Lelo Isla Vibrator Review

Lelo Isla Vibrator

Lelo Isla Vibrator

I was like a kid in a sweet shop when given the opportunity to select anything I wanted to test during a recent trip to a high street sex shop.  My eyes were drawn to a large round table and there lying at the far side was the Lelo Isla Vibrator and I just had to capture her and bring her home.

She had a very elegant shape and wonderfully sculptured form just like the other products in the Insignia range.  The Lelo Isla Vibrator is just like the Lelo Soraya Vibrator but without the rabbit clitoral stimulator.

The Lelo Isla Vibrator is presented in Lelo’s signature classy matt black box embellished with their ident.  Inside the box you will find your Isla sumptuously mounted in black velvet with the now familiar Insignia gold brooch sparkling in the corner.  The charger is cleverly housed in the inset compartment, the satin drawstring pouch, instructions and guarantees in the base of the box.

There is no denying that the Insignia range of products have fluidity, almost organic design which just begs to be caressed and enjoyed.  The feel of the Lelo Isla Vibrator with its velvety finish is exquisite and the flowing gold embossed hole adds distinctive style and aids use.

Here’s her spec which you can read while I take her to the bathroom for a pre nuptial cleansing.

  • Crafted from ABS plastic and silicone, with a luxurious feel.
  • Is rechargeable with a 2 hour charge offering up to 4 hours of play.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee.
  • Offers 8 speed settings and a further 8 modes of escalation and pulsation.
  • With two engines designed to work in harmony for your pleasure.
  • Fully waterproof so the fun can be continued in the bathroom.
  • Is now easily controlled via the three push button controls, which are intuitive for simplified operation.
  • Offers whisper quiet but powerful vibratory pleasure.

Right.  You finished reading?  Then come with me to my boudoir.

Take a seat over there on the chair.  Can you just pull the curtains to, thanks.  Do you like to watch?  You do don’t you?  Such a naughty girl.  *giggle*

I slip under the duvet and reach over to retrieve my Lelo Isla Vibrator from the top of my bedside drawers.  A few minutes between my thighs should have her up to temperature.  Now, let’s make some porn come on my television.  What do you want to watch?  No, I know…how about the girl on girl scene complete with toys…perfect.

As I slip my Lelo Isla Vibrator from between my warm thighs I run a finger over my slit, just as I thought, no lube required my dirty mind has already taken care of that.  I raise it to my mouth and greedily suck it clean because I know you’re watching.

The tip of the Lelo Isla Vibrator felt cool as it pushed between my pouting labia seeking out my warm wet hole.  Once inside I moved her in and out of me with shallow deliberate strokes, moistening her body.  Once lubed I withdrew her and placed her over my clit whilst pressing the + button.  Strong vibrations tingled over my clitoris and I felt it swell and my nipples start to harden and press against the duvet.

I was now on maximum speed and the Lelo Isla Vibrator was so quiet by comparison.  My clit and nipples were tingling with excitement as I pushed the vibrator deep inside me in one swift movement.  I wanted to be fucked.  The tip of the vibe nuzzled against my g-spot and I felt the tell tale desire to pee.  Taking my middle and forth finger through the hole in the Isla gave me comfortable control of her and I started to work in and out of my pussy, ensuring I engaged with my g-spot on each inward stroke.

A couple more presses of the mode button and I found the perfect escalation setting which sent tingles up my spine and made my toes curl.  This girl meant business and I was open to her suggestions.

Impaling myself repeatedly on Isla’s perfect form soon had me close to orgasm.  My breathing was now rapid, my heartbeat betraying my excitement.  My hand was now plunging the vibe in and out of me with gusto and my finger somehow found its way to my clitoris.  It started to roll my nub from side to side and the next thing I know…

…FUCK!  Oooh, oooh, aghhhhh.

Did you enjoy me watching me fuck myself, the very thought of your hand reaching between your legs as I came pushed me over the edge…

Lelo Isla Vibrator Summary

The Lelo Isla Vibrator is the perfect toy for seasoned users like myself and newbies who don’t want a phallic toy but something they consider more approachable without compromising on power.

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