Hell Is Where The Party Is

Hell Is Where The Party Is
Hell Is Where The Party Is

Initial impressions of this DVD are from a card slip cover over the plastic case. Black with a red silhouette of a female devil character it looks classy. The cover promises a DVD for the”MTV-generation”. It also promises 1 hour and 40 minutes of hardcore pumping action with snappy editing and all your favourite hardcore moves.

The question is of course do the seven scenes deliver the high quality excitement promised by the cover?

You can get a flavour of the DVD from the scene titles; Hell Is Where The Party Is, Hell’s Kitchen, The Devil Made Me Do It, Hypnotise Me, Kinky Pink Pussy, Inferno And Fallen Angel.

From the hedonistic club ambience of the first scene, through kinky nurses and the sexiest horny little devil you’ve ever seen in Hell’s Kitchen you can’t take your eyes off the action. The music runs constantly, editing keeping the soundtrack and hardcore fucking in synchronisation in an effortless flow of pussy pounding filth.

Except it doesn’t feel like filth when you’re watching it. It’s like a high budget music video with blowjobs, a kinky fantasy set to music with the sexy latex-clad devil popping up throughout the scenes to ensure everyone gets their fair share of fucking.

Hypnotise me is a girl-girl scene featuring double dongs and strap-on fun for everyone. I mention it because I hate girl-girl scenes where the director seems to think that a guy is needed part way through, as if the girls can’t amuse themselves- these two can.

There are a lot of sultry looks towards camera, a bit of winking and post-production effects to glamorise the already excellent lighting. All of the previous sentence would normally make me cringe and reach for the eject button on the remote in any other DVD. I am not a fan of POV porn, I don’t like lighting that is used to try and make up for deficiencies in the performances/production.

But this isn’t just any adult movie.

The lighting, editing, camera and post production are exceptional. The looks into the lens work because the girls aren’t making daft mewling noises and telling you how good you are. They are already having a great time and want you to join in – well that’s how it feels.

Hell Is Where The Party Is
Hell Is Where The Party Is

The DVD Extras have two galleries. The basic gallery with some great shots of the performers and the “Glamorous Gallery” that’s been worked on with Photoshop. The images are on the whole a cut above the average, though the paper cyclorama behind the models is a little creased and bit distracting. There you are you see, I’m having to get soooo picky to say something bad about this DVD.

There’s also the “You Want My Booty” music video on the “Miss Lucifer Girls” sub menu of the Extras Menu. The lyrics wouldn’t win any prizes but the video is definitely the one the Pussycat Dolls would like to make if MTV would allow them to air it. It’s a great extra and in my experience unique in adult DVD.

I can’t think of anything negative to say about this DVD. Yes I can be picky if I want to, but the effort that’s gone into making this DVD something really special means that would be plain churlish.

My congratulations to everyone involved from headliners Viva Style, Sylvia Saint, Angel Dark and Keni Styles, director “Louis Xypher” right down to the girl/guy who made the coffee on set. That must have been damn fine coffee!

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Title: The Wicked Ones
Studio: Harmony?Miss Lucifer
Director: Louis Xypher
Run Time: 1 Hr 40 Mins
Performances: 9/10
Camera Work: 10/10
Makeup & Costumes: 9/10
Editing: 10/10
Lighting: 10/10
Sound: 9/10
Locations: 8/10
Incidental music & effects: 10/10
Menus & Extras: 9/10

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