Sperma Party Review

Sperma Party
Sperma Party

This fuck fest is an Italian production which is quite a refreshing change from the plethora of stateside porn.  It features four hot ladies and a group of forty guys who are prepared to wait in turn for a chance to stick it to these babes.

I would normally steer clear of gang bangs because they tend to be overly complicated, too many hands, feet and genitalia for you to be able to keep track of the action.  But this DVD broke the mould it has been very well produced and the lighting is extremely good.

Although filmed in the POV format the scenes are cut together very well so you don’t loose out on any of the dirty action despite several couples, triples and quadruples all getting it on at the same time.

Every hole is filled in Sperma Party, you get to see Spitroast’s, Double Penetration, ATM, MFM, FMF and everything between.  They even throw in a couple of poledancing poles as it appears to have been shot in a club.

The DVD is split in to four scenes with the first featuring the four girls getting it on with each other on the stage.  Warming up whilst the guys are wanking up.  The guys sit watching the girls as they lick, suck and finger fuck each other.  You will even spot the odd glass dildo in there.  It’s not long before the girls are nice and moist and the guys as hard as rocks and ready to fuck.

Scenes two and three take you start at varying stages in the party so you can skip through to resume your viewing where you left off.  The scenes are splattered with cum shots which are all external and culminate in a naughty bukkake scene at the end of the gangbang where a blonde gets covered in it.

Finally the girls regroup to lick the blonde clean and snowball.  Nice finish.  But that’s not all the auburn haired girl takes a shower while the crew sit on stage dressed and chatting.  At this point I wished I could understand Italian.

They are chatting away and one of the guys goes back stage and summons the red haired girl back to the stage where all the crew are waiting for her.  I bet you can’t guess what happens next.

You will have to watch the DVD to find out.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sperma Party because it wasn’t pretending to be anything other than a jolly good gang bang.

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Knickers Off Review

Knickers Off Strangelove
Knickers Off Strangelove

Knickers Off stars a number of familiar faces from the Harmony Films stable and features some familiar locations. Being a film by Strangelove you know it’s going to have a certain feel to it and that it’s not going to be run of the mill.

Cindy Dollar’s opening scene is striking to say the least because of her Polka dot dress. I think the guys watching her entrance down the back stairs of Harmony’s favourite central London location were sold on fucking her as soon as she lifted the hem of her dress to reveal her suspenders and absence of underwear. The subsequent five minutes of her wiggling her incredibly fuckable ass at them while they tossed themselves off was therefore bafflingly long-winded.

Cindy’s four and a half minute solo session is beautifully lit and filmed, you really want to pull her hand out of her pussy and replace it with something a little more substantial. Our two lecherous guys appear and after receiving ten minutes of fellatio between them give Cindy a vaginal and anal slamming that will make you gasp at its ferocity.

This could be the highlight of the entire video. If Alexandra Cat walked past you wearing no bra, a leather coat stockings, suspenders and high heeled boots most people would have trouble stopping themselves whistling at her. Well don’t because when three guys in a bar did that she whipped their asses hard with a riding crop and insisted they service her within an inch of their lives. If you weren’t a fan of Alexandra cat before this scene you will be after seeing it.

One huge disappointment about the strap-on sex scene with the legendary Strap-on Jane is that the director saw fit not to show Jane’s face! Why? Jane is a dirty bitch and legendary exponent of strap-on sex. The lack of a face associated with a strap-on reduced her role to that of a convenient sex toy and that destroyed the scene for me. Very poor show.

Naughty nurses are a common fetish and play theme in the bedroom. If you like the thought of two filthy minded SRNs attending to you in hospital then this scene will press the right buttons for you. Robyn Truelove and Jordanna Black take on a bandaged patient strapped down to a bondage bed. If you shut your eyes through their savage use of a penis pump on the prostrate and helpless “patient” the rest of the scene will have your blood pressure rising (I don’t believe I just wrote that, LOL). The patient makes a miraculous recovery and repays the girls oral attentions with vigorous use of his own instruments on them.

Alexandra Cat
Alexandra Cat

I can’t help wondering if Jay Snake got a slight tingling of trepidation when he agreed to do a scene with Ebony GoddeXXX and Kerry Louise. Strapped to a chair and cruelly slapped, then tortured with an electrostim wand on his cock. This is true domination, right up to the point that they can resist Jay Snake’s obvious charms no longer and submit to a slamming three-way fucking. At one point Ebony sits wanking lasciviously in a chair as Jay fucks Kerry to within an inch of her life. Kerry Louise’s vocal appreciation is so loud at times that the sound volume clips and distorts the on-scene audio track. Bad girl, what a screamer!

The menus look as good as the slick and eye catching sleeve, the polka dot pattern on Cindy Dollar’s dress and shoes being carried throughout the visual design . The extras are disappointing, just a cumshot recap and photo gallery, not what you would have expected from an otherwise competently produced DVD. A behind the scenes or a cast interview would have been good. The incidental music is a cut above most other adult films, contemporary, non-intrusive and often creates a slightly unreal feeling to the whole movie.

Knickers off could have been better, the criticisms levelled above explain why, primarily over-long sequences that at times become dull,  but don’t let that stop you from seeing this movie. There are some great scenes and performances which the issues with the production and direction don’t overshadow.

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Seriously Sexy Stocking Fillers Review

Seriously Sexy Stocking Fillers
Seriously Sexy Stocking Fillers

Xcite books publish erotic anthologies and novels that are available online and on the high street. If you are a regular reader of Erotic Buzz you will have seen some of their output reviewed here before. On the whole their books are at least good and often very arousing, but I have to say I approached their Christmas 2009 offering “Seriously Sexy, Stocking Fillers” with some trepidation. Themed anthologies can be a bit variable in quality and if the stories don’t flow and feel  like just another sex story with jingle bells attached it does jar and negate the sexual elements.

I dug in to the twenty stories by 19 different authors and this is a taste of what I found …

Some of the stories seem just too short, I don’t know if they have been heavily edited but as an example I’ll use Emily Dubberley’s “The Perfect Meal”. A well written piece, but only 7 pages long it describes the anticipation and foreplay so well, then less than half a page from the end of the story we see two paragraphs of actual sex and that’s that. I wanted the story to carry on and the climax to do justice to the build-up, but it didn’t.

Some of the scenarios are quite different. Elizabeth Coldwell’s “Filling her stockings” is one of the longer stories at 9 pages and tells a story of cross-dressing and sissification while maintaining the masculine and feminine roles in the man and woman respectively. It’s fun and so well done that I can see a few surprised boyfriends being cajoled into stockings this Christmas.

“The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come” reworks the classic Dickensian Christmas story into a modern office setting. At twelve or so pages it is one of the longer stories, but as with much of this book I found myself wanting to read more of the voyeuristic Zara’s visions.

The final story “Candy Cane Thrills” was a bit of a low point, not least for a piece of dialogue that made me roll my eyes.

“You like that, you little cock-sucking Santa slut.”

“Oh, yea baby! Shove that candy cane deep in my pussy!”

Yes, this is erotic fiction but that simply doesn’t sound real to me and that lack of plausibility kills the story.

Seriously Sexy was a better read than I feared. OK some of the stories were a little short, indeed a little short on erotic content, but there are a few gems in there. The final piece “Candy Cane Thrills” was not for me at all and the lines I quoted above were particularly clichéd but that is my personal taste and I’m sure there will be readers who adore the Über-slut talk. Seriously sexy has something for everyone and most people will get along with most of the stories. There are some nice scenarios, just a pity about the ones that simply didn’t work.

The book could be improved by fewer, slightly longer stories, or by selecting themes that work better in shorter stories.

You can buy “Seriosuly Sexy, Stocking Fillers” from Xcite Books.