Cunning Stunts DVD Review

Cunning Stunts Strangelove
Cunning Stunts Strangelove

Cunning Stunts Review – Directed by Strangelove

Cunning Stunts is another DVD from the Harmony Films Studio. Directed by Strangelove it tries to add something a little different to the genre of erotic/pornographic movies.

The first scene involves a doctor’s couch, a penis pump, stirrups and a butt plug. There’s lots of mutual licking and sucking. Lots and lots and – well it does go on for quite a while. Cindy Dollar really does get a seeing-to.

Next it’s Tanya Tate’s turn to get a serious seeing to from Jay R and she seems to enjoy it too, including the graphic facial cum shot. A very enthusiastic performance.

Michelle Moist and Kate Harrington then indulge in a bit of solo masturbation for you to enjoy. They get together with tongues and toys then move to the shower …

Aliz comes next in a slightly contrived but pretty well done voyeuristic scene. The sliding about all over the wet shower screen should work better than it does, but the section filmed from under the glass dance floor works, is different and effective. Another over-long blowjob (if enthusiastic) followed by a hard shag.

Cate Harrington And Michelle Moist
Cate Harrington And Michelle Moist

Finally Sarah Twain gets a helping hand and cock from Jay R when her vibrator breaks while she’s playing in the hot tub. Not all pool attendants are that helpful, or that well endowed. They are then joined by pool attendant #2 to ensure that every one of Sarah’s orifices are thoroughly attended to.

While this is certainly a different take on porn it sometimes comes across as being a little eclectic as if there were lots of ideas that could have been explored better in two slightly shortened movies with less of a mix in each. That isn’t to say this is a bad movie just lacking in a coherent theme. Of course the fact that I’m even considering that it should have a theme shows that this isn’t your bargain basement porn.

The lighting is good, sometimes excellent, sound clear though occasionally out of step with the action. The camera work is of the usual Harmony high standard and the picture quality is HD, no grainy VHS-eqsue rubbish here. You get to see everything, clearly and in HD just plug it into your 52″ TV and feel part of the action LOL.

Cunning Stunts is a good DVD. Apart from where noted above each of the scenes is better in isolation that as part of the whole. But then when did you last watch every scene in a porn movie from beginning to end?

You can buy this movie here.

Title: Cunning Stunts
Studio: Harmony
Director: StrangeLove
Run Time: 3 Hrs 38 Mins
Performances: 7/10
Camera Work: 7/10
Makeup & Costumes: 8/10
Editing: 6/10
Lighting: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Locations: 8/10
Incidental music & effects: 8/10
Menus & Extras: 5/10

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