Vibe Therapy Mantra

Vibe Therapy Mantra

Vibe Therapy Mantra

I hoped as the name suggests that when I carried out this sex toy review, the Mantra would soon take me to a state of blissful meditation.  I’ve been worshipping sex toys for over 5 years now.  😉

The Vibe Therapy range is the latest high end range of vibrators from California Exotics.  Products within this range are both classy and ergonomically shaped for comfort of use and functionality.  I have several of them now and each has remained with me.

I selected the Mantra because of its shape, the curved tip looked multi functional, always a wise choice when investing in a toy.  The slim tip looked good for g-spot targeting and clitoral stimulation, a great two for one choice.  That’s me always looking for a bargain in these times of economic awareness.

Before we slip off in to the bedroom together I’ll tell you more about my Mantra.

  • Constructed from 100% silicone and ABS plastic to be both body friendly and easily cleansed.
  • Stylish and ergonomically shaped to sit comfortably in the hand and operate.
  • Independent on/off button, avoiding the requirement to work through the settings to power off.
  • The function button offers 3 x vibratory speeds, 1 x escalating and 3 x pulsating, now tell me you wouldn’t find something enjoyable there.  Lol
  • Quiet in operation for when you have visitors over, nobody will hear “you” scream.  😉
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries not included.
  • Fully waterproof if you are in to water sports of any kind, be that shower or something more adventurous.

It was yet again another dark, cold day and I was snowed in.  Alex had braved the snow and decided to head off to work.  I on the other hand didn’t need to because my office was just next door to my bedroom.  I’ve no excuses not to turn up for work but can occasionally turn up late due to distraction in the bedroom.  😉

Daylight was yet to break and there was an emptiness in the bed since Alex’s departure which just had to be filled.  All was quiet outside, any movement muffled by the deep layer of snow which now coated everything.

I felt snug, secure and more importantly horny.

My Vibe Therapy Mantra had been sitting quietly in my bedside drawer awaiting its debut and now was the time.  It was cold to the touch, needed reviving back to life for my pleasure.  I braved it and placed the cold silicone between my hot thighs, shuddering as it snuggled there.

I was totally relaxed, eyes closed, chilled after a good nights sleep and a good hard fucking the evening before.  Don’t you just love sleepy sex, when you sit on the borderline sopariphic but still cogneiscent enough to be aware of your surroundings and feelings.

Intuitively I placed the curved tip against my clit and pressed the on button.  The continuous vibration felt good as the weight of the vibrator pushed down on my clit.  I had raised the Mantra enough to align the tip against my clit and I let the mass do its work.  The controls being at the tip of the vibe ease use as I worked my way through the settings.

The final pulsating setting did it for me, within moments I was locked in for orgasm.  I added a slight circular motion which served to move my clitoral hood back allowing me to massage my clit directly.  Fuck, I was so sensitive, I shuddered as the vibrations broke down my defences.

Moments later I was a quivering wreck as I came and went, having to remove the vibe from my uber sensitive clit.  Only one place it could go…

…and it achieved the same results there, that curve fits so snugly against the g-spot who could resist.

I believe this vibrator can be used in so many ways that it makes it amateur and enthusiast enabled jointly.  That coupled with the easy to use controls and the non cumbersome design make it a useful toy for all levels of headonist.

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.