Secrets – Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas Secrets
Viv Thomas Secrets

This DVD was a delight to watch, it has a tenderness and chemistry between the actors which has been lost in most modern day porn with the increasing need to push the boundaries.  The actors appear to have an intimacy between them which shines through in each scene.  If you like skull fucking, gagging, face slapping and throat grasping this isn’t the DVD for you.

But don’t be under the misapprehension that Secrets is tame, it still contains the hard hitting action you would expect from today’s porn, including anal of course but without the course additives you get in other productions.

It’s most unusual for all of the starts to be attractive in a DVD but this one features some stunning girls and some hot guys.  I did recognise James Brossman and Blue Angel with the distinctive nipples from Miss Lucifer’s Hell Is Where The Party Is which you can find the review of Hell Is Where The Party Is here.

As you may have already worked out for yourselves, each scene is a naughty secret.

Secret 1 – This is about a girl who has a thing for her fellow housemate’s guy and fucks him rather sweetly in her room.  There is a wonderful close tender overtone to this scene with plenty of deep and passionate kissing and caressing but of course she does get a good seeing to as well.

Even the blow job she gives him is with feeling and attention as she swirls her tongue around his head, licking sucking and pleasuring him. Instead of the usual audience driven action you really do feel that she is enjoying it as much as him.

He ensures that she is satisfied right up the end when he fucks her ass and withdraws to spray her ass with his seed.  A refreshing change from the cliché BJ and facial finish.

Secret 2 – Is an interracial relationship which her family object to.  For me this was probably the most clichéd of all the scenes with the over emphasised drawing of breath over teeth, overtly licking lips and sighing, it was all a bit too typically porn.

It sounded like an asthma convention is a hotel room somewhere.  Lol  Very off putting.  If you are in to deep throating Keisha doesn’t disappoint, she showcases her talent to the full.  You will be taken on a journey thought doggy style, missionary and cow girl but there’s no anal and you get the classic facial finish.

Secret 3 – She is having a relationship with her step brother and is going to let him fuck her ass.  This has to be one of my favourite scenes on the DVD, the girl is stunning and I have thing for James Brossman who I mentioned earlier.

Shalina has the most amazing nipples, I’ll say no more you will have to check them out for yourselves.  He gives her a good fucking missionary and doggy to warm her up and then slips himself inside her tight little ass.

Despite the nature of the scene I found it to be tender as he lay across he back writhing inside her ass, I’m getting quite wet just thinking about it.  😉  A very enjoyable scene with beautiful people and BJ finish as she wanks him in to her mouth.

Secret 4 – Is sex with a best friend’s daughter.  To set the scene she visits doctor and he does more than examine her.  If you have a thing for doctor’s whites and gowns this will be right up your street.  And I can’t resist saying that he keeps on taking her temperature and she seems to like it.  Lol

All the on table action culminates him the good doctor spewing his sperm out on to her pussy.

Secret 5…

I shall refrain from telling you any more about the individual scenes and let you purchase the DVD to find out for yourself what happens in scene’s 5 & 6.

Secrets didn’t disappoint, the settings were well light and the camera angles good although at times I did feel I wanted to get in a little closer to the action.  I almost forgot, a constant irritant to me is the looking at camera and gesticulating, you get none of that in this DVD just good interaction between the couples.  I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the 131 minutes of naughtiness.  😉

Featuring: Blue Angel, Alysa, Bailey, Bianca Arden, Keisha Kane, Shalina Devine, Nick Lang, James Brossman, Ricardo Bell, Matt Bird

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Young Harlots – School trip

Young Harlots School Trip Gazzman
Young Harlots School Trip Gazzman

Gazzman’s “Young Harlots School Trip” has a lot in common with many film franchises from mainstream cinema and continues the Young Harlots series that pop up regularly from Harmony, one of the UK’s most prominent adult production houses. Like mainstream films it extends a series with consumer appeal and excellent brand recognition.

This  particular instalment of the series has a one line premise “Lexi has been a good girl and is sent away  to the states as a reward”. As you might imagine this is where Lexi gets bad. There follows 3 hours and 5 minutes of slightly over-aged school girls demonstrating every sexual position the director can get them to try.

The kinky attractions of grown-up girls pretending to be schoolgirls is undoubted and the outfits alone are a favourite with many men. What’s lacking here is the faux innocence that also ads to the fantasy, especially when played out between consenting adults – that is the knowledge that the woman who’s about to have her brains fucked out may be wearing the same uniform she wore in the sixth form – but that was a few years ago and she’s learned a lot since then …

So what we are left with is a DVD with no atmosphere and, flimsy collegiate pretence aside, no real plot either. The scenes progress and do their best to cover all the required elements of an adult movie. If you like predictable, mechanical porn film then this one will be perfect. There’s little narrative to get in the way of the fucking and no surprises when it comes to the sex.

The DVD extras are unimaginative comprising a cum shot recap and photo gallery.

This DVD will sell to lovers of the Young Harlots series and to buyers browsing the shelves of the adult stores because of the title.

You will not find anything in this DVD that you can’t find elsewhere. However the production values are pretty good, video quality and technical execution the same and in those respects at least it’s better than the raft of cheaply produced films with similar content.

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