Tickler Bubbly Power Tickler Review

Tickler Bubbly Power Tickler

Tickler Bubbly Power Tickler

This was another product I spotted at eroFame back in October last year.  I just had to have one to perform one of my sex toy reviews on.  You may have noticed that I’m like a child with candy in the sweetshop, I have to try them all, substituting a sugar rush with the sweet rush of orgasm.

The chap who now heads up Tickler used to work for the reputed toy manufacturer Lelo until he decided to set up his own company.  And this shows in the quality of the Tickler’s build, finish and performance.

I found the Power Tickler sat comfortably in my hand with its rounded base and satin finished silicone which gives it a velvety feel.  It’s not too cumbersome to hold and operate with push button controller mounted in the base.

  • I’m effervescing with the Bubbly Power Tickler’s interesting points.
  • Has an Angled head for targeted clitoral stimulation.
  • With a seam free super soft silicon finish that feels great to the touch.
  • Is fully waterproof for bath or shower play.
  • Featuring 5 modes of operation, 2 speed settings and 3 vibratory patterns.
  • Easy to operate push button in base.
  • Is ready to go as it is loaded with 2 x AAA batteries when it arrives.  Wish all toys could arrive ready for action.
  • Moderately quiet in operation but offers powerful vibrations.

The angled head of the Bubbly Power Tickler invites you to use her sat upright in a chair, the head is set at a perfect angle for clitoral stimulation.  I had intended to test my vibe in the bedroom where I carry out most of my reviews in my quiet comfortable environment.

I removed my panties, throwing them on Alex’s chair next to mine, he wouldn’t mind it was mid morning and he was out at work. As is the case with most clitoral stimulators the temptation is to use the very tip of the toy on the clitoris.

Hitching my skirt up for easy access I pressed the button at the base of the Bubbly Power Tickler.  I pressed once more and realised that the first speed is the fastest constant, so I pressed the button until I returned to my original setting.

Reclining back and pushing my hips forward put me in a comfortable position as I sat behind my desk staring at pictures of Gemma Atkinson, what a babe!  The tip felt good as it made contact with my clitoris, like a bee was hovering over my swollen bud.

The vibrations were strong and starting to make their magic work on me but I craved a little more action.  I started to drag the bubbled tip over my clitoris, up and down as those strong waves of vibration did their work.  Because the neck of the vibrator is flexible it made perfect contact with the required amount of pressure against me.

OMG…she is such a stunner…would so like her to come over and play…

Hmmm…the combination of vibration and bubbles running over my clitoris had me tingling in my toes and fingers.  A sure sign I was close.  I slipped my left hand up my t-shirt and pulled my bra up over my breasts, releasing them to the cool air in the office.  My nipples immediately sprang to attention and I took my right one between my fingers squeezing quite hard.  I was coming, that was an overload to my senses.  Moments later I was twitching and gasping for breath, flushed and breathing deeply.

Tickling can be such fun.  😉

I intend to try some shallow vaginal stimulation with the Bubble Power Tickler soon, I’m sure it would make the ideal toy for light penetration too.  This toy is versatile and a must for any level of toy user, one for my bedside drawer.

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