Malice In La La Land Preview

Malice In La La Land
Malice In La La Land

Malice In La La Land has been a long time coming to DVD so when it dropped on to our mat I thought it would be good to give you a sneak preview of what to expect before we complete the full review.

The production is one of the costliest in porn’s recent history, the cost being increased by shooting on 35mm film unlike almost all of today’s pornographic films that use HD digital video. During the production one of the reels had to be completely re-shot according to our industry sources so that can’t have cheered up the backers and cause a bit of panic within the production company.

Malice In La La Land has been available on streaming for a while, the DVD release obviously held back until that revenue stream had been fully exploited.

What dropped out of the shiny red envelope when we opened Malice In La La Land was something quite unlike anything we’ve reviewed before. Shrink wrapped in plastic we received a DVD case in the form of a book. Hell the finish is like that of one of my old school books!

The cover art owes its inspiration to Sin Cities, the front featuring Sasha Grey, Andy San Dimas and Kagney Linn. It credits amongst others, Keni Styles and the omnipresent Ron Jeremy. I assume Ron’s appearance is a cameo at this stage because although the venerable old man of porn does still act when I saw him at breakfast in Berlin last year he has the look of an actor made (as they say at the RSC) for “character parts” these days. All hail the mighty hedgehog!

Inside the cover is a graphic novel of the film (Frank Miller will be smiling knowingly at this point), and the DVD.

Well, now there is only one thing to do. Read the graphic novel, watch the DVD and let all you naughty little creatures know just how deep the rabbit hole goes …

You can buy this movie here.