Pleasure Ball Vibrator
Pleasure Ball Vibrator

Rubbing One Out With My Pleasure Ball …

The Pleasure Ball by Doc Johnson is very dinky, I got one in pink and it looks very much like a child’s ball. In fact I better not leave it around when my little nephew next visits or he will be rolling up and down the living room for the cat. 🙂

One thing it doesn’t look like is an adult toy, which is a good thing. You could get away with leaving it on the coffee table while your parents are round without fear of discovery.

That said you cannot get away from the fact that it is very much like the Tuyo Vibromasseur, although less expensive.

Also unlike the Tuyo Vibromasseur, it has two different surfaces, the red hemisphere is very smooth and shiny and glides over naked flesh quite easily. Whereas the pink hemisphere gives a slight drag when run over your skin, creating a massaging sensation and when coupled with vibrations is very relaxing and stimulating.

The Pleasure Ball has several inviting features:

It is waterproof and begs to be used in the bath or shower and that is exactly where I’m going to try it out next time 😉
The Pleasure Ball is phthalate free so you can pleasure yourself without worrying about that
It has 3 speeds all at the control of a push button on the base
Powered by 3 x AA batteries, cheaper (buzz for buzz) to run and longer lasting than its counterpart

It has to be said that right from the moment you remove it from it’s packaging it just demands to be played with. I started off by rolling it over my shoulders, the days work had left me rather tense and it felt good relieving my tensions.

But you know Suze, it wasn’t long before I had to take it up to the bedroom and give it a proper working out. 😉 Alex was working late and I needed some other tensions taking care of.

I slipped out of my work gear and in to a short beige nighty with a puppy on the front. Just giving you some visuals there. Lol It was too warm to pull the bedsheets over me so I lay on top of the bed unhindered by linen, free to play.

With one click of the button the Pleasure Ball started to vibrate and I placed it between my legs on the mattress. It started to send ripples of vibration through my pussy and I gripped my thighs against it.

The waves of vibration were rattling through my pelvic girdle and arousing my clitoris. At this point I added a bit of clit stimulation by wetting my left index finger and rolling it around on my swollen pink bud. The stimulation coupled with the vibes from the Pleasure Ball were tipping over the edge and I could feel myself being overwhelmed by my first orgasm.

I let it rip…nobody to hear me scream, Alex was out, the neighbours hadn’t arrived home yet. I’m not sure about the cat! 😉 I’m not left handed but I continued to roll my clit from side to side using my left index finger and took hold of the Pleasure Ball with my remaining 3 fingers.

WOW! I could feel the ripples of vibration through my massaging fingertip and the vibration of the vibe against my pubis. Another press on the button stepped things up a little and I giggled out loud.

Greedy girl that I am I pressed the button once more and immediately moved back to setting two again. The vibe was a little too noisy and off-putting. I was now rolling on the crest of the orgasmic wave and I gripped my buttocks together as I came once more and collapsed on the bed leaving the Pleasure Ball humming between my legs.

Don’t tell Alex will you!

In essence the Pleasure Ball is a cheaper and more powerful alternative to the Tuyo but you do have to be careful with the 3rd setting, because it is so powerful the noise from the toy on this level is a bit of a giveaway, so don’t use it when you have visitors. However, it does do what it says on the tin, which is what counts doesn’t it girls?

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