Anal Debauchery 2

Anal Debauchery 2
Anal Debauchery 2

The first Anal Debauchery was reviewed by Alex and it comprised of 10 scenes over two disks.  This time round there is just one disk and 5 scenes.  But there is one distinct and very welcome change this time round.

Gazzman seems to have changed direction and become everything I ever wanted him to be.  This shocked me as I’m used to his slightly misogynistic style and this DVD breaks the mould.  I have to say that in the DVD he has produced possibly the best work I have seen him create to date and totally blown me away.

These five scenes are filmed with moody black and white overtones, he plays with light to induce intimacy and disorientation to give a further dimension to his scenes.  A total transformation from the usual cut and thrust, grope and fuck style of Gazzman.

The scenes are all well thought through and imaginative, and the girls very attractive natural beauties the perfect combination for a good porn DVD.  😉   One thing which did puzzle me is that the named scenes are all under the header of “True Love Is” which makes me think this production could have been re-titled for impact.


I loved the Heathcliffe style start to this scene.  Hot guy in jodhpurs making his way across the windy hills to be with his girl.  There goes me sounding like an old romantic.  Lol

His Kathy or should I say Morgan Moon is a delight on the eye and as with all the girls on this DVD she has a natural pair of boobs.  I just wish Tony had spent more time playing with them.

There is nice use of a shots glass in this scene and you will have to watch it to find out what that is, I’ll not spoil your viewing by telling you all the dirty details.

I will add that the squeaky table added a touch of reality to the opportunistic scene.

Another Woman

This scene is based on a guy cheating on his partner and slipping out of the house to meet her.  The guy pulls up outside a rather nicely light glass house where his other woman is waiting for him on a bench.

The lighting in this scene makes it look like the moonlight is cascading down on them through the glass.  It’s very intimately shot and Melanie enjoys being put through her paces, complete with lovely jiggly boobs and an unusually hairy pussy.


This had to be my favourite scene because of it’s unusual opening scene.  Two girls are lezzing it up and videoing themselves for the girls boyfriend.  It’s a wonderful revenge theme with a twist, I’ll say no more but excellently executed.

Honey Damon has her ass fucked good and proper with the odd dip in to her pussy, this is a good anal scene for you ass worshippers out there.


Blindfolded Leona Queen is led by a leash in to a room with two guys waiting to use and abuse her.  As expected she gets double teamed by the guys, with lots of ass to pussy and double penetrative action.  All finished off with a creamy topping all over her ass cheeks.

This is probably the least creative scene, we’ve seen the slut does both guys too much for this to stand out.

Anal Debauchery

This scene begins Ian Scott taking a shower and having a  quick wank whilst his partner is applying makeup in the adjoining bedroom.  She then ventures in to the bathroom where he is already out of the shower.  She steps in to the bath, she’ll mess up that freshly applied makeup.

Ian then inserts a lube applicator up her ass as she rests on the bath side.  It looks as if it is going to go everywhere and I’m thinking there is about to be a health and safety issue in this scene.  Bathroom floor plus water and lube…not a good mix.  There could be a cock up later.  🙂

Once fully lubed up he proceeds to fuck anally and vaginally all over the bathroom fixtures and fittings, finally coming all over her pussy.  Guess she’ll need that bath now.

This was a great DVD for variety and content, certainly a must if you like your anal but not one to watch with you partner if they haven’t seen porn before.

Featuring: Norgan Moon, Melanie, Leona Queen, Tiffany Doll, Honey Damon, John Strong, Ian Scott and Tony De Sergio

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1st Time Bisexual Experience

First Time Bisexual Experience
First Time Bisexual Experience

By Depraved Creations

This DVD turns the MFM scenario on its head.  It’s not all about the girl getting 2 x cocks, it’s about the guys getting it on and the girl participating.  And I for one found it a refreshing twist and it made me feel totally horny, yes I know I’m a dirty bitch but this was different the mainstream porn.

I’ll also add that I didn’t think the production values were particularly high but it felt like a voyeur/small time porn production, a little rough round the edges.  The first scene is a good example, you get to see the camera man in one shot, in another the lighting brolly and this is enhanced by a total white out at one stage.

Add to all this the fact they have added lengthy dialog, no, more like commentary in to most of the scenes it really appears not to take itself too seriously.  And I like that, it adds to the overall quirkiness of the film.

The runtime of this DVD is 119 minutes with no extras but when you’ve watched it you won’t feel the need for them.  😉

Most of the scenes feature condoms but the final scene doesn’t, I’m assuming the county of origin doesn’t insist on its porn stars wearing them.

In Scene 1 a pair of newlyweds have a visitor knock on the door who is invited in and then asked to perform a cringe worthy dance before watching the happily married couple fuck.  Eventually they remember he is there and the groom fucks his ass while his bride watches.  Lots of cock worship and ass busting ensues.

She then produces a strap-on and the visitor gets a good hard seeing to and it all kicks off.  Watching men lick up the cum is such a twisted turn on.

Scene 2 sees wife wanting hubby to get some cock up his ass and her gay friend obliges.  Nice to watch a guy sucking a guy whilst the girl rolls his ball around in her mouth.  We see guy licking cunt whilst having his cock blown, you getting the picture?

Nice shots of guy being fucked whilst wanking, seems to be a hot favourite of mine.  😉  Come shot over male visitor, different.

Scene 3 sees her getting her kit off to show her tan lines and being joined by a couple of horny males.  Soon they are sucking, licking and fucking while we watch her glorious tan lined tits bounce.  Like the point in the scene where one of them is getting it in the arse and she starts going down on the recipient.  Ooh, so naughty.

The girl in Scene 4 wants to enliven her sex life with her partner and she invites a friend round for a bit of fun.  This girl has tits to die for, natural, large and bouncy.  Just thought I would mention that.  😉  She receives a good fucking from her guy and then the knock on the door and the dynamic changes.  She ends up fucking him and, well you will just have to watch to see the rest.

I found Scene 5 the most interesting in terms of the positions and participants in the scene.  I’ve thought about it many times and even written about it.  A guy being fucked whilst fucking you (girl), in this scene you get to see the action, a real spectacle.

All of this action bare back and whilst chewing gum.  A first for me watching fellatio, cunnilingus and kissing all whilst chewing gum, that’s a skill.

Well, I did say this was different and it was.

Featuring: Desire Moore, Angel D’Angelo, Francine Ferrari, Destiny Summers, Brad Slater, Steven Richards and a few nameless people


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Busty Office MILFs Review

Busty Office MILFs
Busty Office MILFs

As they say on the front cover of this DVD “sex is hotter at work” and as a fellow participant myself I couldn’t agree more.  Ask me sometime just what I got up to with Alex at the office where we first met.  😉

You may have gathered that all the scenes are set in an office environment and very convincing they are too, I think real offices have been used for most if not all of the scenes.   Perhaps there may be a follow up DVD to this entitled what the cleaner saw.  Lol

If you like your babes stacked, suited and ready to fuck on every available worksurface, then you will love this one.  All the scenes are well lit and capture each position well but I sometimes found myself wanting to see more of the action in a close up shot.

Busty Office Milfs has a runtime of 145 minutes and comprises of 5 scenes of MF action with no bonus features, just straight workplace fucking action.

The first scene features the delectable Rayleen who has no problems in communicating with the phone guy who she summons to repair her telephone.  It’s not long before she’s slipping out of that tight skirt suit to reveal some sexy violet underwear and grappling for his tool.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching her ample breasts bounce as the phone guy fucked her on the desk in all manner of positions.  The pearl necklace she was wearing was a prelude to the bukkake finish to the scene.

The scene with Maxxie Maddron has an unusual setting, the warehouse but one which could quite easily happen.  She takes advantage of her office junior so he can get a raise and she gets to enjoy one from him.

She makes no secret of the fact that he is adequately packing her as she vocalises her enjoyment.  I assume the rest of the staff were on a lunchbreak.  😉

A nice touch with the stocking being used as a gag I thought.

Another bukkake finish and back to work.

Diamond Foxxx has a problem with her figures but not with the tight little pinstripe suit holding back her cleavage, although I did expect a button to come flying off towards the camera any minute.  She calls up her work colleague to come over to her desk and check out her figures and it’s not long before he’s giving them a good going over and fucking the hell out of Diamond.

This scene features some good ball licking and cunnilingus which culminate in the guy being ball deep inside this busty blonde.  I particularly enjoyed the rather unusual use of the desk in this scene and the guy creaming over her pussy as opposed to the face which most of the scenes feature.

Sienna West needs a little help from the IT guy.  Perhaps she needs shoe horning her immense titties in to her jacket.  😉  The poor guy tries his best to remedy the situation whilst being persuaded by the horny Sienna and her cleavage.  Wow!  Is that single button on her jacket under stress?

He makes all the right male to female connections and has her moaning like a whore as he takes her in every position with the addition of the occasional cheeky spank.  Between fuckings I must say Miss West gives incredible head, made me wish I was a guy.  😉

The final scene sees Victoria Valentina teasing Mark Wood, the dirty cow.  It’s not long before she’s unbuttoning her blouse and revealing her large boobs with proportionately sized brown nipples and areolas.  Mark cannot resist any longer and gets to work on her.

At this point I became distracted with the thought of Mark Woods socks.  I know that sounds a little weird, it’s not a fetish of mine.  It goes back to the early days of our porn viewing.  We used to watch a lot of Zero Tolerance films and Mark was in their stable of “reliables”.

Back then he always shot in his white socks, never took them off and it used to make me laugh.  Now some years later I was eager to see if he still wore white and if he still left them on.  Lol

It only took a few minutes to discover the answer.  Yes, he does still keep them on but the colour has now been updated to black.  J  Once I had satisfied myself with the answer I could watch the scene in earnest and I must say Victoria is a real cock hound.

She really did make Mark get his socks dirty and Miss Valentina’s face.

Overall a good production but I did miss the odd anal scene but then again that’s just me.

Featuring: Rayleen,  Maxxie Maddron, Diamond Foxxx,  Sienna West, Victoria Valentina and now for the guys who I can’t attribute to any scenes as they aren’t billed on them, Mr Pete, James Deen, Seth Gamble and Mark Wood

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