Wooden sex toys give a whole new meaning to the phrase getting wood. For a start ladies you don’t need a man. The variety and designs of these wooden dildos is just as good as their plastic counterparts. From straight turned shafts of pleasure to complex organic forms made in beautiful laminated fruit woods they deliver pleasure on all sorts of levels.

Waldfee Wooden Vibrator Review

By |November 10th, 2009|

A Penis From Venus …

Sorry, it rhymed. Strictly speaking it was assonance but you know what I mean. Lol There were a few new sex toys I couldn’t wait to get my hands on at the Venus Sexpo in Berlin. Sex toy reviews are what we do on Sex Toys Buz after all. The only problem was that most of the stands only had a few samples and some just the prototypes as the first batches of their product was still being produced.

That said I am going to be getting some of the new products sent over to me for testing soon, so watch this space for the latest reviews.

There were also a lot of new colours being exhibited as opposed to new toys. One medium which does seem to be a contender in the quest for new and exciting are the range of glass vibrators, some of them very sleek and reminiscent of the high end of the market.

Since arriving back from Berlin it seems to have been non stop with no signs of letting up, which of course is good news for Sex Toys Buzz.

One toy I did manage to bring home in my suitcase was this lovely wooden vibrator. I was given a beautiful purple WaldMichlsHoldi. Got you there didn’t I? :) I don’t speak German either, did French and strangely enough can’t speak that either.

In short this is a spruce wood vibrator made form renewable sources. So all you green people will love this. The range of wooden toys made by this company is extensive and each one has the most beautiful finish. Here are some interesting facts about my Waldfee M-Vibr wooden vibrator. […]

Nobessence Thrive Review

By |January 19th, 2009|

Thriving On Hard Wood

Some time ago I was sent four beautiful wooden creations to test by Nobessence. Not only are their toys functional but they are also objects of desire. From the moment I saw them I just had to have one of my own. These adult toys would not look out of place on the finest coffee tables.

Alex has previously reviewed the Romp and I have reviewed the other two. In fact I had forgotten all about it until I rummaged through my outstanding products box and found it hiding in the corner just begging to be tested.

The Thrive is made out of Bamboo and reminds me very much of an hourglass with it’s bulbous ends and tight little neck. It has been finished to a high standard, smooth and waterproof so you can even use it in the bath.

Because the Thrive is constructed of wood it doesn’t react to lubes, so you can use which ever one works best for you. Unlike some toys where you have to be careful of interaction between the lubricant and the material it is constructed from. […]

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Romp From Nobessence

By |August 9th, 2008|

Wooden toys are something relatively new, and very, very old. The first dildos were made from natural materials, wood, horn, bone, jade, ivory, but modern sex toys are made from plastic and metal. The return to natural materials is very welcome, because although they do have their limitations and need careful processing to become a useable and pleasurable adult toy they have an innate beauty that synthetically fabricated toys simply don’t possess.

My Romp is crafted from dark Cocobolo wood. Did you notice that I termed it “My Romp”, these are toys that you want to own and relate to. Not in some artsy-fartsy amateur psychology way, they feel very personal to touch. The Romp is an anal toy, so it’s effectively unisex, and that could lead to fights in some households, LOL. You’d have to resolve such conflicts by buying two! However Suze isn’t quite ready for the Romp yet so this one is all mine.

The shape of the Romp can best be described as a sensuously curvaceous number 7. The thicker stroke of the 7 is inserted into your ass, letting the other stroke massage your perineum. In the case of a woman using this toy you’d find it tickling the opening of your vagina.

The Romp is not the largest anal toy I’ve used but I did find it a bit of a challenge to insert. This may have been because I hadn’t played with any anal toys for a while and was a little “virginal” again, but it also had something to do with the shape of the Romp. It’s quite wide at one point and this, coupled with the beautiful curve was a little challenging. […]

Nobessence Intrigue

By |July 14th, 2008|

I have always had an interest in Art Nouveau, the pure styles, shapes and organic forms that it takes on, appeal to my sensuous feminine side. I’ve never been one for over embellishment, opting for the simple and functional.

No you haven’t just tuned in to the Antiques Roadshow. Lol

Therefore when I first spotted the wonderful line of hand-sculptured wooden adult toys produced by Nobessence, I just had to own one of my own. As I studied the wide selection of woods and shapes on offer I began to get very excited about the prospect of having my own to display on my coffee table.

You think I’m joking, these toys are so organic and beautiful you could quite easily leave one out by mistake and not worry when your parents turn up. I’m yet to try this theory out, I think I’ll use Alex’s parents a guinea pigs. :)

Each toy is made from sustainable wood, finished to a smooth, waterproof and hypoallergenic finish being sealed in a 16 step finishing process. The Lubrosity coatings and processes are the result of years of research and development and meet USP Class IV and VI Medical Standards, so you know there will be no waxes to melt, harmful chemicals or oils to leach out. […]

Hardwood Dildos By Hans

By |June 8th, 2008|

When I ventured on to Hans site Hardwood Dildos I was pleasantly surprised to see that his dildos aren’t turned on lathes and therefore they can offer twists, bends (yum!), penis shapes and custom if required because they are lovingly carved from exotic woods.

Hans dildos are offered in too many woods to list here in this review but in addition they have an astounding 182 styles to offer. So, even the most discerning of you ladies reading this is sure to find something to tickle your fancy. ;) Each dildo is carved, sanded and sealed with Salad Bowl Finish to give you a smooth waterproof shell.

Where possible Hans tries to use wood reclaimed from larger projects, lumberyards or given to him by friends. He even uses wood from fallen trees so that he minimises his impact on natural resources. He really is a very nice man who has managed to turn his hobby in to pleasuring thousands of women…who could want for more eh Hans! ;)


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Jildo, Hand Made Wooden Dildos

By |May 20th, 2008|

The Jildo is totally green in that it is made with exotic, hardwoods from renewable sources. No phthalates and reduced risk of allergic reactions. They even come packaged in biodegradable packaging containing starch peanuts which melt in water. That has to be a good thing for you and the environment.