My Mum’s Best Friend Review

My Mum's Best Friend
My Mum’s Best Friend

My Mum’s Best friend is a DVD from Viv Thomas, a name renowned for quality, well produced pornography and films that are erotic as well as being explicit. This like many of his other titles is exclusively girl-on-girl but differs from most productions, including Viv’s because it doesn’t just feature young models but more mature and equally as horny women too.

The scenario here is that just being a mother does not mean that you or your friends are any less sensual or sexual than anyone else. In the first scene “Sally” enjoys the pleasures of a female lover while her daughter is out. Two blondes, making out, sucking, fingering and face-sitting make an excellent start to this DVD.

The “daughter” seems to be cast from the same mould as her mother as when she and her friend find themselves home alone they admit to being hot, horny and no strangers to masturbation. The knickers come off and the girls advise each other on how best to get off. Ah, but alas one girl can’t get off so the other helps out by first rubbing her friend’s pussy and then kissing her. What happens next is pretty obvious, after all it’s a porn movie!

In scene three Mum can’t stop herself after a run with a friend and as soon as it’s time to get cleaned off they decide to get it on. Peeling layers of Lycra from eager, full bodies leads into another two-girl scene. The women soon decide to get cleaned up and spend a long time in the shower where Sally’s mum feels the joys of her friend’s mouth on her pussy for while.

Having discovered that Sally, her friend’s mum has a collection of sex toys and decides to take a look but is caught in the act but rather than telling off Sally is more than happy to show her how to use them in this toy filled girl-on-girl fuck fest.

Cate, now really turned on to girl-girl sex calls Natalie the blonde from scene 1 on the phone and they get off talking about Cate’s sex toy lesson with Sally. Excited by fun with Cate, Natalie drives across the following day and finds out just how much Cate has learned from Sally and her daughter.

Things really hot up in the next scene which is a three-way, all girl between Natalie, Sally and Sally’s running partner from earlier. The girls love playing with their big blue dildo. Hot!

Extras are trailers and a behinds the scenes featurette.

There is a lot of variety in this DVD, sex toys, lots of nice scene setting and plenty of lesbian sex. If you ignore the occasionally piece of wooden dialogue you will love this movie if you like quality erotic movies with plenty of naked female flesh.

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Foot Fever 4 Review

Foot Fever 4
Foot Fever 4

When I spotted this DVD I wondered if it would be a little too specialist for the mainstream porn viewer.  But despite its foot fetish undertones they do not prevail over the production itself but add a further kinky element to what is over all a refreshingly different type of porn.

I’m keeping my eye on this production house because they do have some fresh ideas that are executed well.  However, where they do need to improve is in camera usage, it feels like there is only one in use and the lighting and overall crispness of the production could be improved.

Some shots don’t have the clarity of the more well known studios out there and there is a distinct lack of close-ups.  I want to see pussies in all their resplendent glory and breasts so close you could take the nipple between your lips, it’s all part of the ambience of a porn film.

That said, the overall quality is good and the sets, porn stars and themes are very good so I’m hoping to see these guys getting up their with the best of them.

Now on with the review.

Scene 1 there is a little bit of a health and safety issue going on here as the cute brunette, Ferrera Gomez stands on  a chair to close the skylight and her suitor starts to suck her toes.  Not advisable but it looks hot.

There is plenty of foot foreplay before we see them getting down to the real action as she gets fucked on the sideboard missionary, doggy style and then gets a creamy undersole finish.

Scene 2 sees Morgan Moon indulge in a series of athletic sexual positions whilst having her toes lavished with licks, kisses and sucks.  She even manages a little anal cowgirl before having her feet wanked over with lots of sticky cum.

I wish during the scene she’d taken off her top so we could enjoy those beautiful round breasts topped with rose pink nipples.  Hmmm…where was I?

Scene 3, I found myself captivated by Roxy’s boobs throughout this scene as they jiggled and bounced over her top during the multi positional fucking interspersed with toe worship.

This was the only scenes where the guy actually wanked himself off between her feet rather than with his hands, over them.  It worked for me, had wet panties by this point.

Scene 4 see Simone Style demonstrating her talent, this girl can actually use her feet to wank her partner and does it expertly.  She also has an unusual technique when being fucked cowgirl.  She can use her feet to massage her partners tight ball sack whilst he is fucking her.

Pitty that he didn’t let her feet bring him to a hot and sticky finish, opting instead to wank on her pedicure.

Scene 5 although not very inspired has the best cum shot scene.  We have the deliciously well stacked Welly lying on the tiled bathroom floor with her suitors cock running in and out of her feet.  The vision of her ample breasts bouncing around and his big hard purple head moving between her feet makes for a great shot.

Then the finale, he comes all down her ankles.  Delicious even to the non foot fetish girl.

I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD because it’s a complete world away from everything else out there at the moment and I think it would appeal to most f your reading this review.  It has a run time of 109 minutes with no extras, just all good feet fucking fun.  😉

Starring:  Welly, Morgan Moon, Roxy, Ferrera Gomez and Simone Style

Foot Fever 4 is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

And you can buy this movie online here.

Gazzman’s My Teenage Blog Review

My Teenage Blog Review
My Teenage Blog Review

Being an adult blogger for the past 6 years now I was intrigued with the title of this production from the Gazzman stable.  I’m guessing the girls won’t be writing about their holidays in this DVD.  Lol

I’m guessing this will be more of an online webcam kind of DVD with some dirty chat thrown in by lets give it a go and see.  😉

Scene1 has an original start with Zoe Voss having a wet dream and being woken by her roomie who then precedes to grope her with explorative hands.  She wakes to be offered the girls boyfriend to finish her off and is given a good workout with The Super Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator I reviewed here.

Girl goes for shower and is joined by the girls “real” boyfriend who in my opinion is a little too old for her but hey if you get off on the older guy younger girl thing this will be right up your street.

Needless to say he fucks her relentlessly in an unimaginative shower scene with wank off finish.


Scene 2 hits the spot for me.  Visualise a guy stood wanking off wearing only a shirt in front a wide screen television which appears to be showing a Young Harlots DVD of with an MMF scene taking place.  This guy now calls girlfriend who is en route to his place in the back of a car sans panties.

You guys can fill in the rest with your imaginations but by the tine she gets there they are both ready for it.  After a little foreplay including toe sucking for the guy (kinky!) they get down to some serious anal action which starts with Jynx Maze taking a large pink dildo up her ass and leads on to a deep and dirty power driver session.

And all this is just for starters because Jynx Maze is an anal fiend and can’t get enough stuffed up her ass and creamed over her pouting anus.  This will delight all you anal fiends out there.

However there is one slight trade off for all this anal debaucher, the girl never shuts her bloody mouth all the way through the scene and I found myself lowering the volume, you may find this helpful too unless you are in to repetitive narration.

Scene 3 is set in the bathroom and sees Alyssa Branch making a little homemade porn with her guy.  They both work their way through a succession of hard-surface sexual positions which at times look both uncomfortable and occasionally precarious but is easy to clean up afterwards.

Or is that just my practical mind?  Lol

I’m afraid this is another rather predictable and uninspired scene with a bukkake finish and I’m still waiting to find out where the “Blog” part of this comes in.  I’m starting to think that it has just been used to make it attractive to a certain type of viewer but we’ll see.

Scene 4 promises to be interesting as far as scenario’s go.  Three girls are having a night in and during the evening one of them confesses to having been with the other girl’s guy.  As a form of punishment for the estranged boyfriend the other two girls decide to strip her naked and watch her masturbate.

Sounds good so far but hardly punishment.

Anyway they eventually step up the action offering her a butt plug to fuck herself with.  Somebody really ought to advise on toy usage on these shoots.  Lol  The other two girls engage in a bit of mutual masturbation and munching with another butt plug deployed as a dildo.

Meanwhile the other girl has now found herself a candy pink dildo to play with and they all bring each other off.

Hmmm, where was the punishment?  It did make for a reasonable girl on girl scene though.

Scene 5 sees Lily La Beau become the unsuspecting focus of a homemade porn shoot.  Under the pretence of offering Lily a shoulder to cry on her male counterpart sets up a camera to video his attempt at bedding her and successful.

After a little reassurance it’s not long before he is fucking her on top of the bed and the unsuspecting Lily is given a good screwing by her deceptive male counterpart.

All scenes on the DVD are well produced, the lighting and film quality is excellent and even some of the scenarios are original and good it’s just a shame that more thought wasn’t given to some of them.  Overall this does make a good couples film if you don’t mind the now required finger sucking, chin grabbing and pussy slapping, which I incidentally dislike.

The DVD is set over 5 scenes and offers the usual Galleries, Cumshot Recap and Trailers as Additional Features.

I still have to find out what this DVD has to do with blogging because apart from the brief appearance of a laptop the Internet played no part in the story at all.

Featuring: Alyssa Branch, Jynx Maze, Zoe Voss, Lily La Beau, Chole, Sarah Jaymes, Hayden Winter, James Deen, Marco Banderas and Tony De Sergio.  As usual the guys don’t get a mention against each scene so I can’t tell you which ones they were in but the guy in Scene 2 is cute.  😉

You can buy this movie here.


Tanya Hyde’s Girls Behaving Badly

Girls Behaving Badly
Girls Behaving Badly

At last this long awaited production had dropped through my door and I couldn’t wait to take a look.  The rather aptly entitled DVD is full of promise featuring the gorgeous Shay Hendrix.

You may remember that this DVD holds a certain sentimentality for Alex and myself as we travelled down to London to be on set with Tanya Hyde for Shay and Omar’s scene.

We were in the same house as they filmed The Kings Speech featuring Colin Firth.  Shortly after the filming Alex and I went to the cinema to watch the film and were smiling through quite a lot of the scenes when recalling what happened in those rooms.  Lol

The DVD has a run time of 2 hours and 59 minutes, I’m sure they could have stretched it to 3 hours.  Lol  It features 5 naughty scenes and the usual Cumshot Recap and Photo Galleries for you to savour.

When you think of Tanya the first word that comes to mind is “fetish” and if that is your thing then you are in for a treat with Girls Behaving Badly as it’s got lashings of face masks, straight jackets and very nasty toys.  A perfect combination and all held together with wonderful photography, lighting and closeup shots of all the action.

Scene 1 starts of with Seb Cam being enslaved by Rebecca More.  She eventually turns up in a very nice red latex dress which leaves nothing to the imagination.

After making Seb earn his fuck Rebecca spreads her legs for a vigorous pussy fucking followed by enjoying taking a large glass dildo up her ass.  At this point it becomes apparent that Rebecca is not stranger to anal and she looks as if she is gagging for it.

Seb soon gets to work fucking Rebecca’s ass like a mad man, if you are in to anal you will enjoy this scene.

Still un-sated with the ass fucking she got from Seb, Rebecca then spreads her ass cheeks for the fucking machine to ram it to her good and hard whilst she gives Seb a gob job to finish him off..

Scene 2 opens with Angel Long tethered to a St Andrews cross, she doesn’t have to wait long before her capture, Omar arrives on the scene.

Angel is tongued in to submission by Omar who gives her ass and pussy a good licking out before he penetrates her ass with a glass baton.

The scene then hots up as a hooded guy arrives with a huge erection and they both take turns at fucking Angels hot pussy.

This lady really enjoys having hard cock in her ass as they both jump onboard for some sizzling DP action.  The action culminating in a wankathon finish which sees the hooded guy come in Olympic proportions as he shoots his load clear over Angels back and head to land on the floor in front of her.

I wish I knew who he was because he deserves a medal for that performance.  😉

Scene 3 sees Paige Turnah, the daughter of Strap On Jane being cheuffered driven in her kinky leather strappy outfit to her den of iniquity.

She is then pussy tortured with an Hitachi Magic Wand style vibrator which incidentally I have reviewed.  You can read my review of it here.  Paige is then fucked with a long double ended steel dildo and finally when she is soaking wet she is fucked by Ian Tate who then ejaculates over her ample breasts.

Scene 4 features Shay Hendrix and is the scene Alex and I watched being filmed on our trip to London which you can read about on our site.  So this scene holds fond memories of a great day out on set with Tanya Hyde, Shay Hendrix, Omar and Seb Cam.  Oh and lets not forget that this DVD was filmed in the same house as The Kings Speech.

This is one of the weirdest I have seen.  It opens with Seb Cam strapped to a St Andrews cross wearing an Elvis mask and heels.  I kid you not.  Lol

Shay Hendrix appears, like a Spanish hussy wearing a fedora and with crop in hand and gives Seb a little blow job action before moving on to Omar who is prostrate on a bench wearing white leggings and boots.  Don’t ask me.

Omar gets a great blow job before Shay is fucked upside down in a chair.  That will be the one I was sat in only minutes before.  😉

Both guys get to stick it in her pussy for a good round of swapsies before Seb comes on Shay’s round ass and Omar gives her a good facial. Shay looks incredibly hot throughout in a serious waspie corsette that I know Alex enjoyed on set.

Scene 5 involves a male slave and a queening chair which Karlie Simon spreads her pussy on for her eager hooded slave to lick out.  He then adorns a chin dildo and proceeds to fuck her wet pussy with it whilst Karlie vocalises her appreciation.  This girl is a moaner so you may want to watch the volume if you have neighbours.  Lol

They engage in some full on anal action before the finale, a bukkake finish.

If you are in to BDSM, kink or fetish you will love this DVD, it has all the props and costumes to make your wet dream come true.  The lighting is excellent as I have come to expect with Tanya’s productions and there are plenty of closeup shots to savour and of course with the Cumshot Recap, Gallery and Trailers.

This production will hold a special place in my heart for years to cum because I was there on set for a day and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Featuring: Angel Long, Shay Hendrix, Rebecca More, Karlie Simom, Paige Turnah, Seb Cam, Ian Tate, Omar and Danny D who is infamous for his large dong.

You can buy this movie here.