All Girl Seduction From Viv Thomas

All Girl Seduction
All Girl Seduction

This DVD does what it says on the tin, gives you all girl hardcore action from the start. And unlike most other Viv Thomas productions it is quite hardcore for a girl-girl DVD. The production quality is good, lights, camera and sound all executed beautifully. But this was produced for Playboy TV so the subtlety of Viv Thomas’s girl on girl productions is sometimes missing.

Scene one is OK with lots of naughty wickedness at the side of a swimming pool in some Mediterranean location. The girls (Sandy and Natalie Forrest) are enthusiastic and vigorous, moving to using a large pink dildo half way into the scene. Nice use of sex toys girls.

Scene two is a teenage boy’s wet dream with two pairs of half-naked girls (Angelica, Deborah, Lucy Belle and Viva) sucking and fucking each other in an otherwise deserted bar. They make use of a lot of the les than comfortable furniture, eventually with three of them concentrating on one girl until she may, or may not have orgasmsed.

Scene three has two girls (Doris and Larissa Dee), perhaps in a corridor in the same bar/nightclub. Quite a lot of false breast polishing ensues and some licking and fingering in awkward positions. Surely it would have been better if they had gone back to one of the girl’s appartments?

In Scene 4 we see two very sensible and horny brunettes fucking on the couch in an apartment. Much better than hanging around in a night club. Even better a third horny brunette appears and we end up watching a pile of dirty ladies (Cindy Hope, Esmeralda and Madison Parker) exploring each other’s orifice. A small vibrator appears at one point but it’s only a token gesture. However visually very appealing to a brunette lover like me.

Scene 5 takes place in the back garden of a villa where two girls (Nicol Needman and Sandra) seem to be comfortable making love next to a busy main road. Ok so they are not in site of the highway but the noise is a little intrusive. One girl beckons the other from the house and they begin to make love on a chair, apparently much to the annoyance of the local bird population who chirrup merrily as the horny birds on the patio get it on. The girls eventually take their luuurrrv inside and 69 on a sofa before producing a huge jelly double dong. With a great deal of care the girls actually use the double ended didlo anally! Nice twist.

There are no extras on this DVD, just trailers for other movies in the Playboy TV range.

Overall this DVD is well produced and the scenes are of a reasonable quality. However if you are a fan of Viv Thomas’ main body of work then don’t be surprised at the slightly less polished nature of this DVD or it’s more forthright style of sex and direction. This is more mainstream than the gentler output from the Viv Thomas studio, simply because it’s produced fro Playboy TV


Featuring: Sandy, Natalia Forrest, Angelica Heart, Deborah Rush, Lucy Belle, Viva, Doris, Larissa Dee, Cindy Hope, Esmeralda, Madison Parker, Nicol Needman, Sandra

Directed by Andrew Youngman

Anal Pleasure, Viv Thomas Review

Anal Pleasure
Anal Pleasure

What a deliciously naughty combination this DVD is, gorgeous girls taking it in the ass.  I love Viv’s productions but they don’t tend to contain many anal scenes so this is going to be a delight to review and a complete departure from my normal Viv reviews.

This production as always with Viv’s work benefits from the golden continental lighting and great camera work with plenty of closeups so you don’t miss the action.

Anal Pleasure has a runtime of 95 minutes including the trailers.

As always the cover is adorned with a collection of beautiful blondes and brunettes taking up the bum and I can’t wait to slip this DVD in to the drive so come along and enjoy the moment with me…

Teena Dolly and James Brossman kiss and caress each other as she enjoys dry humping him as he sucks and licks at her nipples.  One thing leads to another and he is unzipping his fly and fucking her whilst both of them are still dressed.  A big turn on for me, getting fucked whilst still being dressed.

Teena enjoys a good pussy fucking missionary and cowgirl with a few amusing fanny farts thrown in and he is rewarded with a great blow job before he flips her over and pushes his cock inside her tight asshole.

Missionary with legs in the air and ample natural boobs bouncing James takes her anal cherry and then comes all over her pudenda.  At this point my mouth was watering.  ;0

Jamie and Cathy Heaven get down to some deep petting on the bed, a common theme up to now.  After much kissing, sucking and licking Cathy gets straight down to it and impales Jamie’s cock in her mouth.  Some good deep throating action.

He then prostrates himself on the bed so Cathy can hop onboard his erection and she takes him ball deep in her cunt.  At this point I found myself distracted by Jamie’s feet which looked as if the soles could do with a good wash.  Lol

But on with the main feature…

Cathy bounces around cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before Jamie slips his cock it to her ass and you get to see the slow penetration in close up as here ass swallows him.  Jamie rams it home before finally giving Cathy a facial.

Colette and Dexter are on the bonkette and ready for action with Colette saucily dressed in black stockings, suspender belt and heels.  Dexter wastes no time and starts fingering her ass while she uses a couple of fingers to her advantage in her pussy.

I noted at this point that Colette has a wonderful pair of breasts as she started to suck Dexter off.  Moments later they were bouncing around as she mounted his hard cock and proceeded to fuck him hard.

They worked their way through cow girl and reverse cowgirl pussy fucking before he pushed his shaft insider her bum.  Once inside she bounced up and down on him with the most splendid tit movements which the camera man maximised by filming her from various angles.

How I would have liked to have taken one of her erect nipples in my mouth and…

…hmm, OK.  It didn’t take long for Dexter to reach his peak with her tight ass gripping his cock and minutes later he was coming over her face much to Collete’s delight.

Gerry and Kathy Heaven make out on the sofa, she plays with her nipples and clit whilst Gerry’s fingers get to work on her hole.

As soon as he’s removed his jeans she Kathy is bouncing around on his cock, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl pussy action which is followed by some reverse cowgirl anal.

Do watch out for the volume whilst Kathy is being impaled anally on Gerry’s cock, you may have to knock it back a notch or two.

All the fun is finished off with a wank and another bukkake finish.  Please can we have something a little different…

Alexa Candy and Andy Mann get down and dirty on the sofa but to be quite honest by the time I watched the final scene I felt like a diner who hadn’t quite had their appetite sated.

This DVD would have benefited from using different themes, content and finishes it was too much of the same for me.  However having said that the lack of adventure would make this a safe bet for anyone wanting to introduce anal to their partner as all the scenes are nicely filmed and there is no rough stuff in there.

Featuring:  Teena Dolly, Cathy Heaven, Colette, Alexa Candy, James Brossman, Jamie. Dexter, Gerry and Andy Mann