Foreplay Magazine Review

Foreplay Magazine Cover
Foreplay Magazine Cover
Foreplay Magazine is a new kind of adult publication and for that let me say a quiet Hallelujah!

That may sound a bit odd but before I explain how different it is let me explain my thoughts on other adult periodicals. Some are specialist and therefore do not have a wide audience. They are great for what you could generally call special interest groups but not something that the wider porn loving public would generally buy. Then there are the decreasing number of more general pornographic magazines. These are struggling because there is little to differentiate them from each other but more importantly the Internet is providing most of what they can provide – for free.

So is there a space in the market for a new pornographic periodical?

The people behind Foreplay magazine like to think so. With an editorial staff that could best be described as eclectic and fun loving they cover a diverse range of topics around sex, sexuality,  relationships and kink in their publication.

Foreplay Magazine is probably very different from anything you’ve seen before. First of all it’s in a small format, easy to hold, easy to read and easy to slip quietly away when you aren’t reading it. Of its 200 pages, just under one third is ads. However they do not intrude as they occupy the back section of the magazine. Their collection of chat lines, stores, kinky getaways and personal services are there if you want them, not in your face.

What is also not in your face is page after page of models with their legs open and pouty poses. If you are looking for acres of naked flesh on display Foreplay isn’t the mag for you.

Foreplay does however offer something that has become all but absent from adult magazines in the last ten years or so – fun. You may disagree but I find a lot of the editorial in other adult mags to be joyless and formulaic, not something that Foreplay could be accused of. Its style is frank, open and honest. It’s about sexuality, not just about jacking off. But if you do want to jack off then there’s some very nice erotic fiction for you to read, in my opinion a far more fulfilling way to become aroused than airbrushed pictures.

Some of the sections in Foreplay are what you’d expect, the aforementioned erotic fiction, letters page and reviews of DVDs, toys and clubs. What will come as a refreshing change to anyone used to “traditional” porn mags is features like the one about a CFNM fetish party, a report from Torture Garden in Italy and an honest and therefore enlightening piece by Jane Fae about being a transvestite and the attitudes of others towards TV men.

I can thoroughly recommend Foreplay Magazine to anyone wanting something a little different from their adult mags. As Suze put it, Foreplay is like the adult version of readers Digest, and they won’t try and get you to enter into a prize draw!

Aphrodiziac Review


Aphrodiziac is a Harmony release and a Tanya Hyde production.  I’m a big fan of Tanya’s work predominantly because they appeal to my fetish side, you will always find a selection of kinky outfits, specialist equipment and toys at use in these films.

The DVD has four scenes, each with a different theme and many acts within each.  If you have a kink you will probably find something in here to suit.  On offer is pussy shaving, suspension, slave training and everything in between. It’s a really good collection of everything fetish that I find arousing.

The first scene sets the tone for the whole DVD and features the absolutely gorgeous Jay Snake who gets down to his usual attentive ministrations of sucking, licking and fingering.  This guy really gets in to all the nooks and crannies and is simply perfect at rimming.

Aphrodiziacs will appeal to those liking inter-racial scenes because there is a lovely large black cock in a couple of the scenes.

All my favourite kinks are sated, you get to be part of MFM, double penetration, flagellation, bondage and all this with a sprinkling of ATM action.  And that is just in the first scene!

Claudia Rossi and Ree Petra get to lez it up in the second scene and are fucked within an inch of their lives by the wonderfully equipped Jay Snake.  I suppose it must be great getting paid to be fucked by your boyfriend, lucky Claudia.  😉

If you are in to Burlesque, tattoos and naughty military style uniforms then scene three will get your motor running.  It will also indulge the anal fiends out there as the girls get their asses stretched by some rather large cock.

The final scene is entitled Dragon’s Den and bears no resemblance to the televised version, you won’t find Duncan Bannatyne sitting in a comfy chair.  But what you will get is an enslaved babe getting gang banged.  Lots of leather, hoods and cock!

I think this DVD could be one of Tanya’s finest productions, great girls, great guys and lots of rubbery naughtiness.

I’m off to watch it again!

Aphrodiziacs has a runtime of 2 hours and 48 minutes and features Aletta Ocean, Ree Petra, Claudia Rossi, Missy Macabre, Cindy Dollar, Simone Style, Lucy Belle, Marc Rose, Andy Mann, Omar and the unforgettable Jay Snake.

You can buy this movie here.

Dirty Pretty Things With Hairy Pussies Review

Dirty Pretty Things WithHairy Pussies
Dirty Pretty Things WithHairy Pussies

This DVD is another production from the Italian company ATV.  It comprises 4 girl boy scenes and has a runtime of 104 minutes, which by today’s standards is short but it doesn’t suffer for being bijou far from it.

The scenes all take place indoors and are well light but not inspirational in their content.  All the action takes place on a sofa in someone’s living room I kept finding myself looking for something they forgot to put away before filming started.  But that’s me always looking for quirky angles.  😉

As the title of this DVD suggests, all the girls are sporting very furry muffs so if you are in to hairy lady gardens this one’s for you.  And I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the two guys in the scenes are sporting the same amount of fuzz on their faces, so if you are in to beards this will also please.

All the girls featured are young and attractive and they even throw in a redhead for good measure.  Being one myself I was pleased to see that they didn’t go down the blonde route, in fact you won’t find one in this production.  Rare indeed.

And if you are in to anal action you will enjoy the first scene because it’s 100% anal, the guy goes nowhere near her pussy so you get to see it in all its glory throughout the scene.  Lovers of ATM will have their appetites sated too.

You will find a nice collection of not overly extended scenes on this DVD all finished off with sticky facials.  The short runtime does mean you could watch it all over again when you get to the end or maybe just your favourite parts.

It’s a good all round DVD featuring all natural girls with a hatred of waxing which I’m sure most viewers will enjoy.

Dirty Pretty Things With Hairy Pussies is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

Featuring Ira, Kristina, Masha and Oksana

You can also buy the movie online here.