Stronic Drei From Fun Factory

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

The latest vibrator in the Fun Factory Stronic line arrived today, the Drei.  This is the third incarnation of the new reciprocating vibrator engine from Fun Factory and is modelled on a semi-realistic model which has been available for several years now.

And just happens to be one of my favourites.  I bet you can’t guess why.  Lol  So before I get down to the reveal here are some facts about Stronic Drei you should know.

  • Is rechargeable with a charge time of up to 16 hours for the first charge, normally up to 4 hours.
  • Offers fully waterproof vibrations for some bathroom pleasures.
  • NOTE: you will need to order a charger if you don’t already possess one for their Click ‘N’ Charge system.
  • Has a deeply ridged shaft for added stimulation and a clitoral bump to massage you as you play.
  • With 3 x constant, 3 x algorithmic and 3 x dynamic modes there is something to please everyone.
  • Has an insertable length of 13cm and a 14cm circumference, certainly not one for the faint hearted.

Fun Factory have paired down their packaging from the distinctive magnetic clasped cellophane fronted boxes to a much lighter outer black bubble effect sheath featuring an almost life sized image of your product on the front and side of the box.

The other side reminds you that you new toy is rechargeable and offers a new form of innovate drive technology.  We’ll get to that bit soon.

Once the outer sheath is removed  you’ll find the satin gold box embellished with the Fun Factory logo and the words “Your Perfect Moment”  secreted within.

Lifting the lid which offers itself to you reveals a red card liner securing the User Manual at one end.

Slipping your finger in the round hole to the right bottom corner enables you to lift the card from the box and in so doing reveals the Stronic Drei vibrator.

At this point you will notice a new addition to the protective sheath covering the control panel, a paper WARNING band informing you that the Stronic Drei “Can be harmful to pacemaker wearers.  This is the first time I’ve encountered this safety advice but will be adding it to the other two reviews I have placed on the site.

As this warning doesn’t apply to me I will carry on with the review.

My Stronic Drei was supplied with a magnetic charger, part of their Click ‘N’ Charge range of products.  You will need to check you have one or place an order at the same time as you purchase your new vibe.  I know some online suppliers supply a charger free with the product.

I was also supplied with a medium sized Toy Bag, which comprises a zip up gold foiled  bag in which to keep my Stronic  Drei.  These bags are available at an additional cost in sizes S, M (the one I was given) & L.  They are a stylish and trendy way to keep your toy clean and safe from contamination from other products or toys in your storage system. And avoid having to keep the original packaging – saving space which is especially useful if you take the Stronic Drei on your holidays.

The chargers pins are specific to your locality, mine was supplied for use in the UK so if you do take it abroad make sure you have the right one with you, or a travel adapter.  Once plugged in the lights on the base ran through a continual run until the Stronic Drei was fully charged.  Once the vibrator is ready to go all of the lights go off.

Once those lights went out I was ready for some naughty action.

Alex had gone out with his mates on a boy’s night out, so why not have my own girl’s night in.  😉

It occurred to me that this vibe is heavy as I uncoupled the charger, this most probably is due to its internal workings which are unlike any other product I have reviewed.  And most probably account for the unique action of this vibrator…thrust/vibration rather than just a vibration alone.

The shape and form of this vibrator were already familiar to me as I’ve had the pleasure of this semi-realistic design before.  Having enjoyed the experience I was hopeful that this updated version was sure to please.

As the neighbours had disappeared for the bonk holiday I knew that I could make as much noise as I liked.  😉  So I put a porn DVD in the drive which both provided naughty accompaniment and a glow to the room.

I had a backlog of DVD’s to review, so why not multi task?  😉

And to add to the fun, I actually went on the shoot in Scotland with Harmony Films.  Oh, how I would like some assistance from the gorgeous Shay Hendrix right now but it will have to wait until we next meet up.

I pulled the curtains although it wasn’t quite dark out there, don’t want the neighbours joining in.  lol

The Stronic Drei has a good girth so I applied a drizzle of lube to the tip and worked it down with my finger before insertion.  I lay back on the mattress with the DVD playing in the background.  The tip felt cool as I pushed it between my fleshy lips.

This vibrator has a presence and I felt it as it slipped inside me, stretching me.  The sweet combination of shaft ridging and girth were obvious as the Drei slipped inside me with the basal flange coming to rest against my clitoris.

Pressing the “Fun” button started up the vibrator in constant thrust mode which felt powerful and arousing but I wanted something a little bit more stimulating.  After pushing the “+” button a few times I reached an escalating mode which peaked my interest.  😉

Escalation of vibration and thrust, coupled with the weight of this vibrator worked in harmony to create the illusion of penetrative sex with a twist.  The stop on the Drei was pressing against my clitoris with intent, rubbing and bouncing about just like the real thing.

The ridges on this vibrator’s shaft encouraged me to add a little additional thrust and…yeah baby!  That was it.  A toe curling, breath taking orgasm was on its way.  A delicious combination of g-spot massage, vaginal wall massage and thrusting action enslaved me.

And when I came it was vocal and un-stifled.  After all the neighbours had fucked off and so had I!  😉

This beast is one for the vibe pros rather than novices, due to its size and power.  One for the newbie to moderate to aspire to, not at all a bad thing.



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