Ben Dover’s Cherry Poppers From Adult Channel Uncut

Ben Dover's Cherry Poppers
Ben Dover’s Cherry Poppers

I have a confession to make.  In all the years I have been watching and reviewing porn I haven’t yet seen anything with good old Ben in it.

The DVD from Adult Channel uncut intrigues me and makes me slightly curious to see if the old geezer can still get it up.  Lol  Judging from the front read cover he does and quite successfully.  😉

As you would expect he isn’t teamed up with any girls his own age in this production.

Instead he is featuring a bevy of beauties the first of which is the gorgeous Lou Lou who I had the pleasure of meeting on a recent porn shoot trip with Gazzman.

I’ve no preconceived ideas having never seen either Mr Dover perform or any of Adult Channels productions before.  The DVD features 4 scenes over 112 minutes and in is filmed here in Blighty, so you can wave your flag to British performers and production.

And Ben will be getting out more than his cock…

He uses his camcorder too…oooh errr!

I put the DVD in the drive, pulled my bedroom curtains too and lay back on the bed, remote in hand.  Then remembered I hadn’t pulled the windows too, don’t want the neighbours hearing all the oohs and aahs do we.  😉

Once composed on the bed I pressed the play button.

Scene 1 began with Ben driving his little red mini over to Lou Lou’s apartment.  Apparently she had been writing to Ben asking if she could try his “old man’s cock”.  And Ben being an obliging kind of guy he was now on his way to her place, camcorder in hand.

Lou Lou and Ben soon disposed with the formalities as she slipped out of her Summer dress and Ben his jeans.  He is very good shape for his age, he obviously looks after himself.

He does possess a very nice love length to say he has been in and out of hundreds of women in his lifetime, I was very impressed.

It wasn’t long before Ben was going down on Lou Lou and preparing her with his tongue and fingers.  Then came the cock as he banged away at her on the sofa in missionary, cowgirl and doggy style.  He has some stamina for an older guy and gives her a good seeing to.

The scene is cut at several points and is interspersed with the coverage that Ben is taking on his camcorder which gives you a kind of POV overtone to the scene.

Ben finishes over Lou Lou’s face and chest with a considerably voluminous spurt which she delights in rolling around her mouth.

Scene 2 sees Ben arriving at another young lady wanting to sample some of that old man’s cock.  Miss Sindy Strutt has invited Ben over to give her a jolly good rogering.

Miss Strutt is a buxom 20 year old from Barnsley and boy was it nice to see her large natural melons as Ben removed her bra.  Needless to say he paid them lots of attention with his mouth and hands.

He then moves on to Sindy’s pussy and ass, giving her a good rimming.  He then flips her over and mounts her doggy style and pushes his finger in her ass.  Legs are then up round his ears as he continues to bang away.

If you like your anal action you will love this scene.  Ben comes over her ass and then continues to fuck Sindy reverse cowgirl with plenty of closeups so you get to see all the penetrative action.

He gives Sindy’s ass a good workout before pulling out and sliding his hard cock in and out of her delicious full breasts, a personal fave of mine, tit wanking.

It doesn’t take long before he is shooting hot come straight in to Sindy’s waiting mouth.  😉

Scene 3 and Ben is on the road again, this time he is driving over to Caprice Love’s place, another girl wanting to sample some granddad cock.

Caprice is a cute looking petite blonde aged 23 with size 3 feet.  Yes, she is small.

Ben the commensurate pro continues to film her whilst asking the audience just how long did they think they would be able to last with her.  Lol  I’m thinking not long as she sheds her tiny denim shorts and white lacey bra to reveal a very nice pair of boobs.  You can’t tell I’m a tit girl can you?  🙂

She takes him in her mouth and gives him a good blow job before assuming the position on all fours on the sofa.  Ben screws her like this before taking her straight cowgirl and he doesn’t go long before cum is running down his cock out of her pussy.

The old pro he continues to fuck her and only manages a wee shot next tine as he admits to being totally fucked.  This DVD has a great reality feel about it as Ben interacts honestly with the camera.

Scene 4 Ben gets a surprise when he knocks on Lissa Loves door…she’s not alone her friend Jordan Price is with her.  And boy does Ben’s face light up at the prospect of two girls wanting to sample some old cock.

The girls are lined up on the sofa and given a good tonguing and rimming by Ben before they get to share his cock in their mouths.  Jordan gets to jump on his cock for a while before Lissa enjoys some doggy style fuckery.

Both girls take turns being fucked and face sitting Ben until they assemble at his feet to be spunked on.

I love the light hearted feel to this “knock a door shag” DVD and Ben not taking himself too seriously makes it not only filthy watching but amusing.

This DVD could be watched by anyone because it is relatively inoffensive but you do have to like Ben as he is the only guy in the production.

Featuring:  LouLou, Sindy Stratt, Caprice Love, Lissa Love, Jordan Price and Ben Dover

Ben Dover’s Cherry Poppers is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

Young Harlots, Naughty Tutorials

Young Harlots Naughty Tutorials
Young Harlots Naughty Tutorials

Who said porn doesn’t have a story anymore? Whoever it was didn’t know what they were talking about because this DVD most definitely does!

Danny D is a sex toy salesman under pressure to sell more sex toys because his firm isn’t doing too well. His car breaks down just outside the gates of the school for Young Harlot’s. Through a slightly contrived case of mistaken identity he’s invited inside by the schools filthy, eye patch wearing nurse Shay Hendrix so she can use his “visual aids” for her new style sex-ed class. Nurse Hendrix’s technique includes encouraging the girls to deep throat dildos and then fucking them both vigorously with a strap-on. While not being rogered hard the girls indulge themselves with each other and the toys Danny left lying around. One of the most intense sections of the scene is Brooklyn Lee being anally fucked by Shay while Ruth Medina frigs her clit with a Hitachi Magic Wand.

When Danny D happens across one of the other students (Victoria Blaze) having a crafty smoke he soon engages in conversation about the contents of his bulging sample case and … you can guess what happens next. Two dildos are applied and the naturally talented eastern European “student” is vigorously “educated”. The girl is not entirely innocent; We know this because she carries her own lube around with her!

Soon the student has a dildo in her pussy, a butt plug in her ass and a big black rubber cock in her mouth. Danny however has something far more useful than a piece of plastic, his legendary cock. Danny takes her doggy with the butt plug still inside her. Soon he’s pushing that prodigious cock up her ass, a big ask for a small woman. Then it’s on to ATM and a good deal of ball sucking before reverse cowgirl then back to anal.

Danny’s pop-shot is a never ending shower of cum, covering her from pussy to the top of her head.

When the school’s headmaster (George Uhl) finds student Linet Slag – yes that is her name – bathing he shoves a butt plug up her ass without any form of pre-amble and gets her to suck his hard cock. Doggy action in the bath follows, getting more vigorous when the butt plug is removed. They slip into the leather chair next to the tub and Linet is fucked reverse cowgirl, vaginally and anally by George.

Linet proceeds to rim George and after some more cowgirl and a precarious anal pounding on the edge of the bath, then again in the chair receives George’s cum on her belly and tits.

When Victoria Blaze and Kristina Crystalis start to play with the sex toys that our favourite sex toy salesman has left lying around Headmaster George really gets stuck in to both of them – you know what I’m saying 😉 George Uhl, how many different ways are there to fuck a pair of women dressed as sixth formers?

The final scene on the DVD sees Danny D’s sex toy salesman cornered by the school’s headmaster and told in no uncertain terms that he has only one way to escape the wrath of the assembled masters – A show and tell demonstration of his sex toys on Kristina Crystalis.

A couple of fingers, some lube and a huge butt plug later the teachers all take turns in filling the willing young pupils holes, allowing the sex toy salesman to make his escape.

Having been on set when this DVD was made I have to admit to having a soft spot for the production. The movie does have a plot, though don’t expect any crazy twists as the action’s pretty linear. This is porn after all. But it is nice to see the effort that’s gone into the construction of a quality porn DVD.

Personal highlights for me include Shay Hendrix’s naughty nurse and Brooklyn Lee’s filthy schoolgirl. I got picture of both of them on set and perhaps my favourite was Brooklyn Lee playing with her Skittles. No that’s not a euphemism 🙂

A great addition to the Young Harlot’s series of films distinguished by its plot, some great acting from Danny D (who is an utter professional on set) and the hottest costume in a Young Harlots movie to date Shay’s eye patch wearing school nurse.

Buy Young Harlots Naughty Tutorials Here.

Featuring: Victoria Blaze, Linet Slag, Brooklyn Lee, Shay Hendrix, Ruth Medina, Kristina Crystalis, Danny D, George Uhl, Kai Taylor, Seth Strong