Reality Junkies, Mom’s Cuckold Review

Moms Cuckold
Moms Cuckold

Here’s a change in tempo with the latest release from Canadian producers Reality Junkies who brought you Office Perverts.  It’s my first cuckold DVD and is hot topic at the moment, there are so many people talking about being a part of the scene or wanting to get in to it.  So this one is going to appeal to them.

One thing I didn’t get is the apparent misunderstanding (or was it) that RJ had about Cuckolding.  Each scene features a white couple and a black third.  Perhaps it was intentional I don’t know.

I did find that after watching all five scenes I was a little jaded from the formulaic format of positions and venues.  Each of the scenes took place in the living room on the sofa with the same positions being worked through.  Had they thrown in a bedroom one or even a bathroom one that would have given the production a little more variety.

That said I did like the scenarios and despite the fact that porn stars aren’t renowned for their acting skills they did pull off each one very well.

Christa Moore scoures the Internet to find a guy to sauce up her marriage and invites him over to fuck her in front of hubby, who didn’t take very much convincing to participate, or should I say watch.   An enjoyable scenario of husband watching another guy fuck his wife Christa’s a right moaner so make sure you keep the volume down if your neighbours are at home.  Lol

I particularly liked seeing the coloured guys cock foaming up with come as he pumped in and out of her.  The scene finishes with an eager Tori waiting to get a creamy facial.

Ami Emerson fulfils her and her husband’s fantasy when one of his clients pops in for a trim and offers to fuck Ami.  The guy gets more than a trim as he fucks Ami on the barbers chair legs akimbo.

Hubby quietly sits chewing gum in the background as the guys screws her to the chair and then lathers up Ami’s face to finish.

Claudia Valentine plays a very good vengeful wife in the next scene.  She tells her husband that she knows he has fucked her best friend and that the next guy who passes the restaurant is going to fuck her.

They take him home and hubby gets to watch as she puts him through his paces, again on the sofa.  And yes, she gets a bukkake finish.

Persia Pele is one half of a couple who manage to negotiate a huge drop in the asking price by agreeing to let the agent fuck the Mrs.  After a few moments of consideration the hubby agrees and sits sniffing his wife panties whilst she gets a jolly good fucking right next to him.

Despite the obvious attempt at a bukkake finish Persia bends her head so far back that there’s no way any of his spunk is being spilt of her face.

It was rather distracting watching this scene featuring Tori Black because it took place in a house I’ve seen featured so many times in Zero Tolerance productions.

Boss brings home employee to sate her appetite for some black cock and all parties are up for it.  The start of the action was rather impeded by the whiting out of the shot, someone hadn’t done a lighting check before the action commenced but they soon caught on and toned it down.

Tori was then fucked every which way by the eager employee who was considerate to the end, wiping his cum off her right eyelid.  Yes, you guessed it, another bukkake finish.  Lol

With not many close-up or gynae shots this production would make for couples viewing or maybe a newbie to porn would enjoy it but to a seasoned viewer like myself I found it all too repetitive.  Maybe I’ve watched too much.  Lol

Featuring: Tori Black, Ami Emerson, Christa Moore, Claudia Valentine and Persia Pele and some unnamed black performers.

Mum’s Cuckold  is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

You can buy online here.

Inside Liandra Dahl

Liandra Dahl
Liandra Dahl

I first became acquainted with Liandra on my social networking site, she struck me as being a very open and honest…kinkster…yes that’s exactly what she is and therefore explains my attraction to her.  I’m rarely intrigued by every day people, they just don’t have that spark to ignite my fire.

After learning that she was starting up her own site I just couldn’t resist asking her if she would like me to review it.  My reasons weren’t totally altruistic, I knew she had put up some naughty images of herself that for obvious reasons she couldn’t post on the social networking site.  😉

Little did I know I would get so much more…

I’ve never been a member of an adult site before so I really didn’t know what to expect.  Yes, I knew that it would be naughty but I just wasn’t sure how naughty.

I logged on to the site and was surprised with the comic strip format which was fresh and inspired.  There in the middle of the screen sits a stylised image of Liandra open-legged inviting you to log in.

The site is still under construction so I’m unable to give the site a full review, perhaps Liandra will invite me back when all the sections are up and running.  But as the site stands at the moment it’s very impressive, taking you in to the naughty and kinky world of Liandra Dahl. There are areas that have yet to go live but I get the feeling this will be a work in progress over the coming months as the creative juices flow. I also found the navigation a little inconsistent on a couple of occasions, again possibly due to it being a work in progress.

Once logged in you can access a gallery of images of Liandra and a video gallery too. The videos play in a pop-up window and are of great quality. The themes of these videos are notable by their variety and just how different they are from other sites. They include readings from erotic literature, masturbation, girl-on-girl and pegging (one of my particular favourites).

Liandra’s blog is filled with personal entries and not just the trite blogging that you see on so many sites, there are observation and of course news about up and coming features on the site.  Of particular interest was the mention of her shooting some clips for the site featuring male bisexuals, I’ll be keeping my eye out for that. Yes, this is a real blog that holds your interest by being filled with real content.

The current version of Liandra’s website contains the first edition of a comic strip featuring the gorgeous Miss Dahl as the super hero.  Someone has really put some time and effort in to conceiving and creating this online world and it shows.

To give a personal and intensely intimate touch Liandra also has a Camshow every Thursday between 11am and 5pm for you to get close up and personal.

When finished the site will have a forum for you to hold discussions with like minded visitors to Liandra’s world. The possibilities of this section will of course increase exponentially as the number of members and contributors increases.

I also spotted a VIP area which isn’t up and running yet but intrigues me.

Overall  I found myself feeling really excited about this site, it has the makings of a new and inspirational place for like minded individuals to hang out and enjoy the delights on offer. It’s totally unlike the huge number of carbon copy adult pay sites that seem to think purveying countless images of naked young girls is all that visitors want. Liandra wants to offer more, a rounded site that treats its visitors as mature sexual creatures.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

You can judge for yourself here at