Home Made Adult, Hottie Hollie’s Naughty Friends Volume 2

Hottie Hollies Naughty Friends 2
Hottie Hollies Naughty Friends 2

The Home Made Adult series offers viewers adult films featuring real people having real sex but unfortunately it misses the mark.

The picture quality is not so good with the images being both slightly blurred and bleached and there are far too few close-ups to get us in on the action.

Yes it does give you the feel of amateur but unfortunately I think that applies to the quality of the production and direction.  That said it is quite a light hearted production featuring the naughty exploits of Hollie, a little bit of fun without the all too often over acting.

I believe it could have been produced better but then again does that add to the home made premise, I don’t know.

In the first scene we see what happens when 2 naughty brunette cheerleaders get down and dirty on the sofa.  Great use of fishnet tops with protruding nipples and detachable sided panties.  Oh and lets not forget those glass dildos you get to see wickedly pushed in to each others holes.

One claims to be a virgin but I’m not having any of that, she’s a filthy bitch.

We next see Hollie going over to her friends to join in with them for some threeway action.  She enjoys a good licking out from her friends before they get down to the fucking which sees the girls lined up over each other for a good bit of in out sandwich action.

And afterwards they are both treated to a shower…of come.  😉

Next is the solo scene or at least it starts that way we see Hollie playing with her tits and pussy for the camera before she is joined by the camera man.  She sucks and head fucks his hard cock relentlessly and enthusiastically devouring his hard-on for the camera as we watch voyeuristically from above.

After a jolly good skull fucking the scene finishes with Hollie getting a nice white facial.

The fourth Scene shows us that Hollie makes no secret of the fact that she likes sucking big hard cock and her boyfriend is persuaded to switch off the football so she can relieve his tension.

This scene isn’t particularly inspired and comes to very sticky ending in more ways than one.  It appears as if Hollie thinks the scene actually finishes twice before it actually does with some awkward looking at the cameraman moments.

The final scene was tawdry and uninspired.  Hollie had taken a friend home to cheer her up after her split from her boyfriend and it’s not long before they are getting down to it.  I would have liked to have said some “girl on girl action” but it wasn’t at all like that.  There was no intimacy between the two of them more like an exchange of fucks with a dildo and a vibe which wasn’t even turned on…that would be like me then.  lol

A good opportunity for some good lady love which just never happened.  Shame.

This DVD could be watched by seasoned and new viewers of porn alike, I think the only offence you may be inclined to take is that it could have been interesting.

Featuring: Alexandra Bell, Murderotica, Katrina B, Lance Strong, J.D. Freak, Tim Pro and Hollie herself.

Home Made Adult, Hottie Hollie’s Naughty Friends Volume 2  is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

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