Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac

Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac
Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac

From the very beginning this DVD had a lot to live up to. The nymphomaniac series is one of Gazzman’s strongest and has featured some incredibly sexy models. How does it compare with its predecessors? Read on to find out 😉

To create a great porn DVD you need to bring together all the right elements – concept, location, direction, camera, lighting, production and the performers.

The concept has been proven by earlier titles from Harmony Films in this series. The location is incredibly eclectic yet forms an atmospheric backdrop to the hard core action without being distracting. The direction? Well this is a Gazzman film and as we’ve said in previous reviews his output seems to improve with every DVD which hits our doormat as his creative flair is given more and more freedom. I wonder if he knows I’m a sucker for pulling focus and Dutch angles?

Camera work is by the “G” man himself, the lighting, sound and post production by his very capable team.

All this is starting to sound like a huge suck-up isn’t it? Well it’s only a suck-up if it isn’t true. Having watched this movie from beginning to end I’m struggling to hold back the superlatives.

Now on to the star performer and her make-up/hair. I’ve met Brooklyn Lee in person and she’s hot, but in this movie you need a fire extinguisher to hand. It’s something about what happens to her when you point a camera at her. The combination of script her sparkling personality, dark hair and darker makeup that ticked all the boxes for me.

To give you a taste of what you’ll find in Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac I can tell you that the scenes are titled:

  1. I Just Love To Take Control
  2. Real Whores Love Being Dirty
  3. Sex With A Woman Is Great But …
  4. Stretch Her Pussy Big Dick
  5. I Love Anal Sex Because

You’ll see boy-girl, 3-girl, two guys on one girl, DP, spit-roast … I could go on but use your imagination because there’s something for everyone. Including a double cum shot from the amazing Mr Danny D. The quality ranges from very good to utterly captivating and all of them are packed with hot sex. (Including sex toys and hot wax at one point!)

Yes, there are flaws of course. The incidental music sometimes seemed like it was stock audio, then again not many porn movies have custom scores. This really doesn’t detract from your enjoyment because when you’re watching the action the audio isn’t what you tend to pay attention to.

Often I’ll go into detail about the scenes, I didn’t for a good reason. You need to see this movie for yourself as it’s the best one I’ve reviewed this year so far.

Featuring Brooklyn Lee, Lou Lou, Linet Slag, Samantha Bently, Ruth Medina, Jess West, Danny D, George Uhl, Dirty Dog

You can buy Brooklyn Lee Nymphomaniac here soon.

Twisted From Tanya Hyde

Twisted Tanya Hyde
Twisted Tanya Hyde

I’m slightly intrigued and excited at what this helping of kink may serve up for me as I study the front cover of the Twisted DVD a Harmony Films production from the Tanya Hyde stable.  Aside from the lovely latex clad beauties on the front there is one wearing what appears to be a horse’s head mask with a horse tail butt plug streaming from her asshole.

Kinky enough for ya?

And the rear cover of the DVD promises even more kink with an image of a guy wearing a skull mask, I know it’s a guy because he has a rather nice erection going on.  😉

The other images depict acts of penetration which leave nothing to the imagination with a smattering of fetish wear including collars, leggings and peephole clothing.  I’m looking forward to watching this already!

Twisted has a runtime of 2 hours and 31 minutes which comprises of 5 scenes, Photo Gallery and Cum Shot Recap.

Let the fun begin…

I find the best days to get the most out of porn DVD’s are the ones which are dark and damp (ooh errr) when I can pull the curtains, slip out of my clothes and snuggle under the duvet toy in hand.

Yes, I did say toy in hand.  Most times I review I multi task and take a toy to bed with me and write up the copy later.  It’s also great to be able to use your sexual excitement positively, watching all this porn makes me as randy as fuck.

So on this particular Friday afternoon I was nicely snuggled warming my vibe between my legs as the DVD span up in the drive.  Rain was lashing against the window pane and I felt quite smug at being able to watch porn and wank as part of my day job.  😉

Latex Lezzas opens with Rebecca More sat prostate in a medical chair wearing metallic blue leggings and a peephole top.  Sounds pretty normal up to now doesn’t it?

She is also wearing a gas mask and a heavy duty pair of nipple clamps with chain which playmate Jasmine Webb enjoys tugging.  Rebecca gets a good workout with a wand massager, a big black dildo and a metal butt plug before things move on a little.

A guy in a latex suit and gasmask enjoys the ministrations of both girls before being given a solo performance by Rebecca as Jasmine fucks her ass with a sturdy strap-on.  They all switch and she has a good anal rogering from latex guy before donning the strap on and giving Jasmine a good anal pounding.

Mr latex then steps up to the mark and fucks her ass before shooting his load over both of their expectant faces.

Black Santo commences in a cyber dungeon with Paige Turnah laying in a doctor’s chair dressed in black leather cupless bustier which shows off her ample breasts and a pair of fetish heels.  Does it for me.  😉

In walks a masked guy with heavily striped clown type trousers and if I’m not mistaken it looks like Omar, I recognised his cock.  Lol

He soon gets to work warming Paige up with his tongue a steel dildo and a massager which are all put to good use, much to her approval.

She repays him by giving a thorough deep throating before being fucked reverse cowgirl, doggy and finally taking his spunk all over her awaiting face.

The Cell begins with Jay Snake suspended from the bars of his cell with and eager Seb Cam looking on from outside.  Then Liza Del Sierra turns up complete with crop and hat and it’s obvious who is in charge as she rubs Jay’s crotch.

Soon Liza is having her ass tongued by Seb and then she moves on to a little face sitting on Mr Snake.

If you are into anal this MFM scene is for you as Liza takes it hard up the arse in reverse cowgirl, doggy style and spitroast positions.  Couldn’t make my mind up if I should watch Jay’s cock or her ample bosom topped with delicious large brown nipples bouncing around.  😉

Mr Snake finally looses his control whilst pile driving her pussy, shooting spunk between her legs which drips down her upended body.

And Seb Cam goes for a more conventional bukkake finish.

Chaos takes place in a dungeon with both Lexi Ward & Havana Sins caged and masturbating to each other before the guys appear.

Kai Taylor, or a least I thing it’s him sticks his cock through the cage and enjoys the oral skills of Lexi whilst Havana looks on frigging herself like crazy.  Then enters mystery guy number two and he promptly sticks his cock inside Lexi, she is now enjoying a caged spitroast.

The scene then moves on to Lexi lapping at Havana’s wet pussy as she sits in a chair before the guys appear once more to get to work on those tits and holes.  After a little double finger fucking we see the four of them line up for a bit of simultaneous cowgirl fuckery.  It has to be said I’m not a fan of synchronised sex.

A fuck-fest ensues with lots of fingering, tonguing assess and cunts and of course fucking all with some well light close-ups so you don’t miss out on any of the action.  And if you love tatts you will be in seventh heaven.

After all that ass and pussy pounding we get the familiar facial finish…sigh.

Fuck The Pony has the most bizarre opening with Michelle Moist sporting a horses head mask and a rather classy tail butt plug.  Karlie works Michelle’s pussy and clit as a figure with a skull mask and black cape watches from the corner.

I should point out at this point that the girls, both blonde, look great in their red and black basques with heels to match and when Karlie plants a kiss on Michelle’s butt cheek it stands out beautifully on her pale flesh.  Simply stunning visuals.

Karlie becons over the guy in the mask who is wearing a black Lycra all in one with his cock sticking out…how convenient as she aids his penetration of Michelle’s glistening pussy.  After warming up inside Michelle, Skeletor as I will refer to him moves on to fuck Karlie doggy style.

After slamming her cunt hard he pulls out and creams over her ass cheeks which made me salivate as I watched it drip down her ass crack.

Great care and an artistic eye has been given to the angles, lighting, content and outfits to make this a wonderful piece of BDSM kink with art house tones.

Featuring:  Rebecca More, Jasmine Webb, Lize Del Sierra, Paige Turnah, Karlie Simon, Michelle Moist, Lexi Ward & Hana Sins

American Tranny From Reality Junkies

American Tranny From Reality Junkies
American Tranny From Reality Junkies

I never really know quite what to expect when I watch a tranny DVD, with mainstream porn you usually have a good idea what you will be viewing.  So I suppose in a way pressing the play button on the DVD player takes me in to a whole new world of adventure where nothing is predictable or even cliché.

Reality Junkies are a Canadian production company who have been around for a while and I’ve reviewed several of their productions each with a different fetish to tickle your kink, from office porn to cuckolding.

This DVD contains 5 scenes and has a runtime of 176 minutes so let’s get cracking.  Follow me to my boudoir and make yourself comfortable, I’ll just retrieve that vibe which is charging whilst you load the DVD.

Scene 1 opens with one leggy and hot brunette called Vanity who appears to have broken down at the side of the road.

It’s not long before a guy (would love to tell you his name but the guys don’t get credits on the scenes) is pulling up and offering her help.

To cut a long story short she is on her way to an audition and ends up going home with the guy on the pretence of calling for assistance with the car.  Needless to say they forget all about that when they pull up outside the guys house.

A few formalities over and the brunette is revealing a pair of quite lovely boobs and he doesn’t take long to feast on them.  They kiss and suck each others cock in turn before the brunette kneels doggy style on the sofa, balls swinging below as he starts to fuck her ass.

They eventually switch and Vanity gives it to the alleged anal virgin straight up the pooper and he loves it.  After a few minutes running ball deep in to his ass he flips over so he can wank whilst she continues the onslaught on his ass.

A few grunts and expletives later he is coming all over his abdomen and she is getting right in to it.  She pulls out of his ass and points her hard cock straight at his open mouth.

Fuck!  This is the first tranny bukkake scene I have watched and it was good, she let that come spatter his face as he gulped down the thick white issue.

Wet your appetite eh!

Scene 2 takes place in a gym, Morgan Bailey is looking for her Tai Kwando class and takes on the challenge of boxing the guy who is there.  After a rather unconvincing round of lightweight punches (I know I do it) she decides that having won she owes the guy a sexual favour.  Yeh..ok!  lol

His shorts are soon down and his cock in her mouth giving him a great gob job, then it’s in to his ass with her cock as he kneels on all fours amongst the gym equipment.  There’s a little more enjoyment in this scene for those in to tattoos and perineum piercing.

The guy’s legs are in the air and she is pounding his ass whilst wanking his cock and we can see all the action.  The guy takes over creaming all over his stomach, seeing this Morgan Bailey is compelled to withdraw from his ass and wank too.

Good job that gym doesn’t have many members.  😉

Scene 3 Madison Montag complete with cheerleader outfit pops over to Stacey her friends house to find just her brother at home.  She offers to show him her cheerleader dance and falls during the performance, which was crap BTW and ends up rubbing her leg.

Then brother ends up rubbing her leg which leads to…

Despite brother’s surprise at finding Madison Montag has a cock it doesn’t take long for him to start to blow her.  They then switch to 69ing before he sticks his tongue in her ass quickly followed by his hardon.

He then gives Madison another licking before flipping her over and taking her doggy style on the sofa.  Madison then reverses the roles and mounts him, at this point I found myself slightly distracted by the huge spot on his left butt cheek.  Lol

Madison Montag comes inside his ass and he reciprocates by wanking over her hole.

Scene 4 features 4 guys holding a batchelor party for their friend and giving him a surprise send off…

Queue Aliana Starr XXX.  The leggy brunette walks in the room wearing just a black bra and panties and the guy is blown over.  At this point the other 2 guys leave them both to it.

She performs a little dance before going down on him, he decides to return the favour only to find she has a cock.  Undeterred (familiar theme, lol) he makes the best of gobbling her off before she sticks it in his ass.

They do it doggy style and cowgirl flipping until the wanking finish which sees Aliana XXX wanking over her stomach and the guy laps up her come.  It’s then his turn to come and he spews his seed all over her boobs.

Scene 5 takes place at a house viewing.  The guy turns up at the door for it to be answered by Jesse, a tall busty blonde.  She shows him around the house as far as the bedroom and then things take a naughty turn.

The lady of the house ends up sucking him off before she has her cock sucked, her ass eaten out, fingered and fucked.  Oh and let’s not forget the wank as he penetrates her asshole.  😉

Places change and she alternates between fucking his ass and having her cock sucked in this ATM part of the scene.  Finally she pulls out of his ass and wanks over his tongue, coating it in thick gloopy cum before sticking it back in his ass as he frantically masturbates himself over the edge.

Featuring:  Jesse, Vanity, Morgan Bailey, Aliana Starr XXX, Madison Montag, sorry guys I can’t credit you as you aren’t named on the DVD.

You can buy American Tranny here, or from your local Simply Pleasure store.