Illicit Affairs, Desire Takes Over

Illicit Affairs, Desire Takes Over

Illicit Affairs, Desire Takes Over
Illicit Affairs, Desire Takes Over

This title is billed as an anal free zone which is often exactly what you want if you are a couple exploring pornography, especially early in a relationship when anal can be a big no-no. From a company that calls itself Playgirl Movies you would expect a softer approach to porn and that’s exactly what you get.

In the 158 minutes of DVD you get the usual format of separate scenes with different couplings in a variety of scenarios.

The first is called “Live Sex Show” where a couple cavort on what looks like a stage with disco style lighting and accompanying sound track. The live sex show that follows is overlaid with a number of video effects and the occasional interjection from a female voice that you have to presume is “talking dirty” to the viewer. Sadly I found it quite risible with phrases like “My titties” love you and “Your cock loves me too” making me laugh rather than driving me mad with lust. The sex is pretty pedestrian too with the performers, performing and not really injecting any vitality into the scene.

“Blindfold” follows which as you will guess involves a blindfold. A husband comes home and without a word blindfolds his wife then ravishes her. The wife narrates the action in this lengthy scene that isn’t objectionable but doesn’t press many buttons. Though her underwear is nice. It’s all been done before and I’m afraid it’s been done better.

“Love Letter” narrates the passion between another married couple. Initially her words describe how she feels about him before they move to the bedroom and express their love physically and vigorously.

In “Sweep Dreams” the janitor is seduced by a member of staff for some sex between strangers. During vaginal sex the guy uses a condom, unusual in US made porn but a good safe sex message as the couple are supposed to be “strangers”.

Ever had sex in a makeup store? Well the next couple did in “Makeup Sex”.

A lusty minded female photographer takes the lead in “Dirty Pictures” and persuades her male model to get naked and fuck her on the couch.

“The Massage” has a muscular masseur asked to perform more than a standard massage on his female “Patient.

Finally live sex show returns to the stage with another couple and a lot of clichéd dialogue delivered straight to camera by an apparently sex starved blonde.

The special features contain a nice female fantasy sequence “Sex on a Train” and some unexpected male solo action – one an erotic dance and the other a guy masturbating

I don’t think you can describe these “affairs” as illicit because several are portrayed as being between married couples who enjoy having sex with one another. The rest are best termed erotic encounters. There’s no anal, not obsession with cumming on the female performer’s faces and the girls get plenty of attention from the guys.

I find myself being picky about this DVD and when I thought about it I realised why – I kept thinking “This could have been so much better”. Not because the idea was a bad one but because the sum of the parts, performers, stories etc didn’t amount to anything that really lit my fire even though there’s nothing particularly wrong with any part of it.

In a word – Meh!

Never having seen a DVD from this company I thought I’d check out their website but found that the site doesn’t exist. Whether this is a recent development (has the company folded?) or they are still setting up I simply don’t know.