Viv Thomas Secrets 2

Secrets 2
Secrets 2

I must say I really enjoyed the first Secrets and was concerned that the second in the series may not live up to the standard set.  Well, I needn’t have worried because Secrets 2 has all the qualities of the earlier production, brightly lit scenes with multiple angles and close ups all themed with forbidden fruit. Not just oranges here, LOL.

The collection of 6 scenarios is varied and features 4 MF and 2 FF which have been seamlessly filmed.  All the MF secrets are varied in content and positions with plenty of cunnilingus, cock sucking and all have anal for those who like a little back door entertainment.

As you would expect with any Viv Thomas production all of the girls are gorgeous and the males are very tidy.  😉

I’m always sceptical when it comes to FF scenes, I’ve seen some really bad ones where it’s clearly obvious that the girls aren’t enjoying each other at all and the whole thing just comes across as false.  Not so with Viv’s productions the girls kiss deeply, fondle and caress with an interest which is more than just pedestrian.  You will find them embracing, tonguing each other and kissing with passion.

These girls know how to pleasure each other with a combination of tongues and fingers deployed for arousal.  There is a really nice scene girl on girl scene which features annilingus too which you don’t see practiced very often.  Just one small criticism, I did find it monotonous because the money shots were repetitively face spattering, I do prefer a little variation.

I was captivated by the first scene for all the wrong reasons.  The girl is hot and the guy is too but your eye is drawn to the massive spot on the under side of his cock.  Great scene but got distracted.  Lol

I’ve also discovered that I’m in to Lucy Bell, she is stunning!  You should see her deep throating scene which is the last on the DVD but so worth waiting for, she made me excited just watching her.

This is a delightful collection of beautifully filmed scenes which would satisfy most tastes and certainly be a good starter DVD for the uninitiated.

Featuring: Liana, Lucy Bell (yum yum!), Nikita, Jordan Sparx, Pure Angel, Zara, Brandy Smile, Matt Bird, Nick Lang, Ricardo Bell, Renato

You can buy this movie here.

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