Trannie Holocaust Review

Trannie Holocaust
Trannie Holocaust

Sometimes I feel like watching something a little different to the mainstream porn that’s readily available out there just to spice things up a little and ATV usually produce something which hits the spot.

Ok so they’re not as polished as Viv Thomas or Harmony productions for example but what they are is something refreshingly honest and different.  Not being polished in this instance makes them seem even more alluring and if you like more engaging.

They are also brave enough to produce some of the most kinky productions available which of course includes transsexual sex as in this instance.  And all is practiced safely wearing condoms.

Enough of the pre amble here is the review.

In Scene 1 the attractive long haired brunette trannie Alessia Vinci is given an excellent helping of felatio from her male partner.  He really give is his all deep throating her and sucking and licking her balls.  Made me feel quite horny.  😉

There are some great angles in this scene, in particular one looking through the Alessia’s legs as she wanks herself whilst sucking his cock, tits bouncing around and occasionally obstructing the view.

Some great ass shagging fun ensues, including some gaping and reverse cowgirl which is one of my faves as you get to the recipients cock bouncing around as he takes it up the ass.

All of the bum fun culimates in a mutual wank ending with the Alessia shooting over his belly and the guy over her tan lined titties.

Scene 2 opens with a party and celebrations not sure what they are celebrating as my Italian’s not quite up to it.  The champagne loosens more than tongues as we see the two guys, trannie and one girl relieve themselves of most of their clothes.

What follows next is a combination of fellatio, rimming and cock and ball sucking as they get down to it en mass.  To give you some idea, we have a guy licking out the reclining girl whilst having his ass fucked by the trannie who is being rimmed by the guy.

Got it?  Good.  Lol

There are many other position changes with my favourite being trannie fucking girl in the pussy who is sucking one of the guys cocks while the other guy fucks the trannies ass.  I know it gets kind of complicated but fun at the same time.  😉

This trannie inspired Kama Sutra of a scene has a sticky ending, the trannie gets a double jizzer from the guys and then is treated to a blow job by the girl.

In Scene 3 the big tittied trannie brunette Leslie gets a good hard fucking on the bed by her companion.  Her tits and cock are mesmerising as she bounces up and down on his cock cowgirl style.  I enjoyed watching her cock bounce around in time with her boobs.

This scene is for you if you are in to gaping as there is plenty to be enjoyed as she gets nailed doggie style on the mattress.

The fourth and final scene sees an attractive blonde trannie Sara teasing a guy in a bar, one thing leads to another and they end up in her bedroom.  After a little mutual cock sucking and ball licking they get down to business and the guy gives her a really good fucking before coming in her ass.

The Sara then sucks him off and he wanks on to her tits as she wanks herself to ejaculation which goes everywhere.

This may not be a DVD for everyone’s taste but if you don’t mind anal then it’s only one step further to enjoy watching two guys fuck.  Well I suppose it’s a big step but it’s one worth taking if you are open minded.

Featuring: Alessia Vinci, Leslie Curtis, Alessandra, Sara Shiva, Jessica Pierre Rubens and the guys don’t ask me who is who Samuel, Maxo, Albert and Valentino

Trannie Holocaust is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

Viv Thomas, Family Affairs Volume 3 Review

Family Affairs Volume 3
Family Affairs Volume 3

You know when you acquire a Viv Thomas production that you are going to be viewing a well produced DVD with good lighting, angles and great scenarios.  As you can tell I’m a fan.  Lol  This is the third helping in the Family Affairs collection.

The girls are gorgeous and the guys are worth one too, which suits me fine as I’m bisexual.  More emphasis seems to be given to the females in mainstream porn but it’s not the case with a Viv Thomas film, which is good news for all you ladies out there who lurve to watch porn as much as the guys.  As much as me in fact.

If you are looking for hardcore cut and thrust then this isn’t for you but if you are looking for porn with more depth and feeling or to watch with your girlfriend then this is the one.

The DVD features 6 scenes with a runtime of 118 minutes.

Now for camera action…

In You Just Can’t Get The Staff Anymore Erika Angel is told by Janos that she doesn’t give good service and is spanked in to submission before being taken by him over a Chesterfield chair.

Erika gets a good fucking from the stranger and tummy covered in creamy cum.  Delicious!

Lesbian Treadmill beings with Blue Angel on the treadmill next to Pure Angel who doesn’t  take long to make it plain that she want’s Blue.  They both undress and become entangled in a frenzied licking, kissing and sucking session which later progresses to rimming and fingering.

Then out comes the vibe and Blue Angel is DP’d by Pure Angel.  This was a very arousing scene and left me wanting the marvellously linguistically expressive Blue Angel to perform her wonderful lingual talents on my clit.

Parlez Vous Sexay is my favourite scene on the DVD.  Never has a French lesson been so erotically naughty.  After teaching his pupil Laryne La Roche some dirty phrases they get down to the practical part of the lesson.

Laryne has the most delightful pair of full and bouncy titties I felf quite envious of Tristan Seagal who got to suck, lick and play with them and after fucking her from all angles finishes with a titty fuck.

He runs his cock between her full but pert boobs until he explodes all over her neck.  Watching that cum collect in her declotage made me so horny.  😉

Horizontal Workout begins with Matt Bird giving himself a good workout in a rather exclusive looking gym when in walks  Jasmin Luna Gold who asks that rather cliché question “will you give me a workout”.  😉  Well, Matt doesn’t need asking twice and immediately sets to work on her pussy before they go for the burn on the horizontal bench.

Once all the muscle groups have been worked Matt pulls out of Jasmin’s pussy and comes at high velocity all over her stomach.  Wish this happened at my gym.

In Surprise Fuck Max gets it on with an old friend who she has been wanting to fuck for some time.  They get down to it right there and then in the lounge after she gets a good licking and finger fucking.

Bea Stiel confesses during the action that her fella would never fuck her in the ass and after a good finger fucking and rimming she gets just what she wants.

Blackmail sees school friends Bianca Golden and Pure Angel turn in to lesbian lovers when the most popular girl in the school blackmails the other in to licking her out.

Lots of kissing, licking and fingering later sees Pure Angel not been licked out but being DP’d with fingers in her cunt and a slim vibe up her ass.

Not one of the best scenes but some good girl on girl fun is had by both the girls

This DVD is a compendium of sexuality and contains something for everyone even “analites”, with a  very delicately filmed scene which wouldn’t offend the porn newbie.

All round an excellent couple’s choice with just enough naughtiness to hold the attention of us hardened pornsters.

Featuring: Erika Angel, Blue Angel, Pure Angel, Laryne La Roche, Jasmin Luna Gold, Bea Stiel, Carla Cox, Bianca Golden and the boys James Brossman, Tristan Seagal, Matt Bird, Max

You can buy this movie here.