Paul & Paulina From Fun Factory

Paul and Paulina Vibrator

Paul and Paulina Vibrator

The Paul and Paulina vibrator is one of Fun Factory’s Deluxe VIBE range which is an upgrade from the original which I reviewed way back in 2009.

Unlike this later version the original had a wiggling, squirmy shaft which massaged the G spot.  Unfortunately this version only vibrates, which is a shame because the wiggle of the original really did feel good.  I can only hope that Fun Factory decide to reintroduce this action at some point in the future.

That said this Paul & Paulina rabbit vibrator does have some plus points.  For a start the slide controller which was a bit flaky on the original has now been replaced by a 3 push button interface which makes the vibe waterproof and easier to control.

Additionally the cut-out in the base facilitates a sure and steady grip during play, especially if there is lube or water involved.  😉

Upgrading this vibrator to a rechargeable one means that there is plenty of fun to be had without the worry of having to find replacement batteries.  Simply ensure that you keep your Paul & Paulina topped up and ready for action.

Charging couldn’t be easier, simply attach the magnetic contact Click N Charge system to the base and wait until the lights stop flashing in sequence.

So whilst we wait for him to charge here are some points of interest:

  • Is fully rechargeable, charging takes between 6-8 hours – Once charged there is a standby time of 3 months.
  • Can be used in the bathroom as well as bedroom as it’s fully waterproof.
  • Offers 1 x constant and 3 x modes with 8 x intensity levels, lots to try!
  • You only need to purchase one charger for all your toys as the Click N Charge system fits the latest range of Fun Factory vibes.
  • Features an undulating shaft and clitoral stimulator with g-spot tip for precision enjoyment.
  • Designed for comfort this vibrator has a flexible 100% medical grade silicone shaft and clit stim.
  • Is extremely powerful and whisper quiet in operation.
  • Has an insertable length of 12cm and circumference of 12.5cm.

I may have been in the grip of a heat wave but there was potential for some mid morning fun before things really started to heat up.

The sun starts its day at the rear of the house and I knew that the bedroom would be relatively cool as I pulled the curtains closed.  I’m not sure if the neighbourhood can see in to my bedroom but I wasn’t taking any chances.  Lol

Feeling the heat, I applied a small drop of Lube Tube to the tip of the Paul & Paulina’s shaft and clit stimulator.  This eased the passage of the vibrator inside me and I was soon feeling full and ready for some fun.

I pressed and held the + button in until the Paul & Pauline vibrator burst in to life.  The constant vibrations were deep and arousing, making my pussy tingle.  A press of the * Button and I was experiencing strong pulsations of pleasure along the shaft of the Paul & Paulina. 😉

The tip of the clitoral stimulator was nuzzled between my labia and pressing firmly against my swollen clitoris.  I gently rocked the vibrator back and forth maintaining a good contact with the clit stim.

A few more rocks and I knew my orgasm would be imminent.  I was now tingling as the vibrations pulsed through my pelvic girdle and down to my toes which were now curled upwards.

My back arched in to my orgasmic spasm and I twitched and shook as it embraced me.

This vibrator packs one hell of a punch and may be a little too intense for a toy newbie but one to work up to for sure.






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