Viv Thomas, Triangle Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of The Heart
Affairs of The Heart

The concept for this original DVD is that James has fallen head over heels for a girl he know will never be able to love him back the way he would like it.  He spends many hours reflecting on what could have been with the object of his affection Sonia.

He is given the opportunity to meet up with her once again and things take a strange twist, he becomes involved with the object of her affection Nikki.  As it says on the cover of the DVD, “Triangle is a story about three people in love”.

It all sounds very compelling and I expect the quality of the film production and adult stars to be their usual high quality as is the way at Viv Thomas studios.

Before slipping off in to the bedroom to watch this production I wrote the forward for the DVD and set out scenes below for me to complete during the viewing of the DVD.

So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Triangle Affairs Of The Heart doesn’t conform to standard porn DVD format.  Unlike other adult DVD’s this on is a feature film with a very well written story running through it.  And I won’t disclose it to you and spoil your fun.

Don’t expect their to be lots of cheesy acting because there isn’t and is probably the reason why this format works.  What you do get to watch however is a beautifully put together mixture of current timeline intersperses with naughty vignettes of love making.

And yes I make no apology for using the term “love making” for that is what you will see in this production. No high impact shagging sessions are to be seen, just lots of tender moments of kissing, fondling, licking, sucking, love making and caressing.

It’s a complete departure from the normal porn I get to see and therefore a refreshingly well produced and steamy story.  It’s not going to be a hit if you are looking for anal or other hardcore acts but it’s cleansing to the system if you like to see lots of tender girl on girl and boy on girl.

It just goes to show even someone like me who has seen most things out there really found this a pleasure to watch.  And yes I did mean that to be a double entendre, I had to retrieve one of my clit vibes from my drawer whilst watching.  I’m a horny little bugger.  Lol

With 77 minutes of runtime it’s not overly long and you also have two bonus scenes and some outtakes to enjoy too.  This is a DVD that you could quite happily show a first timer or your partner, it’s an inoffensive erotic production which can be enjoyed by both.

Featuring:  Nikk, Sonia Red and the scrummy James Brossman

You can buy this movie here.

Mothers I’d LikeTo Fuck Review


This one hits the right spot for me, one of my favourite subjects, large breasted ladies getting all hot, sticky and bouncy with guys.  😉

Released by Mile High Distribution in Canada and available in most Simply Pleasure shops for your enjoyment.  Big Titted MILFS has a runtime of 126 mins, with 6 action packed scenes and no extras just good straight and nasty fucking.

Scene 1 has quite an interesting start.  A couple of adult industry guys pick a girl up in the street who is interested in seeing porn made.  Well, really she is Carolyn Reese porn star but let’s suspend belief for a moment.  lol

They take Carolyn back to the studios and guess what…the girl who was supposed to show for the scene hasn’t.  Yeh, you can guess the rest.

She’s cute though with a great pair of natural tits which make your mouth water.  Anyway…

They indulge in some bedroom gymnastics on the mattress with a very nice view of her being taken from behind over the bed with her ample tits rolling around all over the place.

Not so good are the quick views of him still chewing gum whilst screwing her from behind and a prolonged close up of her carefully manicured hand gripping the edge of the mattress.

All of this action culminates in a bukkake finish.

Scene 2 sees a large titted brunette MILF Haley Rain employing the services of a giggolo in a motel room.   He’s not the most convincing gigolo student but manages to deliver the goods.

She has a huge rack and for those liking the more hirsute, she has a neatly trimmed bush.

They fuck their way through all the usual positions and she gets a sticky facial to finish.  Not a very remarkable scene.

Scene 3 has us sitting alongside a well endowed blonde Penny Porche taking a drive to Mr Pete’s house.  Formalities are soon dispensed with and  the blonde plays with her jugs for him then gives him a jolly good cock sucking/throat fuck.

This had to be my favourite scene on the DVD as next we are treated to a delightful titty fuck, closely followed by Mr Pete’s talent of being able to make a lady squirt.

Penny sits on the edge of the sofa legs akimbo as Mr Pete performs his party trick on her with his fingers which results in her spraying everything within a meter’s distance of her snatch.  Very naughty.  😉

Regretably another bukkake finish, getting a bit samey but let’s see.

Scene 4 isn’t the best scene on the DVD.  Housewife Myra Leon has a visit from son’s friend, he’s not in and one thing leads to another.  I found the scene to be a little under light and the woman’s boobs a little off putting (bad boob job).

Again bukkake finish…yawn.  Please try and come up with something different before the final scene.  Lol

Scene 5 had a truly bad start…picture the cute blonde Chenin Blanc crouching by sofa frigging…ok up to that point.  Then we notice that she is chewing on her panties…ermm, I suppose you can just about get away with that…but then she shoves them up her ass and moans like a whore.

Sorry, not buying that.  Thankfully we move on as two guys enter the room.

But things didn’t improve in fact the scene quickly spiralled in to an abusive testosterone competition between the guys.   There was lots of slapping of face, tits and ass as they pounded in to her with both barrels blazing.

The blonde was fucked in every hole and DP’d quite vigorously.  Now I’m not one to shy away from any of these practices but there is a way to film them and on this occasion it simply didn’t work for me and is the type of stuff which fuels the feminist protestors against porn.

Scene 6 confused me somewhat.  It begins with a guy opening the door and calling out something sounding like “Mum”.  He then walks in to the living room and a semi clad Sofia, says “Oh yeah” and they get down to doing the dirty.

As they worked through missionary to doggy style anal fuck I was hoping that they would resolve this query at the end and found myself slightly distracted despite the hot anal action.

So whey he finally blew his was…yes you’ve guessed it…all over her chin I thought there may be some kind of explanation along the lines of her saying “Your mom went out”.


Overall this was a so, so kind of production obviously with some questionable content but despite that it was a good watch but not one I would recommend for couples for obvious reasons.

Starring: Penny Porsche, Carolyn Reese, Chenin Blanc, Harley Rain, Myra Leon, Sofia and some guys who weren’t unfortunately credited.

You can buy this movie here.