E-Stim Ultra Pack

E-Stim Ultra Kit

E-Stim Ultra Kit

Whether you call it Electrosex, Electroplay or Electro-Stim the use of electricity to sexually stimulate and arouse is not in everyone’s repertoire of bedroom fun. But maybe it should be and that’s why we obtained this E-Stim Ultra Pack from E-Stim Systems to help us investigate how much fun electrosex can be.

The kit consists of an E-Stim Series 1 power box, connection cable, cock loops, sticky pads, “Flange” bipolar electrode and perhaps most importantly for an electroplay kit a 9v battery to power it all. This means that not only are you ready to play straight out of the box but there is a lot to experiment with.

The manual for this kit is very straight forward and ensures there is no ambiguity in what the kit can and cannot be used for and where it can be used on your body. Set-up and use of each element of the kit is described concisely and clearly so it would be pretty difficult to connect everything up incorrectly.

The simplicity of the controls is striking and belies the flexibility of this box. There are three modes, controlled by one dial with four positions:

  • Off
  • Pulse (The mode we used throughout)
  • Continuous
  • Manual

“Manual” is used with the fire button which delivers stimulation according to the setting of the Output, Feel and Rate dials for as long as the fire button is pressed. Handy if you are using the device to toy with or even “train” your partner.

The red, yellow and blue dials are totally variable allowing you to accurately alter:

  • Output level (Red)
  • Pulse feel (Yellow)
  • Pulse rate (Blue)

Suze is still an electrosex sceptic so I was the subject of the testing. And anyway Suze simply isn’t equipped to test out the cock loops, if you know what I’m saying.

With the loops attached to my penis and connected to the power box Suze tentatively began to increase the power from zero on the red dial. Slowly the tingling increased until it was at just the right level. I asked her to change the other settings to vary the sensation. The yellow soft/hard setting does alter the feel of the pulses in a way that does make the stimulation more or less insistent according to your preferences. In all honesty though penile stimulation isn’t quite my bag and although I know some men can be brought to orgasm in this way it’s not my favourite form of electroplay.

Next we tried the pads. Boy these are good. Both very stick and leaving no residue on my skin that I could detect they can be used again and again by placing them carefully on the sheets of plastic that they arrive on. When they eventually do need replacing they, like all parts of this kit can be ordered from the E-Stim site.

Pads like this create great sensation with their wide contact points and ability to apply stimulation anywhere you like (below the waist of course). However while fun for both of us to see what sensations we could generate I really had saved the best until last …

The Flange bipolar electrode is an aluminium probe that can be used for vaginal or anal electroplay. As I only have one of them it was pretty obvious where this wide-based device was going. Suitably lubed with water based lubricant the Flange slipped into place feeling before the current was applied like any other small to medium sized butt plug.

Suze tentatively applied the current and I felt stimulation almost immediately and found I needed only a low setting to get a tingling thrill and twitching anus that gripped the probe with each pulse.  Suze realised I had reached my maximum comfortable level and experimented with the feel and rate of stimulation.

Then I surprised her and myself by asking her to turn up the power. Each time she increased the stimulation I waited, got used to and enjoyed the sensation and then wanted a little more. Wow!

Using the kit was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting experience. The controllability of the Series 1 Power Box is such that even novices can feel confident that electroplay is something that puts them and/or their partner in charge of their pleasure. Every element of the kit feels slightly industrial and is presented in a similar manner but manages to feel solid, well built and simple to use too. The controls are smooth and robust with the variable knobs having a velvety action and the four position mode selector positive and purposeful.

Users of this kit can feel confident that they decide how much or how little stimulation they will experience, which is probably why I found anal stimulation particularly quite addictive. In fact I even found Suze toying with the “Flange” electrode in the bathroom after I’d washed it so who knows … I might be in charge of the Power Box tomorrow night!

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.