirl with a few amusing fanny farts thrown in and he is rewarded with a great blow job before he flips her over and pushes his cock inside her tight asshole.

Missionary with legs in the air and ample natural boobs bouncing James takes her anal cherry and then comes all over her pudenda.  At this point my mouth was watering.  ;0

Jamie and Cathy Heaven get down to some deep petting on the bed, a common theme up to now.  After much kissing, sucking and licking Cathy gets straight down to it and impales Jamie’s cock in her mouth.  Some good deep throating action.

He then prostrates himself on the bed so Cathy can hop onboard his erection and she takes him ball deep in her cunt.  At this point I found myself distracted by Jamie’s feet which looked as if the soles could do with a good wash.  Lol

But on with the main feature…

Cathy bounces around cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before Jamie slips his cock it to her ass and you get to see the slow penetration in close up as here ass swallows him.  Jamie rams it home before finally giving Cathy a facial.

Colette and Dexter are on the bonkette and ready for action with Colette saucily dressed in black stockings, suspender belt and heels.  Dexter wastes no time and starts fingering her ass while she uses a couple of fingers to her advantage in her pussy.

I noted at this point that Colette has a wonderful pair of breasts as she started to suck Dexter off.  Moments later they were bouncing around as she mounted his hard cock and proceeded to fuck him hard.

They worked their way through cow girl and reverse cowgirl pussy fucking before he pushed his shaft insider her bum.  Once inside she bounced up and down on him with the most splendid tit movements which the camera man maximised by filming her from various angles.

How I would have liked to have taken one of her erect nipples in my mouth and…

…hmm, OK.  It didn’t take long for Dexter to reach his peak with her tight ass gripping his cock and minutes later he was coming over her face much to Collete’s delight.

Gerry and Kathy Heaven make out on the sofa, she plays with her nipples and clit whilst Gerry’s fingers get to work on her hole.

As soon as he’s removed his jeans she Kathy is bouncing around on his cock, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl pussy action which is followed by some reverse cowgirl anal.

Do watch out for the volume whilst Kathy is being impaled anally on Gerry’s cock, you may have to knock it back a notch or two.

All the fun is finished off with a wank and another bukkake finish.  Please can we have something a little different…

Alexa Candy and Andy Mann get down and dirty on the sofa but to be quite honest by the time I watched the final scene I felt like a diner who hadn’t quite had their appetite sated.

This DVD would have benefited from using different themes, content and finishes it was too much of the same for me.  However having said that the lack of adventure would make this a safe bet for anyone wanting to introduce anal to their partner as all the scenes are nicely filmed and there is no rough stuff in there.

Featuring:  Teena Dolly, Cathy Heaven, Colette, Alexa Candy, James Brossman, Jamie. Dexter, Gerry and Andy Mann