Doc Johnson Mr Marcus’ Personal Fluffer

Doc Johnson Mr Marcus UR3 Personal Fluffer

Doc Johnson Mr Marcus UR3 Personal Fluffer

Sex toy reviews offer a variety of opportunities for personal pleasure and when they come in such a compact package as Mr Marcus’ Personal Fluffer you’re glad to be a sex toy tester. It’s difficult to conceive a smaller male masturbator than this.

This masturbator from Doc Johnson is moulded from a single piece of UR3 material giving a soft life-like feel combined with ease of cleaning. Well, there’s the sale pitch over with, what’s it like to use.

A little water based lube was required to slip the tiny opening of this masturbator over the end of my erect cock. As I slid inside I could feel the internal ridges designed to stimulate my member, they were distinct but not overly effective being mainly concentrated in the entrance of the toy. My instinct is to thrust in deep and in doing so I stretched the UR3 moulding wide, in doing so shortened its length meaning my cock popped out of the end.

This isn’t in itself a problem as the feeling of a toy like this exposing and engulfing your cock either on entry or as it pokes out of one end is stimulating. While it would be nice if it would accommodate the whole of my length and girth the sensation of exposure to cool air and the rubbing of my frenulum as I withdraw has to be a plus.

This is the first masturbator I have tried which has anything other than a pinky flesh colour, it’s a medium brown. It was quite a novelty to be penetrating and masturbating with a dark coloured toy for a change.

The Personal fluffer is billed as being tight, and it was, entry was a little tricky and once inside the constant pressure against the sides of my penis was very enjoyable. I’ve had tight masturbators before but they have been inside rigid cases and made entry and use less easy. The Mr Marcus’ Personal Fluffer isn’t constrained like this and therefore allows you to experience a tight sensation that stretches just enough to allow you to feel the pressure without feeling too restricted.

Because there is little UR3 material between your cock and your hand control is no problem and this adds further to the sensation provided by the ridges inside the fluffer.

Despite this being a relatively cheap sex toy you can have a load of fun with it and because it’s from Doc Johnson the quality is excellent, even down to the detailed pores on the waxed pudenda.

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