Viv Thomas, Triangle Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of The Heart
Affairs of The Heart

The concept for this original DVD is that James has fallen head over heels for a girl he know will never be able to love him back the way he would like it.  He spends many hours reflecting on what could have been with the object of his affection Sonia.

He is given the opportunity to meet up with her once again and things take a strange twist, he becomes involved with the object of her affection Nikki.  As it says on the cover of the DVD, “Triangle is a story about three people in love”.

It all sounds very compelling and I expect the quality of the film production and adult stars to be their usual high quality as is the way at Viv Thomas studios.

Before slipping off in to the bedroom to watch this production I wrote the forward for the DVD and set out scenes below for me to complete during the viewing of the DVD.

So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Triangle Affairs Of The Heart doesn’t conform to standard porn DVD format.  Unlike other adult DVD’s this on is a feature film with a very well written story running through it.  And I won’t disclose it to you and spoil your fun.

Don’t expect their to be lots of cheesy acting because there isn’t and is probably the reason why this format works.  What you do get to watch however is a beautifully put together mixture of current timeline intersperses with naughty vignettes of love making.

And yes I make no apology for using the term “love making” for that is what you will see in this production. No high impact shagging sessions are to be seen, just lots of tender moments of kissing, fondling, licking, sucking, love making and caressing.

It’s a complete departure from the normal porn I get to see and therefore a refreshingly well produced and steamy story.  It’s not going to be a hit if you are looking for anal or other hardcore acts but it’s cleansing to the system if you like to see lots of tender girl on girl and boy on girl.

It just goes to show even someone like me who has seen most things out there really found this a pleasure to watch.  And yes I did mean that to be a double entendre, I had to retrieve one of my clit vibes from my drawer whilst watching.  I’m a horny little bugger.  Lol

With 77 minutes of runtime it’s not overly long and you also have two bonus scenes and some outtakes to enjoy too.  This is a DVD that you could quite happily show a first timer or your partner, it’s an inoffensive erotic production which can be enjoyed by both.

Featuring:  Nikk, Sonia Red and the scrummy James Brossman

You can buy this movie here.

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