Charlie’s Porn Family Review

Charlies Porn Family
Charlies Porn Family

It’s a while since I reviewed a production from this Canadian based house and it’s certainly unusual for porn to come out of Canada when we usually associate it with the States.

The DVD features top porn stars in real life scenarios and looking at the cover there are 5 scenes to wet your appetite ranging through a broad range of naughty topics and an additional bonus scene featuring world renowned porn star Ginger Lynn.  😉

With a runtime of just short of 2 hours there is lots of action for you to view and the girls on the cover look well worth one.

So without further ado follow me in to the bedroom where I have a toy waiting ready to join in with the on screen action.  Nothing like a bit of multi tasking on a cold, damp, miserable Winter’s morning.  I’ll pull the curtains and you can lay there at the side of me and take in all the action.  😉

Rather unusually for a porn DVD it opens with an interview with Ginger Lynn, who talks about her how she met Charlie Sheen and  began a 5 year relations hip with him following her 3 years of working as a porn actress.  Then we move on…

…The first scene opens with Tony De Sergio opening the door to Bree Olson who is dropping off some mail.  She is invited in when she confesses to Tony that her sisters are all getting some and she isn’t.

After offering to suck his cock Tony puts up little resistance and they end up semi naked on the sofa in the living room.  Bree is quite expert at giving head and so enthusiastic she ends up being skull fucked.

They then assume reverse cowgirl and Tony slides his more than adequate erection deep inside Bree’s hairy pussy.  Unusually she is neatly trimmed but sporting a brunette bush which matches her blonde locks perfectly.  Lol

The pair of them work through cowgirl, doggie and sideways action before the pop shot all over Bree’s face.  A good scene, the only cristicism I have is Bree’s voice, it has a squeaky tone and can be quite irritating especially as she likes to offer instruction and encouragement throughout the scene.  Perhaps best viewed on mute.  😉

In the Second Scene Caprice returns home with her friend Marie McCray from shopping and they go up to her room.  Marie confesses to not being able to keep boyfriends and that it must be the way she kisses or something.

Queue Caprice.

They kiss deeply and passionately before Marie goes down on Caprice and gives her a good licking, moistening her for a good two fingered fuck.

There’s lots of kissing, licking and finger fucking in this scene and even a little scissor sisters midway.  Both girls ensure they bring each other off in a scene which works and is quite tenderly produced.

Kacey Jordan is charged with house sitting for a couple of days and finds herself getting a little bored in Scene 3.  She starts to play with a finger vibe and is discovered by the returning couple played by Darryl Hanah & Randy Spears.

They both make their way in to the house and it’s not long before they are all getting to know each other intimately.  Kacey doesn’t need much encouragement to go down on Randy as his onscreen wife watches.  It’s a very horny scene.  😉

Wifey licks Kacey’s lips before she lowers herself reverse cowgirl down on to Randy’s hardon.  Wifey then gets stuck-in rimming her from behind.  Kacey then gets a serious fucking from all directions whilst Wifey Darryl licks, caresses and sucks just to help out.

Randy fucks Darryl doggy style to finish and comes all over her ass and Kacey’s face.

In Scene 4 Alec Knight advertises for a third for him and his wife under the guise of someone to tutor but he really wants them  to play with and she is due round in about an hour.  😉

The doorbell rings and in walks the gorgeous Kaylynn who is soon being tutored in how to kiss Melanie Rios the naughty wife.  The lesson progressed through breast worship and pussy licking.

They both get to suck on Alec’s hard cock before he takes both of them over the table and on a chair in a variety of positions before shooting his wad over Kaylynn’s tummy with wifey watching and joining in the action.

I think I may need tutoring…

Scene 5 features Ginger Lynn who has just finished her forth long term relationship and confesses to her friend Elixis Monroe that she feels that she may have been pursuing the wrong kind of relationships knowing that she is a lesbian.

And a very passionate and intimate scene unfolds with lots of kissing and caressing.  Ginger and Elixs take turns at sucking, licking and frigging each other until they are both hot and breathless.

Then out comes the vibrator…

Kasey calls around on Chris to give him a massage and guess what…it’s her first.  😉  She starts work on his back briefly before he asks her to work on his quadriceps on his legs, flipping over and removing his towel.  He’s naked!

And he’s a very well endowed fella which doesn’t escape her notice.  Lol  Needless to say the rubbing turns in to cock sucking as she mounts the bed and gobbles his cock expertly as he slips off her bra revealing her pert little titties.

They assume a 69 and he tugs on her pussy lips with his mouth then gives her a brief rimming before she jumps on top and they get down to the fuck therapy.

Both of them work through the positions as he massages her g-spot and eventually coming all over the cute little blondes face.

If you are in to anal this isn’t going to hit the spot for you but there are a variety of interesting scenes which will tickle your fancy.  It would certainly be a good watch for any porn newbies out there wishing to watch something which isn’t extreme or too hardcore.

Featuring:  Ginger Lynn, Bree Olson. Capri Anderson, Kacey Jordan, Melanie Rios, Randy Spears and a selection of un-named guys.
You can buy this movie here.


Wasted By Gazzman Review

Gazzman Wasted
Gazzman Wasted

I started watching Wasted by British director Gazzman and couldn’t decide what category it fell into. Was it a mocumentary? Was it a spoof? Was it trying to be reality TV, but about porn and porn production?

I came to the conclusion that it’s what TV producers have taken to calling “Constructed Reality”. That is telling a story by carefully crafting a series of directed scenes, sometimes improvised, to tell a story as if it were happening for real. The director and the viewer form an unspoken agreement not to question this deceit. Through that metaphorical nod and wink we get to enjoy a rather extreme, R18 rated soap opera about some pretty out of control porn stars trying to make a movie despite them being depicted as having deep character flaws and mercurial behaviours.

We watch Brooklyn Lee, Angelina Valentine, Kelly Klass, Aiden Starr, Breanne Benson, James Deen, Nacho Vidal, Nick Manning, Danny Mountain and Tony De Sergio fight their respective daemons while they fuck for the camera.

James Deen is depicted as an alcoholic, steeling booze from sleeping vagrants and pissing on the windshield of an SUV while standing on the hood (it’s in the states OK, if he was in the UK it would be a windscreen and a bonnet :p)

Angelina Valentine is billed as a psychopath, and is pretty good at acting like a psycho diva for the purposes of the movie.

Nacho Vidal is apparently “Angry”, soooo he shouts a lot, throws a lot of things, breaks one camera of a journalist who wants to interview him and then fucks his co-star.

Nick Manning, “Pretty Boy Of Porn” doesn’t do humility, and he doesn’t get on with Nacho Vidal for the purposes of the DVD. He is only tamed when Aiden Starr has him gagged and strapped to a table. Apparently this scene isn’t for public release – oh dear, Gazzman seems to have forgotten and put it on the DVD.

In “Porn Couples” some nice use of gym equipment is used as we watch a porn couple row about a scene he did “behind her back” and then make up by fucking hard.

The end of the movie has Nacho Vidal scream into an underground parking lot at the studios, storm into the office and rant at the management. All very amusing.

If you know Gazzman’s work you know what the porn content of the movie will be like. Every position, every hole and lots of cum for you to enjoy. The settings are industrial and the fucking is vigorous and raw. Personally I liked Aiden Starr and Nick Manning’s scene best because it was different, a little kinky and playful in its execution. There’s more variety in this movie than in some of Gazzman’s output and the movie is better for it. The sex scenes are good, but it’s the movie as a whole that makes me tempted to say this is his best title yet.

The premise of this DVD is not entirely new but I’ve never seen it executed so well and to such good effect. There have been “reality” porn movies before but this one has a vitality and humour that means that I, a hater of soaps and constructed reality really enjoyed. This isn’t for everyone but you need to watch it to see that porn movies don’t have to have the budget of an epic to be different and entertaining.

Nice one Gazzman.
You can buy this movie here.


Featuring: Brooklyn Lee, Angelina Valentine, Kelly Klass, Aiden Starr, Breanne Benson, James Deen, Nacho Vidal, Nick Manning, Danny Mountain , Tony De Sergio

Hookers With Hooters 2, Starr Productions

Hookers With Hooters
Hookers With Hooters

I’ve been reviewing porn DVD’s for some years now and as you can see we work with several production houses which brings variety to the site.

And now I’m proud to add Tommy Gunn’s to the mix via Starr Productions.  It’s quite by chance that I got my hands on some of his  work.  I happened across his profile on a social network site, we got chatting and one thing lead to another.  And now I have 4 of his latest productions on my desk awaiting review.

Being a lover of big boobs I thought I would start with this one which from the cover looks very interesting and I noted features Ron Jeremy so there should be a little tongue in cheek stuff on the DVD.  Hahaha, just noticed the reference to rimming there.

In Scene 1 Ron Jeremy is sitting in a small towel searching for porn on the hotel’s Internet.  Having found nothing worthy of viewing he calls up an escort agency and asks for a busty hooker in the name of Bob.

The buxom blonde Summer Sinn turns up in his room where he’s nodded off waiting.  The scene is filmed tongue in cheek and has some fun elements.

Ron despite being larger than the figure he was does manage to sport a reasonable sized cock and sorts out Summer missionary intersected by a good titty fuck before spunking up on her large hooters.  There is very little else to say about this scene as Ron does his best and manages the money shot so who can ask for more.  😉

Tommy Gunn knows what he wants in Scene 2, he calls reception and asks them to send up a busty hooker and that’s exactly what he gets.

Karrlie Dawn walks in to the room wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and a halter top which shows her assists off well.  It doesn’t  take long for Tommy to be sucking on her pert nipples and eating her pussy before she gobbles his cock.

She gets a good missionary fucking before switching to reverse cowgirl where we get  to see her more than ample boobs bouncing and a few nice close-ups of penetration.

Tommy flips her over and engages in some good homestyle missionary fucking before pulling out and enjoying running his cock between those big titties.  He gives himself a hand job and paints each of Karrlie’s boobs with his come before thanking her.

Scene 3 sees Dino Bravo ordering out, he asks for a red headed hooker with large tits.  Moments later Brandy Dean is knocking on his hotel room door with a pair of the largest knockers you have seen.

Dino appears to be in his element as he tries to devour each of her ample boobs in turn and giving her a good licking out.  They then manoeuvre for a doggy style fuck on the bed with her melons swinging below her which is a visual dream for big boob lovers.

Unfortunately the camera work doesn’t permit us to see where the now sheathed Tommy is sticking it but he gives her a good rogering before she rolls over for a missionary attack.  All of this action accompanied by some mesmerising titty swaying.

Finally Dino sticks his cock between Brandy’s tits for a tit wank and a wank finish which sees him ice her left breast with a sticky topping of thick creamy jiz.

Rod Fontanna orders over a take away hooker and after taking all his cash she then tells him that he can have everything if she can swipe his card for the rest.  Lol

Following a little sucking, licking and nibbling they get down to business taking in most positions enroute.  But to be honest by now the scenario had become a little tiresome and the ending too so I quickly flicked through the rest of the scene just to see if there was anything unusual in there to catch my eye but sadly not.

This production has a few rough edges and is slightly amateur, the camera work is sometimes lacking in both framing and clarity and the lighting could benefit from being improved.  But this adds to the homemade feel of the production which makes it less austere than some overly produced porn so has it’s strength in feeling accessible rather than you just being an onlooker.

You feel like saying now pull up a chair we won’t be long.  The four scene featured on the DVD aren’t long and drawn out having a run time of just 85 minutes. The DVD also includes Galleries and Behind The Scenes features.

Hookers With Hooters 2 is an inoffensive porn DVD which can be watched by anyone because it’s tame by porn standards and doesn’t even feature anal sex so you can show it to your wife or girlfriend knowing nothing is going to shock.

Starrring: Summer Sinn, Karrlie Dawn, Michelle McLaren, Brandy Dean, Tommy Gunn, Ron Jermey, Dino Bravo and Rod Fontana