Lelo Siri

Lelo Siri Massager

Most toys I receive for sex toy reviews are nicely but practically wrapped but in this instance DoT-Id went the extra mile.  When I opened my courrier box I was greeted by a sumptuously dark and ever so slightly kinky surprise.  A pleasant change from the safe pinks and purples, how very brave.

Nestled inside a nest of black tissue were my individually wrapped toy and power adapter.  I was feeling both naughty and nice at the same time.  Even the outer address label is styled with their floral motif as are the tiny stickers holding the tissue wrap together, everything is just so tailored and exquisite.  Attention to detail is always appreciated, especially in today’s climate when you want to spoil yourself and slip away in to more pleasurable moments.

I had been waiting to get my hands on the Siri since first holding it at the Erotic Trade Organisation  Show back in July.

Here are some of her naughty attributes she may be petite but packs one hell of a punch:

  • Offers 6 vibratory modes with multiple speeds.
  • Is whisper quiet in operation for those intimate moments no matter who is staying over.  Lol
  • A 2 hour charge will provide up to 4 hours of pleasure.
  • Has a 90 day standby period to ensure when you are ready the Siri will be waiting.
  • Is petite and ergonomically designed to sit in the palm comfortably whilst the underside offers its pleasure ridge for both clitoral and labial stimulation.

I charged, washed and placed my Siri under my pillow as I knew she would be coming out for play later…

The day kept me busy with article writing and promotional work and I didn’t get my afternoon delight.  Before I knew it night had descended upon us.  I added the finishing touches to a piece I was writing as Alex continued to tweak the functionality of Sex Toys Buzz.

I rubbed my eyelids with my fingers, they were dry from hours of staring at the screen.  It was time to take a break for both of us.  Alex followed me as if some kind of silent communication had taken place between us.

As I slipped out of my clothes and under the duvet naked Alex slipped our latest porn DVD in to the player.  It was slightly cold compared to other evenings and my nipple stood on end as I shivered awaiting his body warmth under the duvet.  He lifted the covers allowing the cold air to rush across my body and I shivered but was soon warmed as his body pressed against mine.

He started to suck my nipples and I placed my hand over his head pulling him in to me.  I became aware of the sensual mixture of his tongue and teeth as they aroused my nipples, making me tingle and moist between my legs.

His hand started to motion over my clitoris and I bucked against it as my arousal took me over.  Still tingling he pushed his hard cock deep inside me and started fuck me slow and deliberate.  But not for long he was now fucking me fast and hard and I sensed the wetness now spreading between my legs.

Then he flipped me over and positioned me on all fours, him behind waiting to take me.   I parted my legs as he pushed forward, head in pillow.  The movement of his cock in and out of me was perfectly aligned with my g-spot and I was totally enjoying that stimulation.  My nipples were now so hard that they had started to pulse.  He mercilessly pumped in and out of me as I moaned in my appreciative way.  It felt so good and I felt so naughty.  My hand slid along the mattress and under my pillow, retrieving the Siri.

My familiarity with Lelo controls enabled me to turn on my Siri and I placed it firmly against my clitoris as Alex continued his onslaught on my pussy.  Oooh, that felt so good as those vibes worked wonders on my clit.  The smallsize of the Siri sat so comfortably and unobtrusively in my hand.

I worked my way through several vibrator functions until I found “The One”, I just held it there as Alex banged away at me.  The combination of the Siri’s powerful vibrations and Alex’s thrusts had me in their grasp and I felt the orgasmic wave pass over me, engulfing me and then  came up for air.


This was not how envisaged I was going to test the powerful Miss Siri but I did and she stepped up to the mark.  She is extremely powerful, functional and easy to use, with a shape which sits between your labia so perfectly.  In fact I will now refer to her as my power pebble because that adequately describes her size.

Whether you are a newbie or experienced toy user you will be impressed with the Lelo Siri, she is versatile, petite and very, very powerful so don’t be fooled by her size she will soon have you under her spell.

Now I need to have a little me time with Miss Siri…

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.