Lelo Mia
Lelo Mia

When I first saw the Lelo Mia vibrator I immediately decided it must have been created for use by sex bloggers. After all why else would you want to be able to charge your sex toy up via your pc’s USB port and what could be more useful!

As I’m a naughty sex blogger the Lelo Mia was the obvious choice for me to pick. And I was more than willing to give the Mia a roadtest. OK, so any PC user can use this vibe, it simply draws power to charge the battery from the USB port, but we bloggers are the naughtiest PC users out there. Unless you know otherwise.

The Mia is so small and discreet, just a little larger than the average lipstick. So if you should spill the contents of your handbag or purse nobody would guess that the Mia is a personal pleasure object. You also have a choice of pink like mine or a lovely shade of cerise.

Here comes the technical stuff:

It is constructed of ABS and silicone – so it is phthalate free
The Mia measures 22 x 111mm and weighs just 32 grams
Is fully rechargeable vibrator (so no batteries to buy) and charges in just 2 hours using your PC’s USB port
One charge gives stimulation for up to 4 hours with a standby of 90 days
It has 4 modes of vibration
It can be locked to avoid switching it on by accident simply by pressing and holding the + & – buttons. Good idea Lelo!

Just a moment whilst I remove my reading glasses.

Right down to business…

…I charged up the Mia vibrator in my desktop PC’s port and eagerly kept an eye on the indicator light waiting for her to be fully charged between writing posts for the site. The time soon passed and she was ready to go as I had thoroughly washed her previously. That is just how eager I was to give the Lelo Mia a go.

So eager was I to try her that I decided to sample the delights of the Lelo Mia seated at my office desk. No time like the present I thought and hey, I was in the mood. It was night time and I was wearing my shortie nightie with the strappy top. Alex was sat beside me in a t-shirt and boxer shorts keying away at the keyboard.

I bet there aren’t many couples who can test out toys sat right next to their partners whilst they carry on their about their business. Lol Alex is so used to me doing this that he hardly bats an eye now. That is until he gets hard and then he just has to help out.

Parting my legs and sitting back against the rest on my chair I pushed the plus button, first speed was ok but I wanted more. A couple of presses later and my hand was vibrating like I was holding a pneumatic drill. This little gem packs quite a punch.

Having recently lost my favourite clit stimulator I thought I would give her a try out as a replacement. I applied the chisel shaped end on my clit first, it seemed to promise good contact with little bud.

It felt good, but somehow it just didn’t quite hit the spot, the tingling started and then subsided. Not quite enough to tip me over the edge. I turned the Lelo Mia around so the bullet shaped tip was against my clit and that was the key, wow! I had found the business end, at least for me.

Deciding to use my sitting position to its full potential. I placed the vibe on the chair with my clit pressing down against it. The intensity of the vibration was doubled as it resonated against the seat. My hand must have been slightly dampening the vibratory power when I was holding it.

Now it was buzzing between my swollen pussy lips like a giant hornet. I took a fleeting glance at Alex as I started to wriggle on my seat, massaging my pussy with the intense vibrations. My toes started to curl from the floor and I tensed my back and buttocks as my orgasm came crashing down on me.

I hit several keys as I came, jerking with each wave of pleasure. Holding my breath at one point and twitching.

When I opened my eyes Alex was looking at me and smiling.

“Well, that worked didn’t it?”, said Alex.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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