Brazzers Mommy Got Boobs

Mommy Got Boobs DVD
Mommy Got Boobs DVD

This is my first Brazzers DVD and I don’t know if they all tend to follow a particular theme but I wasn’t very keen on the idea of each scene involving the stars acting.  It didn’t work and some scenes had to be fast forwarded.

The sets were well light but unfortunately all took place in the bedroom except for the scene featuring the television repair guy.  I know, don’t ask.  Lol

It doesn’t matter If you are in to blondes, brunettes and redhead’s there is something for everyone here.  Oh yeah, and boobs, there’s lots of them, each one of these babes is stacked.  Hence the title I suppose.

I did find myself missing the exquisite camera angles which can be achieved with higher production costs.  Close ups were rare and most of the time you had to make do with a backseat view.  Photography has come on in leaps and bounds and I believe this DVD suffered from lack of “exposure”, I know it’s a pun but fitting.

All the scenes as I pointed out take place indoors and you can expect to see the young ladies put through their postional paces.  You get to see them do cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy style.

But don’t expect to see any piledriving, double penetration (except for a strange scene involving one of the girls finger fucking herself with the guy still inside her) or anal in this one.  Despite my criticism of various aspects of the DVD I did enjoy the enthusiasm the girls showed in the scenes and if you are in to moaners, well these girls know how to.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention a personal favourite of mine, titty fucking.  There is a copious amount of tit wanking which you normally only see on specialist DVD’s but here it is part of a few of the scenes.  😉

I would recommend this as first timer hardcore action, when you want to make the transition from 18 to R18.  It would also be a good one to watch with your girlfriend/wife because there are some hunks in there for perving at along with a fair amount of pussy worship.

The girls featured and in no particular order are Sienna West, Ava Lauren, Kristal Summers, Sara Jay, Holly Harrison and a bonus scene with Austin Kincaid who I would be more than happy to finger fuck any day.

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Anal Debauchery Review

Anal Debauchery
Anal Debauchery

Anal debauchery offers ten scenes of anal sex on a double disk set. That’s a lot of anal porn for back door lovers out there. The scenes were produced over a couple of years which is a little unusual, but more of that below, first the scenes and female performers:

  1. Sharka Blue
  2. Elle Brooke And Isabella Ice
  3. McKenzie Lee
  4. Alicia Rhodes Tina Fine
  5. Dora Venter
  6. Taylor And Elizabeth
  7. Lyla Lei
  8. Alicia Rhodes
  9. Sarah And Sharka Blue
  10. Ashley Long

Scene 2, titled “The Gimp” is a particularly favourite of this reviewer because of their personal liking for a bit of kink. Scenes 4 and 8 featuring Alicia Rhodes are filled with her usual vigour too, if you’ve seen Alicia you’ll know what I’m saying. Scene 4 and 1 feature two very mature schoolgirls looking to be “educated” in the ways of anal.

Confused yet by all this jumping around? Well we were a bit. Two of the scenes have a narrative, the rest don’t and it transpires that at least two of the scenes on the DVD have featured before on DVD releases. Now that’s not such a bad thing unless you’ve watched as much porn as we do and therefore notice these things. There’s lots of variety, lots of anal so if that’s what you’re looking for then this one is worth a look, you’ll probably like something on the DVD.

The problem is that the DVD has no atmosphere because of the disparate sources of material. The production is adequate to excellent as you would expect of a Harmony DVD. And as you’ll also expect the scripts are risible and the acting appalling when dialogue is involved. Even when moaning is all that’s required it does sometimes grate, for example the noise of Sharka Blue constantly whining in scene 1, even when she’s not being fucked and sucked was a turn-off even though she tries her hardest – perhaps too hard – to appear to be gagging for it.

The DVD extras are limited to the dull and unimaginative cum shots and trailers, but hey there’s plenty to watch in the main feature.

Watched in isolation the DVD does what it says on the tin and delivers nearly five hours of anal porn. Watched with the sound down for some of the scenes you might find it more enjoyable. Though leave it up for Alicia Rhodes as her potty mouth is always a treat. This one will not win awards, except perhaps for it’s incredibly long run time.

You can buy this movie here.

Moscow Milfs Review

Moscow Milfs
Moscow Milfs
Moscow Milfs is a DVD that makes the viewer ask a simple question. “Why?”

The concept of the Milf, the Mrs Robinson character, the seductive older woman is one that appeals to many men. The idea that a sophisticated mature lady would like to get it on with you has all sorts of possibilities and adds a different perspective to male fantasies and porn.

That is not the problem.

Moscow Milfs is a film in which I can find no redeeming qualities.

The performances are flat and unenthusiastic, each female performer appearing to be resigned to their appearance. There is a sad, tired, dreary and self-conscious demeanour to all the women involved as the scenes plod on through the course of the DVD.

The first scene is lacking in any sort of sexual excitement for the performers or the viewer and it just goes down hill from there. Eventually I just skipped through the later scenes in a desperate rush to get to the end.

As for the production the video is low quality and amateurish, the lighting flat and the sound only just adequate. The scenes take place in what look like a dilapidated apartment rented from someone’s mate. There are no extras, but that’s probably a good thing.

The DVD is painful to watch, avoid it like the plague.