Emotional Bliss Chandra And Isis Review

Emotional Bliss Chandra Massager

Emotional Bliss Chandra Massager

Fingering myself into emotional bliss for a sex toy review …

I’m such a lucky girl, I was sent all four of the Emotional Bliss range to test. You can find my Femblossom sex toy review here.

The exciting thing about the EB range is that they don’t look like sex toys. They look more like massaging devices and as such don’t look at all intimidating. Probably a good choice for a first time user of adult toys.

I decided to test drive the Chandra and Isis together to compare these finger vibes alongside each other. They work in mysterious ways and provide very different stimulation.

They are also rechargeable so no batteries to purchase and that has to been greener too.

Rather usefully both finger vibes are provided with 3 different ring sizes to clip your vibe onto. The idea being that you wear your vibe. Great idea as I have been known to drop mine at moments of intense pleasure. 😉

Here is the low down on the Chandra first

  • This is the largest of the finger vibes and measures 6cm in length x 10cm diameter
  • It takes 12 hours to charge, with a running time of 45-60 minutes. More than adequate to bring me off. Lol
  • It runs at 110 Hz and is operated via a discreet button on the end
  • In use it is both powerful and quiet just like its sister the Isis
  • Both come complete with charger and silicon & water based lube

Now for little sis, the Isis.

  • It measures just 6cm in length x 7cm in diameter
  • Again this vibe is fully charged in 12 hours, with a running time of 2-3 hours. Wow, I think I would be a bit sore by then 😉
  • It runs at 80 Hz and again is very quiet in operation
  • Operated via a push button in the base

Greedy me I took both in to the bedroom. Menage a trois…

Alex was at work, I was in need of a hard earned break after speaking to customer all morning and both of my girlfriends were ready to play. I had charged them up at the beginning of the week just for that opportune moment. I always find toy testing is best done when in the mood rather than as part of a days routine. If you know what I mean.

I had an itch and needed scratching…

Porn was already loaded in the DVD and I pressed the play button as I closed the curtains. The neighbours must either think I am a lazy cow or that I must be ill a lot. Lol No, seriously the screen can be seen on the road, not such a good idea.

I fast forward to the point where the stunning brunette is getting it in both holes I sit on the bed placing the vibes on the bedside drawers. Slipping out of my jeans and panties I recline on to the bed.

The Chandra looks inviting and I snuggle against the quilt cover as I open my legs in readiness. Blankets would stifle my enjoyment, I choose to lay on top. I slip the ring on to my left middle finger and it becomes an extension of me as I lower it down to my moist sweet smelling pussy. I’m now conscious of the aroma of my own sex as it drift toward my nose.

A quick click and she is ready to entice me. The vibrations are strong and I use them to their full by moving the finger vibe over my clit in circular motions. It feels good as the vibrations ripple through me. Comforting and calming at the same time. This is a feeling that you could luxuriate in but I’m in the mood for a quick fix. This would be the ideal toy for an afternoon of relaxation and fingering and not too intense for the first timer. But I had the feeling that it’s wonders would be best deployed elsewhere.

I ran the Chandra down to my opening and simply sat it in there. How good did that feel! I kept my right hand there and placed the Isis on my left hand with relative ease using my palm to seat it. I’m not ambidextrous but that vibe felt good there and I wasn’t going to stop.

When I pushed the button I just knew this was the one. Although it runs on less Hz it seems in some way to conduct its power more efficiently and powerfully. I placed it over my clit. Fuck that girl is so hot! Sorry, got distracted then. Lol

This must have been my orgasmic frequency because with a few minutes of me rubbing my clit from side to side I was thrashing about on the duvet like a girl possessed. It’s what every girl wants a vibrating finger to play with.

I like both these finger vibes for completely different reasons and different jobs. The Chandra is larger and therefore lends itself to massaging the labia and the vaginal opening. Whereas the Isis is more compact and stimulating for clitoral massage.

Two vibes, two different intensity’s. You choose which is right for you.

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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