Blonde On Brunette Review

Blonde On Brunette
Blonde On Brunette

Natalie and Angie start off this DVD with a high school student arriving home to find she’s locked out. The helpful next door neighbour takes her in and soon helps the girl practice her kissing technique and a lot more. Kissing becomes licking and soon clothes are discarded and out pops a vibrator. Considering the “young” girl is supposed to be inexperienced she seems very adept at pleasuring her MILF neighbour with it. Not a bad scene but it was let down by all the action taking place on a kitchen set on the worktops and a hard table. Surely they would have slipped off to a nice sofa or bed?

Sammy Jayne and Vera act out a scene where the lady of a rather nice house has a girl dance for her for money. Dancing develops to stripping and then, well you can guess what happens. The girls are happy enough to pleasure each other and do make use of a double-ended dildo. However the dildo only ever seems to end up properly inside one of the girls at any one time and at some of the weirdest of angles.

In the third scene Nikki and Zeta are already in bed with very little in the way of clothing to impede the ensuing fun. They slowly undress throughout the scene and are content to use their own body and that of their partner to pleasure themselves.

Sanndy and Sophie take around 10 seconds to tire of the game of pool they are having in the fourth scene, so Sanndy pops out for a few seconds, returning with a dildo and a double dong. I really can’t understand why they then spend a couple of minutes sucking at the double ender when it’s obviously much more fun to be sucking each other and using the dildo properly. They quickly work this out and they begin to peel off their clothes. Sanndy enjoys Sophie’s application of the dildo on her pussy and Sophie receives half the double-ender too. Sadly they don’t share the two-headed sex toy, what a missed opportunity.

Nikki Sands and Cristina get together on the beach. No toys in this scene but keeping sand out of those intimate places has to be difficult enough without props. Quite where they found a beautiful beach deserted enough to film this scene I don’t know but I’d love to find out. A great scene for those of you who like outdoor sex in the true great wide open.

No nonsense sex in hotel rooms is what Sophie Moone and Ella get up to. Dressed in business suits and already horizontal when we join them they find lots of ways to make life as business women on the road a very pleasant experience. Nicely shot and featuring some hot scissor sister action this scene rounds off the DVD perfectly.

How can I sum up this DVD? Well the fresh faces, excellent lighting, intimate and yet sensitive photography are what you expect from a Viv Thomas production. The boobs are (almost all) natural and the scenarios plausible, if occasionally strained when they reach the performers’ acting limits. The use of sex toys is nice, though occasionally silly and not quite fulfilling the potential for extra horniness that they can engender within a scene.

Reading between the lines it appears the scenes were gathered from a number of sources and the differences in directorial style, image quality and tone are obvious to see. That isn’t to say that any of the elements of this DVD are bad, indeed many porn houses would give their metaphorical left testicle to produce a DVD of this calibre. It’s just a bit eclectic and partly because of that not one of Viv’s best offerings. Of course if you like variety and scenes that are varied on a DVD, ignore what I just said. LOL

Featuring: Vera, Angie George, Natalie, Sammy-Jayne, Monika, Zeta, Sanndy, Nikki Sands, Ella, Sophie Moone

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Tori Black Nymphomaniac Review

Tori Black Nymphomaniac
Tori Black Nymphomaniac

A Harmony production, this is one in series of Nymphomaniac releases from the Gazzman stable.  The Nymphomaniac  series are centred around a porn star’s perspective of sex and sexuality.    This DVD is presented by Tori Black, who provides a forward and links between the scenes.

This particular production comprises of 6 scenes, two featuring Tori herself and the others depicting her take on things but starring other girls.  The runtime of the film is 3 hours and 40 minutes, which includes DVD extras such as the familiar Photo Gallery and the far more interesting look Behind the Scenes.

I had never heard of Tori before but she tends to leave a lasting memory, her capacity to swallow cock is unrivalled.  You find yourself asking where she puts it all.  Lol  And she sure has a dirty little mouth on her as she vocalises her commands to her co stars.  Yes, she is an all round dirty bitch.

In her first scene she wastes no time in expressing her need to have 2 cocks in her ass to stretch her and test her.  Now I took this to mean at the same time but having watched her scene I can say yes she did take two cocks in her ass but not together.

This DVD will sate the appetite of the anal and DP connosieur.  Scene 2 is an all on DP fest, why have one cock when she can have two?  That girl doesn’t believe in doing things by half but pays for it in the bukkake finish when she ends up with some in her left eye…that stings…I know.

Along with all the anal action you get your usual helpings of rimming, cunnilingus, fingering and every position known to man including some piledriving.  And all the action takes place in a wonderful period property complete with four poster beds.

Look out for the unusual use of footwear in the first scene and the little touches of fetish in scenes 3 and 5.  This DVD offers a variety of scenarios and fetishes which should fulfil most if not all viewers tastes and fantasies, including a pussy club sandwich.  You will have to watch to find out what I mean.  😉

Tori Black’s Nymphomaniac is a good all round watch but not one I would recommend as a first porn DVD for a couple, it has a hard male edge which makes it a little too hardcore for a female porn newbie.

But for seasoned viewers like myself I found it to be varied with interesting overtures.

This production features: Tori Black, Amabella, Aleska Diamond, Aliz, Michelle Moist, Valery Summer and 3 unnamed blokes, one of whom I recognise from being an experienced viewer of porn as Olivier Sanchez.

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Family Affairs Vol 2 Review

Family Affairs Volume 2
Family Affairs Volume 2

The second in Viv Thomas’ Family Affair series Suze reviewed this over on Himdulgence. As is often the case with Viv’s productions this is a gentle but hardcore production which makes it great for couples and viewers who don’t want a frantic, hard-fucking unrelenting sex fest that some DVDs seem to be.

Features: Madison Parker, Peaches, Jenna Lovely, Nikita, Abbie Cat, Tanya Tate, Pure Angel, Debbie White, James Brossman, Ricardo Bell, Matt Bird

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La Corsetry La Femme Review

La Corsetry La Femme
La Corsetry La Femme

La Corsetry La Femme is an adult movie from Viv Thomas. With more of a feel of the 1940s and 1950s than something strictly for the corset lover it’s an interesting and atmospheric title which I really loved when I reviewed it. My review of La Corsetry La Femme can be found here, on

Features: Vanesa, Evelyn Lory, Ian Tate, George Uhl, Julia Silver, Katy Anderson, Anita Queen, Morgana, Daria Glover, Nikki Sun

Dressing For Sex

Dressing For Sex
Dressing For Sex

This is a Tanya Hyde production for Harmony Films and as you would expect from Tanya the content is very much fetish based.  Which is probably why I like Tanya’s films so much.  😉

The DVD comprises of 4 scenes, each with a different theme and setting which makes the production varied and interesting to watch.  Additionally along with the usual cum shot recaps and gallery there is a behind the scenes footage which makes for good viewing.

You can expect to see lots of leather, rubber and bondage equipment being put to good use.  I particularly like the idea of sitting on the queening chair and letting Jay Snake give me the licking he gave to Shay Hendrix.

If you are in to love swings, stainless steel toys, fucking frames and bondage chairs, all held together with a little bondage rope and a flogger, this one is for you.  And if you are in to dressing up you will appreciate the naughty outfits the cast wear, ranging from gothic to full on BDSM.  Watch out for the clever use of a spreader bar in the last scene.

As you would expect with a Harmony production the film quality, lighting and camera angles are of a professional level and feature plenty of close up’s.

It was refreshing to see the use of stainless steel toys in the second scene entitled Leatherotica, Angelica Heart’s ass got well and truly toyed with.  😉  Being a keen toy user myself it’s always good to see toys being used and portrayed as an accompaniment to sex rather than them being seen as a replacement.

The girls are given a good fucking by the two males featured in Dressing For Sex and are put through all the usual positions with a rather good pile driver vignette.  As you may already have gathered there is no shortage of anal in this production either and even a little ATM for the connoisseurs.

If you like your hardcore with a bit of kink this DVD is the one for you and anything featuring Jay Snake gets my vote anyway.  With a runtime of 3 hours 16 minutes there is plenty to feast your eyes on. Lol

Featuring: Lou Charmelle, Angell Summers, Shay Hendrix, Brooke Jameson, Alexa Andreas, Jasmine Webb, Angelica Heart, Ian Scott and the lurvely Jay Snake

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Hot Silk Review

Viv Thoma Hot Silk
Viv Thoma Hot Silk

Hot Silk is an Adult DVD that takes the care and time to set a scene for its all female cast. A scene within which they all perform to the usual high standard that you’d expect from a Viv Thomas production.

There are five scenes:

The Mistress And The Au Pair, involving an older woman and her gorgeous Au Pair engaged in the sort of activities they don’t mention at the agency.  And if any of you ladies reading this want the number of the agency where you can get hot lesbian or bisexual domestic help I don’t have it. Though I’m considering setting one up 🙂

Come Here and Worship Me Sex Slave, probably the weakest scene in that the premise of one woman borrowing another woman’s sex slave could have resulted in a great piece of kinky D/s porn – it just didn’t because the scene doesn’t quite gel for me. It doesn’t feel as natural as the rest of the DVD.

An Unexpected Situation (And two crazy Czech Girls), it’s a randy boy (or girl’s) wet dream. Two Czech girls are staying at Paulo’s flat on their own when Paulo’s niece arrives soaking wet and asking for a place to stay because her flat it flooded. The Czech girls take her in at Paulo’s instructions, shower her off and bring her off.

Best Friends Forever is a tale about two girls, one of who discovers a double dildo at home and shows it to her friend. They start to laugh, joke and take pictures of themselves with it. One thing leads to another and by the end of the scene they have kissed, caressed and masturbated themselves and each other until moist and satisfied. Which is where one of the girl’s mothers, and owner of the double dong walks in.

Tell Me The Truth, is the final scene where a mutual friend of the girls from the previous scene learns all about their encounter. The double dildo makes an appearance but only as the trigger for a charmingly self-conscious description of the events explaining why the girl fled with her friend’s mother’s dildo in her rucksack which leads into these two girls getting it on too.

Apart from the “Mistress” in Scene 1 being a little over-vocal, Scene 2 having too much and slightly unconvincing dialogue  and the Mother’s reaction to discovering the “Friends” immediately post-coitus being rather dubiously acted it’s difficult to find fault with this movie as an example of its genre.

This is a slow paced movie for the most part, filmed throughout with care and great technique. It proves that a little attention to detail when creating a storyline, basic characterisation and selecting good locations lifts an adult DVD out of the mediocre mass of releases out there and makes it a pleasure to watch.

If you are in the mood for a frantic hard banging fuck fest then this isn’t the move for you. Although the double ended dildo makes two appearances it doesn’t get put to any serious use, which is a pity IMHO, but I’m sure we’ll see that in another title from Viv Thomas.

When it comes to gentle girl-girl porn, nobody does it better than Viv Thomas.

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