Pipedream Metal Worx 10 Function Waterproof Vibe

Pipedream Metal Worx 10 Function Waterproof Vibrator

Pipedream Metal Worx 10 Function Waterproof Vibrator

I opened my “discreet” package for sex toy testing and review to find a wide selection of toys for review but the most outstanding in terms of packaging was my 10 Function Waterproof Vibe from Pipedream Metal Worx.

It comes in a box unlike any other that is out there, it looks very pro more like a photographer’s case complete with metal clip.  Very classy.  Makes me feel like I’ve purchased a pleasure item from a professional supplier.  😉

I flipped the metal clasp I reveal my new toy secured and protected by it’s foam interior as it sat nestled amongst the foam perform inside.  Somehow I felt like I was in safe hands.  When I lifted the vibrator from its casing it felt quite weighty and classy to hold.

Unlike other bullets with a “metal finish” this one felt like the real McCoy, probably because it is.  Lol  It also has a stubby nose for maximum contact which I immediately sensed would be good for clitoral play but as they say the proof is in the pudding so I won’t delay any longer but first here are some ballistics statistics:

  • Made from hand polished stainless steel.
  • Can be used with any lubricant of your choice.
  • Has and easy to operate push button control in the base.
  • Come complete with a sturdy storage box.
  • Operates via 1 x AAA battery.
  • Is powerful but quiet in operation.
  • Offers 3 constant speeds of different intensities and 7 pulsating/escalating modes.  Something to please everyone there.  😉

Now for the testing…

It was quite a cool day so I decided to give my Metal Worx a warm up under the hot tap for a few seconds.  I then disappeared off to the bedroom clutching it in my hand like a mini hand warmer.

After pulling the curtains to I slipped out of my clothes and under the duvet taking my bullet with me.  The length and girth of the 10 Function Vibe invited me to try dipping it inside my pussy which would also lubricate it before positioning it on my clitoris.  See I’m not just a pretty face.  Lol

As I plundered my pussy I pressed the control working my way through the constants to my favourite escalating modes.  The bullet slipped in with ease and the powerful vibrations stimulated my vaginal opening.

After a couple of shallow fucks I placed the throbbing tip of the Pipedream Metal Worx 10 Function Vibe against my clit which was now receptive to any stimulation I was about to provide.  I’m such a horny cow.  😉

I found that the flattened tip sat nicely against my clit and the weight of the bullet combined with the escalating vibrations was working some kind of magic on me.  After a few circles around my swollen bud I dipped it back in to my pussy and for a while I repeatedly alternated between my two pleasure points which was tipping me slowly but oh so deliciously towards the edge.

The warmth still being emitted from the bullet coupled with the vibration was both comforting and arousing at the same time.

Several swirl and dips later I found myself tingling and twitching as I came with the tip of the bullet pulsated over my clitoris.  I was shot down in flames…

The Pipedream Metal Worx 10 Function Waterproof Vibe is the ideal toy for all levels of user because it is such a powerful and versatile addition to the toy box.  And remember because it is a metal toy it can be warmed or chilled according to your mood.  😉


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