Trans Instinct Review

Trans Instinct ATV Entertainment
Trans Instinct ATV Entertainment

Trans Instinct By ATV Entertainment

I have a discovered a side to me that made me feel slightly uncomfortable, at least initially. Suze actually enjoyed watching this DVD. It’s completely different to anything I have ever watched before in the porn arena.

It took me a moment to rationalise my liking for this kind of pornography, which before watching I thought wouldn’t quite be to my taste. My reasoning, I love pegging (fucking your boyfriend’s arse) for one, so watching a guy being fucked up the arse didn’t exactly turn me off. The other reason it worked for me is because these guys may have fake boobs but so do most of the girls in porn these days.

So when you look at it that way, why not enjoy the experience.

I will refer to the transvestites in these scenes as T’s as not to confuse things and I will use the pronoun “they” when referring to them.

I’m sorry for being unable to give you the individuals stars names for each scene, they aren’t named either on the DVD sleeve on the film itself. Here is a list of the porn stars featured:
Baby Marilyn, Sara Simon, Bia Modigliani, Arianna, Rasissa Melo, Sonny Barnet, Ted Bongiorno, Girogio Grandi, Calvin.

The first scene is a guy driving his car with a brunette transvestite in the passenger seat. A little mutual rubbing of crotches, fondling and kissing of boobs, resulting in T giving him a bj with enthusiasm when the car comes to a halt. They alight the car with picnic blanket in hand and take you to a grassy glade.

As the sun beats down they make their way to the grassy area and T gives the guy another BJ. I found this to be interesting from the point of view that a guy is going to know what another guy likes. Watching for tips, LOL.

I was pleasantly surprised that the BJ didn’t go on and on as they can do in hetero porn. They kiss and he plays with her breasts, certainly giving them more attention than in conventional porn. The culmination of all this is that they fuck in several positions including reverse/cow girl and doggy style. I particularly enjoyed watching the T’s cock bouncing around while they were being fucked not something you usually get to see.

The cum shot is a dual wanking scene, very hot.

The next scene tries plays with fetish, the T walks up the road and unties a guy from the fence she leads him up the road on his lead. Once inside the house there is a T Domme waiting with a whip dressed rather nicely in a laceup latex basque and stockings.

They play at bdsm for a while with the odd tug of the lead here and there but the whole Domme/sub thing is soon forgotten.

The MFT stars work their way through a cornucopia of positions interspersed with blow jobs and cunnilingus. This scene also features the girl being double penetrated by the T and the guy. An adventurous scene which would have worked better if the T had not insisted in playing up for the camera all the time.

This was off putting to say the least and as I recall at one point the T couldn’t be seen by the camera because she was being obscured by the guy. Resulting in T leaning round him in a very obvious way so they could be seen gesturing and moaning.

Despite the overacting, the scene works and is well filmed with several close up shots and angles. They all finish in the true porn standard way by giving the girl a facial.

This scene starts off outside in what looks to be a park, with T dressed in an illegally short black skirt and a guy sat on park bench smooching. After a short while they move off to indulge in a little BJ action, I guess so they were out of the publics gaze. I started to get in to the scene and just as I was getting in to the action they suddenly transported in to a bedroom with the guy already giving the T a little doggy action.

They both work there way through the lexicon of positions on the bed until the pop shot which sees the T taking face full.

T gets picked up by a guy who works at the bar and they take a trip to the toilet for a quick mutual blow job before being materialised in to the bedroom where he is fucking her doggy style.

This scene is full on action, no kissing, no fondling, just good hard fucking. They work through every imaginable configuration and at one point he has the T with legs up round their neck whilst he vigorously fucks away.

The scene concludes with another very arousing dual wanking session.

Overall the cinematography was good, well lit and enough close-ups for us to get the picture. And unlike some films not too long, fours scenes which don’t drag on.

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