3 Cocks To Enjoy Review

3 Cocks To Enjoy
3 Cocks To Enjoy

This Italian production from the ATV stable doesn’t have a high production value but it is well lit, filmed, and the girls all get what they came for.  There are 4 girls eager to please 3 cocks, most girl’s fantasy to be enjoyed by several men all at the same time.

The DVD runs for 88 minutes and is split in to three scenes featuring a brunette, redhead and a blonde so the cover was slightly confusing when it says there are 4 Italian babes in the production but never the less every guy’s taste is catered for.  Oh, and girls…I had my eye on one of the girls, you will have to read the full review to find out who.  😉

3 Cocks To Enjoy is a very honest production with no airs to pretention, all the scenes are filmed indoors I presume in apartments and houses.  As seems to be the way with porn the guys aren’t named but the girls are, you will see Alice Ricci, Isabella and Lydia St Martin get all their holes filled.

Scene 1 – featuring Alice Ricci

Alice Ricci enters the scene with two guys totally naked on the sofa, she hastily makes a bee line for their cocks and starts going down on each of them in turn.  Rather interestingly there is a love swing in the background suspended from the ceiling, which comes in to play later.

Once the guys have been aroused she turns her back on them crawling across the floor to the third cock who is also seated and naked.  There is lots of cock and ball sucking and the obligatory kneeling surrounded by three cocks scenario which features in all three scenes.

Then we switch to Alice being suspended in the rather inadequate love swing, where the only support offered by the ineffective straps is around her back and waist.  This woman needs commending for managing to film the whole scene with no neck or head support and I couldn’t help wondering just how long it took for her to get rid of the crick in her neck.  But the guys didn’t have any discomfort, the swing height was adjustable via an electric pulley.  Lol

She is duly serviced being finger fucked, head fucked and taken in every orifice before the scene switches back to the sofa and her being DP’d whilst blowing the other guys cock.  Alice gets fucked by each guy in turn and if you like anal and gaping this one is for you.

Then we cut back to the swing where Alice gets her pert little breasts coated in cream.  She then materialises back on the sofa where the third guy finally gets to coat her ass in a copious amount of cum.

Scene 2 – featuring Isabella

Isabella is on the sofa paying attention to her breasts and then rises to walk over to the all too familiar scene of three totally naked and seated guys waiting for her attentions.  She quickly rouses them with her mouth and the action starts with all four of them taking up various positions on the sofa.

Isabella finds her mouth full most of the time during the sofa gymnastics, keeping three guys happy at the same time means every hole is covered.  She is fucked in the in the arse and pussy by each guy before submitting to a round of DP action with the guys.  We then have a little reverse cowgirl DP culminating in the third guy blowing his load over Isabella’s face.

Then something I haven’t seen before happens.  He licks his cum from Isabella and spits it over her shoulder, one assumes on the guy under her.

She then attempts to bring the guy under her off, bouncing eagerly on his dick whilst being treated to another spattering of cum once more from the other guy.  The third guy finally wanks himself over the kneeling Isabella.

Scene 3 – featuring Lydia St Martin

I bet you can’t guess how this scene starts.  Lol  Lydia appears in the room wearing a netty dress, if you are in to dresses made of hole it will be right up your street but I’m not a fan of “netwear”.

And yes, we have three naked guys adorning three sofas.  All three rise from their seats and begin to suck and caress her wonderful nipples.  This girl has a lovely pair of large natural breasts, and yes she was my favourite.

There is lots of cock sucking and a brief titty fucking and then they swing in to action they move through a series of sexual gymnastics including reverse cowgirl, doggy style and DP.  I was rather disappointed that she kept the dress on and obscured her lovely rack and the titty play just didn’t happen.

But there were moments of compensation, in particular the clit play and the piledriving and DP piledriving.  They engage in a round of anal/pussy piledriving which finishes with Lydia getting a three man creamy mouthful.

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