White Nights Pocket Rocket
White Nights Pocket Rocket

The prospect of testing and carrying out a sex toy review on a new clit vibe always gets me excited.  For me clitoral orgasms are explosive, they leave me breathless in a way that g-spot orgasms don’t not that they are any better, just different.

So having the opportunity to review the Doc Johnson White Nights Pocket Rocket for meant I would be getting a little bit of clitoral pleasure.  Pocket rockets are versatile sex toys and for me work best as clitoral vibrators, not forgetting they are great for teasing the nipples in to hard pink buds too.

However I will have to stop keeping these toys all to myself, I’m sure Alex would appreciate me rolling it over the soft flesh of his perineum.  But at the moment he’s not here and I’m feeling randy just for a change.  Lol

Alex left the house just 5 minutes ago and I’m still languishing between the warm sheets.  It’s great not having to jump out of bed in a morning and start that familiar old routine of getting ready for the office.  I certainly don’t miss those days of slaving away for an unappreciative boss.

Now I can take my time and still hit the office adjacent to my bedroom without all the hussle and bussle.  In fact I can clock on whilst in my own bed and that was just what I had planned today as I retrieved the White Nights Pocket Rocket from my bedside draw…

But first here are some of my White Nights Pocket Rocket’s vitals:

  • Is made from ABS plastic with a soft velvety texture which feels nice and sensual to the touch.
  • Can be used with or without the additional noduled cap.
  • Is waterproof for bedroom to bathroom pleasure.
  • Offers single speed vibrations.
  • Operates on 1 x AA battery.
  • Is quiet in operation so you don’t have to worry if you have guests staying over.  😉

With my vibrator in hand I turned over to face Alex’s side of the bed and pulled his pillow under my nose.  I could smell his aftershave on the cotton cover and inhaled his essence deep in to me before unbuttoning my night shirt to expose my left breast.

A turn of the base brought the White Nights Pocket Rocket to life and I held it gently over my nipple which started to protrude within seconds of the vibrations stimulating the pinkish brown flesh.  I could see the tiny pimples around my areola rise as I traced circles around my nipple.

As the blood flushed in to my nipple I felt the tingle as it started to harden and grown.  I love my nipples being played with because they are so sensitive to even the slightest of stimuli and this vibrator was making me very horny.

I parted my legs and lowered my hand to between my legs.  The tip of the pocket rocket made contact with my clit and it felt so good on my swollen clit.  My nipples and clit must be hardwired because it was fully engorged by the time I took my vibe to it.  😉

The vibrations rippled through my pulsing fleshy nub but weren’t getting me there so I added a side to side motion, rubbing my clit with the vibrator’s metal nubs.  This felt good, felt more like it but I found myself wanting more.

I moved opened my shirt once more exposing my pert nipple and raising my hand I placed the pocket rocket against my bulging teat.

Wetting my middle finger I slipped it between my slit locating my clitoris.  It was fleshy and firm and as I massaged it from side to side, vibe concentrating it’s efforts on my pulsating nipple.  It was merely a matter of seconds before I felt the warm glow and tingle of an ensuing orgasm build.

My hand wet still trembling I turned off my Doc Johnson White Nights Pocket Rocket and placed it on the bed next to me.

This toy is ideal for ladies who are sensitive to vibration and want something a little less powerful than some of the leading pocket rockets to play with.  However, if you are looking for something intensely stimulating then this one probably isn’t for you.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.