Simply Shine Review

Simply Shine
Simply Shine

I met Sandra shine a couple of years ago in Berlin and I have to say that she is just as hot in real life as in the videos she makes so when I got “Simply Sandra” from Viv Thomas I was rather thrilled. I’ve always been a fan of her and a DVD that features this gorgeous, hot performer was always going to be a dream to review.

Scene one opens with Lola and Sandra, and a rose that Sandra uses to stroke Lola’s face. Soon the rose disappears and they both explore each other’s bodies, breasts, pussies and mouths with a tenderness that has come to characterise Viv’s productions. The penetration here is just with tongues and fingers, the pace is slow and the mood passionate but tender.

In scene two Vera and Sandra are outside on a windy terrace in front of an olive grove. Wearing only loose-fitting tops they are already engaged in kissing and fondling that develops into sucking and fingering, then licking of pussy and ass.

I’m not sure that Sandra and Jo need the fire for warmth in scene three but in this scene they fuck in front of it for a little added ambience. No part of either girl’s bodies is neglected as they play with each other. My personal favourite was Sandra riding Joe’s face and pulling Jo’s face deep into her cunt by her hair.

In scene four Zuzana gets to enjoy Sandra Shine’s hot body. The short dresses they are wearing only emphasise their beautiful figures and while you are begging for them to get undressed as they kiss and grope one another on the sunlit terrace each moment they stay clothed serves to increase the anticipation.

Eve Angel and Sandra’s scene is number five on the DVD and it is something really special. It’s not just that they are incredibly sexy, or that they start off wearing bikini’s, or that the scene takes place in a pool. No, all that would be hot enough on its own but what really sets this apart is that the action takes place at night and manages to be intimate, because the girls are shrouded in darkness, yet vivid because they are two pale, writhing bodies cavorting in the water. The success of this scene derives from the great performances but also because of the technical excellence of the lighting and camera work.

It would have been all too easy to have the scene feel dark and murky if the lighting was too low, or over-light it and lose the intimacy in a wash of floods. But unsurprisingly Viv pulled it off with an exquisitely different scene to end the main scenes of this DVD.

The extras include a bonus scene where Sandra masturbates, solo in a swimming pool in the bright sunshine just for you. A very, very nice scene; And she seems to enjoys it too.

Every scene on this DVD is beautifully lit and shot, composition and framing are superb and the close-ups are perfectly illuminated and clean. The pace is slow and the action delicate in classic girl-girl style. That means this may not be for everyone, especially those looking for hardcore girl-girl action. But if you want to see beautiful girls with great bodies enjoying each other under the Mediterranean sun then you’ll love this video.

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Viv Thomas, Summer Of Lust Review

Summer of Lust
Summer of Lust

And I say an resounding yes to that, as I read the back cover of this DVD…

…The temperature is not the only thing rising…the heat is making these couples ache and hunger for one thing only, hot sensuous sex…

Oh yes, me too.  After the recent heatwave over here this is just the kind of viewing I had in mind for a breezy dull day.  Take me back to that week of hot tempestuous sex…

Each of the five scenes with a total runtime of 132 minutes takes place outside, with the exception of one in the hot Mediterranean sun.

I can’t wait to see what Viv has on offer why not follow me to the bedroom and we can check it out together.  Viv usually doesn’t disappoint in the totty department.  😉

Sylvia & James – Sylvia is watching James from a picnic blanket under the shade of a tree as he sits in his little rowing boat.  Unable to resist her charms and the quick snatches of her snatch from the water it’s not long before he is making his way up the embankment.

After some deep tongue kissing and caressing they soon have Sylvia kitted off and ready for action.  James gets to work giving her a good licking, sucking and eventually probing as she sits astride him cowgirl style.

As they fuck tenderly in the dappled shade you just wish you were there.  Or was that just me.  Lol  All this outdoor fun comes to a climax, or should I say James does all over Sylvia’s abdomen who needs to eat a pie but that’s a whole new thing.  lol

Barbie & Kenni – the premise of this scene is that Kenni is due to leave for a 2 months trip to America and wants to spend some time with his girl before he leaves.  On the bed Ttey engage in tender moments of kissing and a very nice moment when Kenni raises his fingers from between Barbie’s legs and places them in both their mouths to savour her taste.

The kissing and embracing and pussy licking subsides as Kenni lowers his trousers to enter Barbie.  Nice to have a scene where cock sucking isn’t onligatory.  😉  He then proceeds to fuck Barbie slow and deliberately whilst embracing.  Hmmm, nice.

They rattle the bed in to submission as they work their way through cowgirl, doggy style, missionary and the inevitable finish which sees Barbie kneeling over Kenni’s hard cock as he gives it a good tug.

Bellina & Jamie – are laying on the grass at the side of the infinity pool when they suddenly start feeling horny.  Jamie rubs Bellina’s clit through her jeans and pulls open her shirt to reveal a very ample pair of boobs as she is a girl with unusually a bit of meat on her.

As he sucks and licks her brownish pink nipples I find my self salivating at the though of taking her…bad Suze!

Back to the viewing.

Jamie proceeds to finger fuck her ass whilst sucking the juices out of her cunt all the while Bellina is fucking his face.  We are treated to a wonderful view of Bellina’s ample breast slipping out of the bottom of her left bra cup.

Soon Jamie is out of his trousers enjoying a bit of cock worship which is quickly followed by some good deep fucking in missionary, cowgirl and doggy followed by what we’ve all been waiting for anal penetration.

Bellina gets a jiggly anal pounding as her delicious tits bounce around in reverse cowgirl.  Just a s Jamie is about to pop he climbs from under her, Bellina raises to her knees and grasps his hard cock between her breasts.

Jamie starts to fuck the glorious fleshy mounds and squirts his cream all over her chest.  Gulp!

Tina & James – the scene opens with cute blonde by pool outside GORGEOUS villa.  James appears from the pool by Tina who is perched on the bonkette.  I know, I just couldn’t resist.  Lol

They engage in some kissing and canoodling and before long she is sucking him off and they are in to a bit of reverse cowgirl lap action with Mr Brosman beneath her.   I watched and waited for Tina to show a little more emotion as she took James’ full and substantial length in her pussy but nothing other than panting came out.

Now I’m not one for overly enthusiastic teeth sucking and whining but this was at the other end of the scale and I was finding myself being distracted by the beautiful backdrop.  What a lovely villa and gardens and the pool…

I got myself back on track as they switched through positions but just wasn’t feeling it.  There was a lack of enthusiasm to break in to a sweat on Tina’s part, I felt like she was in some way removed from the whole thing.

Still I persevered and when he shoved it in her arse I expected things to hot up a little but sadly not.  A good performance from James but a rather unenthusiastic one from Tina.  However the scenery and photography was good and James produced an ocean of spunk so he must have enjoyed it.  😉

Cathy & Jamie – it’s a lovely day at the side of the lake and Cathy and Jamie are making out, she’s a gorgeous brunette with ample cleavage and he’s, stacked.

After a very nice licking, sucking and finger fucking Cathy starts to gobble cock, something she does very well.  She has no problem taking Jamie’s ample “torch” right down to the hilt and gives some great tongue actions too.

The shooting of this scene is very intimate and the bj part of it very good indeed, capturing every detail of Cathy’s ministrations, tongue flicking included.  Hmmm.

I found myself lusting after the glorious Cathy as she bounced her ass down on Jamie’s cock and really enjoying the thought of playing with those melons.  Then I noticed that she wasn’t quite as she seemed, there were visible incisions under each breast.  Oh well, I suppose you can’t have it all.

A very enjoyable scene with a spunky bum finish.

This DVD is one which will suit all tastes because quite clearly there is something for everyone.  I think it would also be a production you could watch with your other half as it’s not totally hardcore.

Featuring: Sylvia Duluxe, Bellina, Barbie White, Cathy Heaven, Tina Dolly, James Brossman, Kenni Styles and Jamie

You can buy this movie here. 

Jessica Drake, The Craving

Jessics Drake The Craving
Jessics Drake The Craving

This is my first Wicked Pictures production and I’m not sure what to expect, with the other production houses I review I usually have a good idea of their style and format.

I must say the packaging of this DVD is very good.  It looks for all intents and purposes like a book.  Just inside the front cover is a very nice image of Jessica resplendent in a ball gown with an open book upon her knee and the words “A collection of erotic tales that go bump in the night.  Sounds promising.  😉

When you open up the box a small book of fairy tale excerpts and a book mark are revealed along with the DVD of course.

It promised t o be completely different to anything I have reviewed before and my interested was peaked.  I couldn’t wait to kit off, slip between the covers and turn on my DVD player.

Tale 1, Snow White.  Just as in the original story, Snow White is awoken from her slumber by her Prince and that’s where the original story is left behind.  The kiss develops in to full on sex, filmed in a dreamy setting.

Jessica Drake gets a jolly good fucking by her Prince Charming, moving through missionary to reverse cowgirl.  All the naughty adult action ends with Jessica being treated to a creamy facial.

Tale 2. The Pied Piper.  This tale has a very unusual twist, instead of the Pied Piper ridding the town of rats he has been employed to rid it of whores.  😉

He plays his pipe and lures 4 gorgeous girls away to his boudoir.  Then the action begins in earnest.  The girls all get a chance to blow his pipe and amuse themselves whilst the piper is fucking Jessica.

They engage in kissing each other, finger fucking, licking and sucking and even bring out a vibrator to keep each other amused as they await the attentions of the Pied Piper.

After fucking the girls in every imaginable position including a good pile driver he gets to shoot his load over two of the girls faces and awaiting tongues.  And a final surprise to the scene, the girls then snowball the other two girls, which is so hot.

Tale 3.  Little Red Riding Hood.  My oh, my, hasn’t Red Riding Hood grown, she’s now a stunning blonde.  As she makes her way through the forest she is followed by a wolf who morphs in to a man as night descends.

When she Little Red Riding Hood knocks on the door of her grandma’s house she is greeted by a guy with full on wolf makeup.  It’s not long before she falls under his spell and is being fucked missionary over the table.

She is then treated to a good hard anal pounding as she rides the wolfs cock, swiftly followed by a blow job and facial.  A little unimaginative with the finishes up to now.  Sigh!

Tale 4.  Rapunzel.   As in the story she lets down her hair and her suitor, the Prince climbs up her tower walls.  He falls in to her arms and the action begins.

Rapunzel has quite a voracious appetite for sex and enjoys a series of positions with her Prince and another…yes, you’ve guessed it…creamy facial finish.

The twist in the tale is that she enslaves her Prince to enjoy his company time after time.

Tale 5.  The Princess And The Frog.  This tale follows the original story and after the Prince’s transformation he asks how he can repay the Princess for her kindness and she replies…

Wrong!  Lol  She asks if she can take him in her mouth and give him a damn good blow job.  The story repeats itself and again she asks for a blow job.  Then she happens upon a frog who doesn’t transform and…

…I’ll leave you to discover the rest of the story for yourself.

This DVD is different from others I have seen and is fun and entertaining as well as being steeped in pornographic content.  I did find certain aspects of it irritating, for example the consistent facial finishes and the attempted BJs with condoms which doesn’t work for me on any level.

But overall it’s a good quality production with a storybook overtone and some good extras including an additional scene.  The Craving would make a good first timer’s viewing and one which could be shared with your partner.

I couldn’t place individual’s names in each scene because I’m not familiar with the porn stars and the DVD doesn’t tell you as you play the scene but I have listed the actors below.

Featuring: Jessica Drake, Brooke Haven, Chelsie Ray, Kayla Carrera, Kimberly Kole, Mikayla, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Tommy Gunn, Chris Cannon, Joey Ray, Justin Magnum and Tyler Knight

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