Emotional Bliss Femblossom Review

Emotional Bliss Femblossom

Emotional Bliss Femblossom

The UK doesn’t produce many sex toys that I am aware of so it is always great to discover a new line. The Emotional Bliss range features some of the most unusual adult toys on the market. Simply because none of them look like a sex toy.

The non-phallic shape is a credit to their designers, thinking outside the box to ensure my box enjoys them.

To further explain that statement. The Femblossom looks like quite an innocuous little toy, in fact it doesn’t look unlike a spoon rest. One for all you cooks out there. Lol

But don’t let its looks fool you…you have been warned.

Emotional Bliss kindly sent their whole product range for me to test. Lucky me! And lucky you because I will be posting the reviews here for you to read over the coming weeks. So be patient I will get to your favourite given time. 😉

Your Femblossom comes packed in a rather ECO friendly box (cardboard and therefore recyclable) complete with 30ml of water soluble lube & 1 x 30ml of silicone lube which is good for prolonged use.

Uniquely their toys have an antibacterial agent which means a few minutes after use and wiping with water, it becomes sterile and ready for you to enjoy once more 😉 The massager is rechargeable and comes complete with an AC adapter. It features 9 vibratory patterns which range from stimulating to intense. And just in case that wasn’t enough, if you leave your vibe running on high for a while it heats up (another unique feature) for those cold nights when you need heating up both inside and out 😉

Trust me to test this lady on the hottest day of the year so far!

The Femblossom comes with a useful instruction manual which not only advises on how to maintain and charge your toy but advice on how best to deploy it. I took their advice and took a long warm shower after a hot day out in the garden to relax me.

I towelled off and didn’t bother to dress, it was far too hot to bother. Alex was in the garden working his little butt off and I was about to embark upon an emotional journey with a good friend.

As Dervla Kerwen would say “this is not just a sex toy it’s an emotional experience”.

I slipped under the sheet, not because I was cold but it avoids the cat pouncing on me unexpectedly. Precautions have to be taken. I’ve been rudely interrupted before. I took hold of the Femblossom from its position on top of my drawers. I rather conveniently placed it there the day before. Waiting for the right time to have some me time.

The massager sits nicely in the hand and is good to hold and control with the external on/off and power controls. Nice touch. There is nothing worse than having to feel around for the controls, these are very clearly positioned and marked.

Instead of turning on the DVD player to watch some naughtiness I listened to the bird song with the sunlight playing on the curtains as they blew in the light breeze. I pressed my head in to the pillow and pressed the on button.

The first continual speed setting is gentle and constant and I let that sit over my pouting labia for a moment, letting the soft vibrations tingle through me. This massager is unlike anything I have ever tested, it completely encases you most intimate parts and works on the clitoris and labia at the same time. I can tell you it feels great.

But I wasn’t prepared for the next setting. Wow! This massager has hidden talents. The second continuous speed is out of this world. I cannot convey just how powerful this vibe is. Now I was massaging my labia with the toy and enjoying the tingling it was creating.

Then I tried inserting it in to my opening and it fitted me so beautifully, all the while maintaining contact with my labia. The ergonomic and female shape of this toy enables you to stimulate more than one pleasure point at a time. And it is wicked, I keep saying it and it’s true, there are hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

And I found them all whilst cycling through the powerful and varying settings. By the time I got to 7 I was about ready to burst. The escalating vibrations rippled through my labia and I could hold back no more. I adjusted my position and placed the tip of the Femblossom over my clit.

It felt like it had been electrified, so aroused was I that it wasn’t long before my orgasm was curling my toes, ripping through my pelvis and out of lower spine. It felt like my hair was standing on end. I’m sure it wasn’t but that is how I felt…charged.

The only problem I found with the Femblossom was that because of its power it can be quite loud but you can counter act this by pushing it firmly against your flesh to dampen it slightly.

But it ticks all the boxes for me and all I have to say is “where have you been all my life?”

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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