Chopper Chicks Review

Chopper Chicks
Chopper Chicks

This is the second lady boy DVD I reviewed and would fall in to the quick shag category.  The length of the production is just 89 minutes which is short by today’s standards but at the same time doesn’t tend to feature long and protracted scenes which can sometimes be arduous to view.

Chopper chicks is another Italian ATV production of four scenes and no extras, again another unusual aspect as most have a behind the scenes section or photo shoots.  This one is all about the “filling” and not the side plates.

All of the scenes take place indoors and end up in the bedroom, I would have liked to have seen a little more variety but non the less they were all very well filmed even if it was to a quite cheesy bit of elevator music.

A new addition to the scenes is the use of condoms which weren’t used in the last DVD I watched but may now be part of the European legislation and I suppose act as a double safety, although the porn stars should be tested regularly I can see the importance of rubbering up.  But for me personally I find it a bit off putting, probably based on personal experience.  I find that condoms have a numbing effect on both the wearer and the receiver.

The first scene started well with a chick with a dick, a heterosexual male and a girl.  I thought we could be in for some kinky scenes, the possibilities seemed endless.  I was imagining the guy taking the girl doggy style whilst being fucked by the chick with the dick or the chopper chick sat on the guys lap and fucking the girl straddling him.

Unfortunately, none of the above took place apart from in my head.  The scenes were well produced but would have benefited from a bit of a twist (see above) but nonetheless the production was enjoyable in all but one aspect.

The third scene was one I had seen before on the previous chicks with dicks DVD I had reviewed, which given the length of the production left me feeling slightly irked.

You will be sated if you like a bit of cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style and mutual wanking with lots of external cum shots, with a bukkake topping.  Oh, and I almost forgot a hetro man giving head to the chick with a dick.

I’m sure despite my criticisms you will find Chopper Chicks enjoyable viewing as the lady boys are all attractive and well shaved.

Chopper Chicks is retailed in the UK by Simply Pleasure stores. You can find your nearest local store here.

Featuring: Maggy, Michelle F, Asia, Bia NMAstronianni, Giovanna Ross, Valentino, Max, Edo Montini, Yuri