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Njoy produce a range of high quality stainless steel sex toys in a range of shapes. Njoy are probably the world’s most well-known manufacturer of high quality steel sex toys.

Njoy Pfun Butt Plug

Njoy Pfun Butt Plug Review

The first thing to be said in this sex toy review is that that there are butt plugs and there are Njoy butt plugs.  The Njoy Pfun Plug is designed specifically for men...

Njoy Pure Butt Plug

Njoy Pure Butt Plug Review

It’s a real privilege to review a sex toy as classy and beautifully produced as the Njoy Pure Butt Plug. Some sex toy reviews expose the compromises in a sex toy’s...

Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand Review

Sublime Sexual Njoyment This was a sex toy I have been craving for some time now, an Fun Wand from Njoy to indulge myself with. This was going to be some sex toy...