Ladyboys Fantasy 2 Review

Ladyboys Fantasy 2
Ladyboys Fantasy 2

This is another production brought to you courtesy of Swedish company Sexsense, I reviewed another of their DVD’s a few days ago.

Ladyboys Fantasy 2 is filmed in a rather voyeuristic fashion using a hand held camera which occasionally produces strange angles and shakiness, which adds to the feeling that you are taking part in an opportune peek at some rather naughty sex acts.  😉  The runtime is a modest 93 minutes.

The DVD comprises a collection of 4 scenes, three of which are LB to M and the final one LB, M & F which makes for some interesting viewing which I will go in to more detail about later in this review.

The production team have attempted to make the scenes varied and have supplied plenty of action.  There are plenty of blow jobs and deep throating which I found a bit of a turn on.  All of this is followed up with lots of wanking, licking, sucking and of course fucking.

You see the guys going through all the standard hetro positions, with reverse cowgirl being one of my favourites because you get the added bonus of the odd wank going on whist they are being fucked or maybe just a bouncing erection which is so naughty.

There’splenty of mutual masturbation a practice I enjoyed watching, sixty nining and one scene features an interesting application of a condom.  Yes, they do practice safe sex in this production with the guys wearing condoms.

Now to the third scene.  This one starts with the LB and M in the tub engaging in a soapy wank and suck scene when a female enters the bathroom.   She starts to rub one out as the guys carry on with their pleasuring of each other.  The scene then moves to the bedroom where everyone gets all their holes filled with cock.  It makes for a varied and enjoyable scene.

Overall I found this a pretty good DVD but it does have a limited audience, in that you have to be comfortable with watching two guys get it on obviously.  If it doesn’t bother you or if chicks with dicks are your thing then you will enjoy the viewing.

Featuring: Laura Ferraz, Pierre D J, Luciana, Luca Borromeo, Carolina, Max Scag, Renata Davila, Sheila Stone, Raoul Montana

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Viv Thomas Secrets 3

Secrets 3
Secrets 3

This is the third production in the Secrets Trilogy from the Viv Thomas stable with a run time of 139 minutes.  I very much enjoyed the first Secrets but the second I felt didn’t live up to the first.  So I’m pleased to say that they have reigned it back in again with this DVD.

Each of the five scenes are intimately filmed with plenty of light and close ups.  The overall feel that you get from watching this DVD is one of intimate moments of love and lust as opposed to wham bam thank you ma’am style which seems to prevail at the moment.

This doesn’t detract from the scenes in any way it adds to them, I’ve seen all too many overtly long cock sucking and “show the camera what you’ve got” starters that I now long for something different.  And you will find that this DVD covers all the bases.

There are scenes of intimacy, deep kissing, fondling, sucking of nipples…yes, you remember foreplay don’t you?  You will see the couples engaging in lots of foreplay during play and after play.  😉

Not to say that there aren’t some more hardcore moments in Secrets 3, you will find ample servings of anal, rimming and finger fuckery.  There are 3 MF scenes and 2 GG scenes all with the familiar theme of being a secret desire which works wonderfully well.

All of the guys I would certainly do which is unusual for me to contemplate these days and most of the girls.  I say most of the girls because the only thing which disappointed me about this DVD was something nobody involved in the production could have done anything about.

I was saddened to see a girl that I haven’t seen since my early days of watching porn.  Simony Diamond makes an appearance but not as I remember her, fresh faced, green eyed and brunette.  She is now peroxide blonde and looking a little ropey, what happened to her?  She stood out as being the lesser attractive female in this production, whereas at one time she was stunning.

Oh well…

Back to the rest of the review.  I found all of the scenes delicious and the girl on girl was so genuinely performed, no flicky tongue kisses and reluctance to taste pussy.  You could tell that the girls enjoy having sex with other girls.  The toys scene is particularly good.  Oh and the finger licking good ending.

I found Scenes 3 to be what most mainstream productions have lost these days and as such it would make a very good couples DVD.  And I don’t mean that in a lack of action kind of way because there is plenty of that to suit all tastes.

And as an added bonus I realised I’ve never tried a pocket rocket.  Right I’m off to find one now…

Featuring: Bailey, Sandra Shine, Cindy Hope, Simony Diamond, Blue Angel, Brandy Smile, James Brossman, Keni Styles and Renato

You can buy this movie here.

Sodomized Sluts Review

Sodomized Sluts
Sodomized Sluts

This is another one from the Gazzman stable and distributed by Harmony.  It features 5 scenes of ass busting fun all filmed from multiple angles so you don’t miss any of the action.

All of the girls are “natural” and good looking I have a soft spot for Valentina and Hennesy but Roxy has the edge when it comes to boobs, I would just lurve to…  Ok, I’ll have to stop myself there before I go off at a tangent.  😉

If you like plenty of anal, gaping and ATM this production will satisfy your needs.  The girls eagerly take their cock from all angles with some good close up footage and interesting use of furniture.

As you would expect from Harmony the production quality is excellent with multiple cameras, good lighting and surroundings.

The first scene with Shanron Lee features an imaginative method of lubricant application, keep you eyes out for that.  Other scenes feature glass toys being inserted in various orifices and a speculum for those with a medical fetish.

If you like tit wanks you will be delighted with the scene featuring Hennesy, this DVD may be a good one for the anal enthusiast but it also offers a variety of other acts to keep us all happy.  It was a refreshing change to not see bukkake finishes as is the way with most hardcore porn these days.

Sodomized Sluts sees the guys creaming assholes and torso splattering which makes a pleasant departure from the formulaic but disappoints as far as the male participation is concerned.  There are only 2 guys doing 5 women which for me is a bit of a let down, I like a bit of variety when it comes to my porn.

This DVD also has Extras including a Cumshot Recap in case you missed them the first time round and a Gallery with a runtime of 2 hours and 41 minutes.

Featuring:  Sharon Lee, Valentina Blue, Donna Bell, Hennesy, Roxy Taggart and two guys who didn’t get a mention of the cover.  lol
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