Fun Factory Stubby Review

Fun Factory G3 Stubby Vibrator

Fun Factory G3 Stubby Vibrator

I don’t know how I’ve managed to miss sex toy reviewing the Fun Factory Stubby.  Over the years I must have reviewed practically every toy that Fun Factory have produced.  But this one appears to have eluded me for some reason.

Anyway, I intend to put that right for you now. The nice people at Electric Lady Lounge sent me one for review :).

Just one look at this vibe told me everything I wanted to know. After all these years of testing toys experience tells me if I’m in for a good time.  It was now a case of me putting him through his paces to see if he lived up to his appearance.

The Stubby Smartvibe is an upgraded version of the original G2 model and far superior in design and performance with an improved ergonomic shape.

And I couldn’t wait to put it through its paces, so without further ado I give you the Stubby’s attributes from under the duvet.

  • Easy to operate push button controls with additional turbo boost button for a little extra umph.  😉
  • Very powerful but quiet in operation, for those undisturbed moments of pleasure.
  • Has an ergonomical form which is comfortable to hold and operate.
  • Offers 8 x vibration settings and 3 x vibratory patterns, just holding the Stubby and running through them made my hand resonate so strongly that it tingled.  Ooooh, can’t wait to play with him, must get on…
  • Features a curved tip for g-spot/clitoral stimulation and a delightfully ridged shaft for additional stimulation.

The raised rim around the base offers additional clitoral stimulation and prevents over insertion during anal use.  See, you never thought of it as being a good anal toy until then but just look at the Stubby’s shape and you can see just how good it could be.  😉

Ok, enough of the technical detail lets get on with getting it on…

Alex had left early for work and I wasn’t due to set off for gym for another hour or so.  It was light outside and I simply couldn’t get back to sleep, I had tried and failed.  After several minutes of tossing and turning.  I started to feel a little bit horny.

The birds outside were singing and I wanted to join them.

What is about early morning sex which leaves you feeling so receptive and acutely aroused?  Ok, I’m not going to scrutinise it too deeply because I would much rather get on with things.

The neighbours were still home as they hadn’t yet left for work so porn was out of the question but in my lazy, hazy state it wasn’t really necessary.  I think I was still dining out on my naughty dream from last night, I was certainly wet.  I ran my right index finger down my slit and it was slick with my own juices.

I reached over to my bedroom drawer where my locked and loaded Stubby was patiently waiting and withdrew it.  A few moments between my hot thighs would soon have it at body temperature.  As I closed my eyes I felt myself drift off momentarily before jerking back to consciousness.

The Fun Factory Stubby was now warmed and primed ready for action.

A press of the + button made the Stubby skip in to life.  Still feeling sleepy I rested the tip of the vibe against my clit with the base upright and resting hands free against the duvet.  This felt wonderfully naughty, hands free wanking!

The angel of the tip combined with the pressure applied by the weight of the quilt was the perfect combination and I lay there mesmerised by my clitoral pleasure but I wanted more.  I pushed the curved tip of the vibrator inside my hot pussy and immediately felt the combined pleasure of being filled and my g-spot being targeted.

The pulsing vibes were rippling through me as I slipped the Stubby in and out of me, enjoying the sensation of the ribbed shaft working back and forth.  The ribbed shaft combined with the pulsing vibrations and the grazing of my clit soon had me tensing for orgasm.

And I didn’t have long to wait.

I twitched and convulsed with pleasure as I fell under the Stubby’s spell.

Give me a moment and I’ll give you a brief appraisal of this vibe…

The Stubby is a very versatile vibrator which can give pleasure in so many ways and to vibe pros and newbies alike and I haven’t even explored the anal possibilities yet when I’m fully awake I will have to pursue them.

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.