PicoBong Kiki C-Vibe

PicoBong Kiki C-Vibe

PicoBong Kiki C-Vibe

The PicoBong range from the makers of the famous brand Lelo have sent me a Kiki for sex toy review from their range of 6 mini vibrators.

Kiki has a flat curved head which just begs to be used on a needy clitoris and mine was btw if you didn’t already guess.  Lol  It’s also petite and easy to slip in to your purse, handbag or glove box in your car for a little fun on the move.

To say the Kiki is powered by a single AAA battery it offers oodles of speed and vibratory settings with one sure to hit your spot.  Made from ABS plastic and silicone the velvety shaft is soft and smooth to the touch, totally body friendly and strokeable and should hold lube well.

Controlling your Kiki is easy, simply press the + or – to control the speed/vibratory settings and there are a multitude of settings for you to select from.

So what does she have to offer…

Quiet but powerful vibrations.

12 speed/vibratory settings to please even the most demanding.

Is waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter so bathtime should be loaded with fun.

Offers a flat head for targeted clitoral stimulation and pleasure.

Provides up to 2 hours of play from just one AAA battery!  More bangs to your buck.  Lol

So lets see if she lives up to her reputation…

Curtains were closed and the porn DVD was in the drive as I slipped off my lower garments, leaving my bra and t-shirt on to add a little intrigue.  It was cold, dark and horrible outside and I was about to bring a little sunshine to my day.  😉

I’ve never seen Tommy Gunn’s performances before so this was to be a double whammy so to speak.  He has sent me over 4 of his productions to review and I thought I would combine the two jobs.

I make no apologies for having to fast forward through the first scene featuring Ron Jeremy, sorry but he’s had his day.  Now we were in to the action and I was ready for a little of my own.  Tommy gets to fuck a large titted girl and I get to fuck…me.

After apply a small drop of Lube Tube I work my way through the constant settings I select a pulse speed setting which hits the spot.  My clit swells with the vibratory arousal, this mini vibe offers quite a punch.  Wanting more I try slipping the tip of the Kiki in to my vaginal opening and to my surprise it feels good, the shallow penetration is very arousing as it stimulates my vaginal opening.

My pussy is pulsing as he fucks her and her boobs bounce all over the place.  Oooh, I feel so fucking horny!  The Kiki sits nicely in my hand and feels like part of me as I move it back over my clitoris.  Another press of the button and I’ve found the one, a pulsation setting which hits my spot.

Moving the Kiki around my clitoris is really doing it for me and I curl my toes in expectation of the inevitable …

My clit pulsed, I spasmed, toes curled and I delighted in the sweetest of orgasms.  I’m not sure if Tommy Gunn managed to shoot his load but I did.  😉

The Kiki is a non threatening mini vibrator which should be part of your girlie toolbox regardless of if you are a toy newbie or a pro because it can be utilised by both with equal fun.



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