Category: Wooden Sex Toys

Wooden sex toys give a whole new meaning to the phrase getting wood. For a start ladies you don’t need a man. The variety and designs of these wooden dildos is just as good as their plastic counterparts. From straight turned shafts of pleasure to complex organic forms made in beautiful laminated fruit woods they deliver pleasure on all sorts of levels.


Waldfee Wooden Vibrator Review

A Penis From Venus … Sorry, it rhymed. Strictly speaking it was assonance but you know what I mean. Lol There were a few new sex toys I couldn’t wait to get my...


Nobessence Thrive Review

Thriving On Hard Wood Some time ago I was sent four beautiful wooden creations to test by Nobessence. Not only are their toys functional but they are also objects of...


Romp From Nobessence

Wooden toys are something relatively new, and very, very old. The first dildos were made from natural materials, wood, horn, bone, jade, ivory, but modern sex toys are...


Nobessence Intrigue

I have always had an interest in Art Nouveau, the pure styles, shapes and organic forms that it takes on, appeal to my sensuous feminine side. I’ve never been one for...


Hardwood Dildos By Hans

When I ventured on to Hans site Hardwood Dildos I was pleasantly surprised to see that his dildos aren’t turned on lathes and therefore they can offer twists, bends...


Jildo, Hand Made Wooden Dildos

The Jildo is totally green in that it is made with exotic, hardwoods from renewable sources. No phthalates and reduced risk of allergic reactions. They even come...